Easiest Bunker Base in RUST, 20+ Rockets to Main Loot (2018)

Easiest Bunker Base

Building the Easiest Bunker Base in RUST

Vice is back at it again with another quality base design video, the Easiest Bunker Base. This time around he’s covering a new bunker technique that utilizes roof pushing. This base takes 20+ rockets to break into the main loot. It’s quite a simple build and easy to remember.

One of the beauties of the smaller bunker builds is that the base’s construction can be built immediately. You don’t need to hoard away resources to begin. Another aspect we love about this base design is the total cost and upkeep are considerably low.

When bunkers are grouped up or clustered together, it helps add safety through numbers. If you play with a large enough group, being disciplined enough to separate your loot and never stock up enough material to break into the next bunker, can make it so you last all the way through a wipe cycle. Never stock up enough explosive in one base to break into your next bunker. A

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

Alright so going into this base we have a few doors before we get to the good part. Past this double door we have this L shaped stair, which we can fit a furnace or box on, plus we can use it to get up to the second floor where we can store some less valuable loot.


Back down to ground level we got this awesome new bunker design, this is a variant of the princevidz roof pushing     bunker but done quite differently. It was shown to me by my friend Grind Brandon, who also runs a small youtube channel, he’s pretty cool, go check him out, link will be in the description.


So here’s how it works, you can’t get through like this, because the roof and stairs block you from going underneath. But, as I’ve found out, double doors can push you through. As far as I’ve tested you can’t be pushed through this gap by other people so the only way to get in is to have the door codes. So yeah screw you BCHILLZ you ain’t going deep on my base.


Through this door we’ve got some more loot, and behind the final garage door we have our main loot, I fit four boxes and.a TC because I’m lazy but you can fit five in this 1×1 with a triangle floor.



So start off with a 2×1, make sure you use a double door frame and make absolutely sure it’s on this side, because you can’t flip the stairs this base actually has a sort of handedness to it, it only works going clockwise. I would love for them to add a flip key to make the stair go the other way because it’s actually pretty annoying.


Put your TC down in the corner, place down whatever you need, and save up some mats for this next part. You will need a bit of metal because this trick doesn’t work with stone.


The stairs here have to go exactly this way, with the bottom of them facing in towards the wall, otherwise it doesn’t work. This roof also has to go this way.


Place down a double door opening inwards, and the seal is complete, except you have to upgrade the roof to metal. I would just upgrade everything but the roof is the first thing you must upgrade.


Come into this corner, hold down A and S, and open the door. It should push you through the gap that you couldn’t get through before. It should also work going out with the door from the starter section.


This wall needs to be here to seal it off, and you should probably just seal your entrance as well. You can use a door frame here and put in a garage door, but a single door works just as well.


Quick note, I forgot this when building, but face punch absolutely destroyed building with roofs, you have to place this foundation down first before placing the roof. Place floors down above it and the base is sealed up, though I would recommend upgrading the back to metal at least.


Since we have our anti-going-deep airlock, we don’t really need two single doors at the front, so I just put in a garage door.


Gonna do some quick honeycombing to hide the armored spots. The roof you could either armor, or build an attic like this. If you want the attic style, you need to not place this floor here so you can actually get up.


SO YEAH that about wraps it up for this one, I’ve got another video I’m editing I might actually release later tonight if I get it done , on a new way to do the vending machine door stacking trick that face punch actually patched. They didn’t patch it completely and I found a new way to do it . If you can’t wait, I discovered it on stream so you can go watch that in the meantime while I work on the full build. Anyway, leave a like if you’re cool and I’ll see you around.

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