Solo RUST Base Design with Vending Machine Exploit (2018)

Solo RUST Base Design

A Solo RUST Base Design Using the Vending Machine Exploit

This RUST base design is from Lloydz, our latest partner in crime. He’s has crafted another fantastic solo RUST base design video. This particular base offers RUST players a unique and low-cost solo base build. His video takes into consideration the latest patch from Facepunch, around the vending machine exploit.

Pay special attention to the bonus exploit that Lloydz points out, right near the end of the video. It’s quite a sneaky detail to have inside a small solo base.

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

What is going on everybody, welcome back to another video. First, I’d like to say sorry for being inactive these past couple of weeks.


Anyway, coming into the base we have a sheet metal door followed by a garage door, through here we have an armored wall as you can get straight to the tool cupboard by blowing this wall, here we have two windows, take these windows bars off and you can slide through.


Now here is where things get interesting, I was watching one of Vice’s streams the other day and saw this exploit, so I decided to try it myself.


This vending machine glitch allows you to walk through using the front however does not allow you to walk through when its rotated backwards. This exploit was patched however this is the updated version. This exploit makes it, so raiders will have to blow through the door frame or the vending machine.


Coming into this room, we have four large boxes, tool cupboard, two small boxes, sleeping bag, campfire and your tier 2 workbench.


Coming up to the second floor, we have a jump chest, I forgot to place the door, however just jump onto the door and you can easily get to the next floor, through this sheet-metal door we are greeted by a garage door. Here is our second


loot room, featuring three large boxes and a barbeque and three furnaces, now opening this sheet metal door is another exploit I have seen floating around, when you rotate this vending machine you have a small gap on the side, this allows you to access two boxes.


I recommend upgrading this wall to sheet-metal, so they have to spend a lot more to get these two boxes, once you rotate the vending machine you can no longer see the boxes.


Now, that is it for today’s build, once again I’m sorry for being inactive. Thank you for watching this video, if you enjoyed don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe

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