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Change Gender and Race

How to Change Your Gender and Race in RUST

Changing Your Gender and Race Nearly all RUST players, both veteran and new comers alike, have sought out ways to customize their RUST character’s  gender …

RUST Player Resources

RUST Player Resources, All in One Spot

RUST Updates

RUST Update Schedule Q&A

Where to Buy RUST

Buy Cheap RUST Game Keys Safely

What is RUST Experimental

What is RUST Experimental

RUST Base Designs

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Dream Base

The DREAM Base For SOLO Players (2018)

The DREAM Base For SOLO Players Our partner Lloydz is back with a new RUST base design, his take of the solo RUST player’s dream base. This …

Infinite Tool Cupboards Exploit (2018)

RUST Guides

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RUST Custom Map Spawn Points

RUST Custom Map Spawn Points

Setting Spawn Points in Custom Maps This quick video was created by Snowballfred from The Rusty Cartographers. In this custom map guide, Snowballfred details the basics of setting …

How to Survive Wipe Day as a Solo

RUST Admin & Server Commands

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