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RUST Halloween Update 2018

RUST Halloween Update 2018

The RUST Halloween Update 2018 is back and better than ever! The RUST Halloween Update for 2018 is upon us! Released on October 19th, it will …

RUST Map Guide

The RUST Map Guide

Change Gender and Race

How to Change Your Gender and Race in RUST

RUST Player Resources

RUST Player Resources, All in One Spot

RUST Updates

RUST Update Schedule Q&A

RUST Base Designs

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RUST Mini-Bunker Base Design

RUST Mini-Bunker Base Design (2019)

The Mini-Bunker Base Design Bunker base designs have been all the rage in 2018. Our partner xRaW has a produced a video on a strong, …

RUST Guides

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RUST Install uMod Plugins

Install uMod (Oxide) plugins to a RUST server

How to Install uMod (Oxide) plugins to a RUST server This guide walks through the manual process of installing uMod plugins to a RUST server. …

10 RUST Building Tips and Tricks (2019)

RUST Admin & Server Commands

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RUST Server Header Image

RUST Server Header Image Command and Variable

RUST Santa Sleigh Command and Variables

RUST Hot Air Balloon Command

RUST Hot Air Balloon Command & Variables

RUST Cargo Ship (CCSC Lazarus)

RUST Cargo Ship Command and Variables (Event)

RUST Server Name Command and Variable

RUST Server Description Command

RUST Server Description Command and Variable