RUST Player Resources, All in One Spot

RUST Player Resources, All in One Spot

This page is dedicated to providing an extensive list of high-quality RUST player resources found across the net, all in one spot. If you find a link has broken or if you provide RUST player resources and would like to see your link up here, please reach out to us.

Table of Contents

RUST Official Links

RUST Base Design Tools

RUST Server Listings

RUST Community Servers

  • Rusty Noobs – A tight-knit community server that follows the monthly forced update schedule. Learn the game with a helpful and friendly(ish)* community of awesome people. *friendly(ish) implies that people are generally helpful and nice. They will still shoot you.
  • Serenity Valley Gaming – A friendly community of both new and seasoned RUST players, playing together with the crazy idea that the game doesn’t have to be constantly toxic. Come on in and grab a gun, build a base, and murder your neighbors in a friendly, supportive environment without racism and hate. It also features various modded RUST servers and a community for other games.

RUST Community Forums

RUST Sub-Reddits

RUST Player Stats

  • – A site where you can check out and share any player’s RUST game statistics.

RUST Server Stats

RUST Item Database

  • – RUST Items Database, an up-to-date and complete item database providing insights and tips.
  • – A reliable database for the video game, RUST. It provides weekly updates and helpful tools for items, skins, and anything related to the RUST world.

RUST Item Skins

RUST Server Modifications

  • – Oxide, now known as uMod, is an abstracted, modular, and extensible mod and plugin framework for any game that uses .NET

RUST Admin Tools

RUST Server Hosting

  • – When you combine 100% Dual Quadcore servers with a premium worldwide network, you get Go ahead, raise your expectations.
  • – A leading provider of in-game server hosting services. Be sure also to check out their RUST Knowledgebase.

RUST Player Tools

  • -Rusty Recoil is an RUST aim trainer for the browser. Train your AK spray from anywhere!
  • – RustMeta is a cross-breeding tool designed to help players keep track of their plant clones. It has features such as filtering, cross-breed calculations, and recommendations.
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