Youtooz and Facepunch Collaboration

YouTooz and Facepunch Collaboration

Facepunch levels up their merchandise with exclusive figures

One of the world’s leaders in collectible figurines, Youtooz, is now partnering with the eclectic independent video game studio Facepunch Studios. While Facepunch may have its own merch store and has partnered with clothing manufacturers in the past, they’ve never teamed up for a collectible drop like this.

What is Youtooz?

YouTooz Collectibles

Youtooz figurines are collectible and time-sensitive figures that cover a wide variety of fandoms and universes. Youtooz has partnered with Disney, HBO, Crunchyroll, Sony, and many other massive entertainment giants. But they also partner with smaller, independent studios. They partnered with MOB Games to produce Huggy Wuggy and Poppy figures, Funimation to make Cowboy Bebop figures, and Peanuts to create Charlie Brown figures.

Then there are the dozens and dozens of content creators that Youtooz has partnered with. Popular and influential creators in their respective games, whether that’s Minecraft, Call of Duty, or Hearthstone. There’s Liz Katz, Alan Becker, and Jack Manifold; then there’s Daz Black and Ant Dude and Swaggersouls. And those are just the ones we Googled!

Youtooz only offers its figures for a limited time. Once they’re gone, Youtooz will never feature them again. So if you see a figure you like or a creator you want to support, grab their figurine quickly before it’s too late.

Who is Facepunch?

Facepunch is the independent game studio behind Gary’s Mod and RUST. They’ve officially been around since 2009 though they’ve had an online presence since 2004. They’re a team of highly dedicated programmers and developers, and though their headquarters are in England, their team is scattered worldwide.

Facepunch has been working on a sequel to their popular sandbox, metaverse precursor game, Gary’s Mod, for quite some time. Titled Sandbox, the game will be a wild, open sandbox creator just like Gary’s Mod. Facepunch has developed other, smaller titles in their day, like the robot strategy game Clatter. But with the ongoing success of their massive survival game, RUST, they’ve already got their work cut out for them. After all, managing servers, pushing out updates, and releasing flashy skins takes a lot of time.

What to expect

With Youtooz teaming up with Facepunch, gamers can expect a few exclusive RUST figurines shortly. Youtooz is covering more than just characters from RUST, though.

They’re also producing figurines for two of RUST’s biggest streamers. Both Frost and Welyn will be immortalized in Youtooz figures, and fans can pick them up starting July 12th.

Complimenting Frost and Welyn will be a Scientist and Survivor figure for RUST fans looking to decorate their gaming area properly. But RUST fans need to be quick on the draw because once these high-quality figures sell out, they’re gone for good.

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