Willjum’s Strong Duo RUST Base Design (2019)

Willjum’s Strong Duo RUST Base Design

The Willjum’s Strong Duo RUST base design video is provided by our partner Willjum.

This base was intended and designed for vanilla-based servers and supports a small group of up to two players. This base utilizes a bunker for securing loot within fully armored walls while maintaining a very low upkeep cost.

Base Features

  • Bunker Entrance
  • Compact Item Placements
  • Door Block Airlocks
  • Intelligent Loot Spreading
  • Lowered Foundation Sections
  • Undrainable Trap Placements

Bunker Entrance

Bunker entrances allow players to create low resource investment bases with a high return when it comes to required raiding resources. Bunkers often take advantage of game flaws and allow players to build them into their overall designs. One major advantage of a bunker entrance is that you can build them without needing to set up conventional doorway systems and can pass loot through the walls into the bunker using unconventional methods.

Compact Item Placements

RUST base designs that feature compact item placement will always “do more with less.” This concept allows players to fit more storage and functional items into a confined space, allowing for maximum usage of the space, while potentially keeping a lower profile base footprint.

This concept also allows players to spend more resources on honeycombing and increasing their bases overall defensibility.

Door Block Airlocks

Door block airlocks allow players to open their doors without risking enemy players going deep in the event the base owner dies. These types of entryways are very strategic and should become second nature to all RUST players.

One additional advantage is that base defenders can open these doors to gain quick and sometimes unexpected peeks at enemy players.

Intelligent Loot Spreading

Many RUST base designs focus on a centralized loot room, while this can seem advantageous, it’s important to spread loot out across your base design. Raiders can enter your base design from any angle. Consider things like rocket splash, which can destroy 4 different walls, reducing the raider’s overall raiding cost to access segmented areas of a base.

With intelligent loot spreading, you increase the odds of having the loot to come back to in the event of an off or online raid. This can also enable you to put up a proper defense in the event your base is being raided but you cannot access a segment due to it having been compromised.

Lowered Foundation Sections

Lowered foundations sections can be used to reduce the cost of a base design while providing additional storage at no extra cost to the overall base build. When using objects such as furnaces to fill in the negative space, the furnaces will act as an uninterrupted floor that allows players to walk over them as if there were a floor placed there.

In addition, objects placed in lowered foundation sections can still serve as a blockade mechanism should the base be raided. Players can also use these sections to plant crops and hemp.

Undrainable Trap Placements

For many players, placing a trap on the floor, roof, and walls seems straight forward, but with the current game implementation these types of placements are easily “drainable.” The concept of undrainable trap placement is to hide the traps in such an area that they’re:

  1. Not visible to the raider
  2. Not susceptible to fire or splash damage

Having placed traps in such a fashion can slow down raiders or require them to spend additional resources just to gain access to your trap in a safer manner.

Raid Cost

This RUST base design will cost approximately 40 rockets to raid directly to the tool cupboard and over 40+ rockets to access the entirety of loot spread throughout the base.

Building Cost

  • High-Quality Metal: N/A
  • Metal Fragments:  N/A
  • Stone: N/A
  • Wood: N/A

Base Upkeep

  • High-Quality Metal: 42
  • Metal Fragments: 1,144
  • Stone: 1,137

With that, you’re here to watch his video!

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Video Transcription

Someone in one of my Discords requested we do a base, so I thought I’d film one.


This one is much smaller than the last base I built. It’s cheaper, but it’s actually stronger. It requires 40 satchels to raid the base and that’s at the minimum.


It also involves a little shop and lots and lots of garage doors. You are going to need the garage door blueprint for this base. You could use double doors, but it will make it a much easier base to raid.


And talking about Discord, I’ll be setting my own Discord group up, and I’ll put links to join that server in the description below. If you’ve got any clips that you want to be put in the video, or if you’ve got requests for another video, make sure to join the Discord and let me know. 


If you haven’t seen the last video, you might not know how to use these bunkers. Simply what you do is put your resources into the top two boxes that stick through the armored wall. You then type f1 kill, spawn in the sleeping bag inside the walls, then move the loot from the boxes into either the tool cupboard or the boxes below it.


This means that raiders will have to blow through the armored wall to reach those two boxes. One of the best things about this base is it has very low upkeep costs.


The only thing that might be a bit difficult for a solo is 42 high qual a day, but as a duo that’s very easy to get. And now that’s the base covered. 


Now onto the build.

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