Why You Need an eSports Team Website

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Your eSports team website is your most valuable brand asset

Deciding to become a pro gamer or starting your own eSports team was merely the beginning. Most people would be content only throwing up a new Twitter handle and buying a $5 logo from Fiverr to legitimize their brand.

However, many eSports organizations face the harsh reality that their brand’s marketability rests entirely in the hands of third-party streaming and social media platforms, making having an esports website critical to their long-term success.

Now before you start thinking that building a website is a waste of time, in this article, we will dive deep to explore the 5 critical reasons why an eSports team website is a must-have if you want to build a brand empire that can stand the test of time.

5 reasons why you need an eSports team website

  1. You don’t own your social profile or followers
  2. Not your monetization
  3. Loss of organic social traffic
  4. Limited control over your channel’s ad content
  5. Now easier than ever to build an eSports team website

What is an eSports team website?

An eSports team website is a brand-owned digital platform that allows players, teams, and influencers the ability to own and manage all aspects of their website’s followers and monetization.

As the large tech companies began to craft more policies geared to favor advertisers, it’s often the content creators, teams, and solo gamers that start to inherit the most risk to their livelihood.

The importance of owning the rights to your content, streaming platforms, and social followers is at an all-time high. In fact, these brand benchmarks are often more important factors for achieving long-term success than in-game wins and losses.

Believe it or not, you are now more closely related to a business than a gamer. And everything from obtaining eSports sponsorships, getting into the biggest international tournaments, or making serious cash can hinge on how well you can attract and grow new audiences that are not owned by another platform.

1. You don’t own your social profile or followers

Every social media and streaming site has some form of Terms of Use Policy, you know, that button that 99.9% of people click “I Agree” and move on without hesitation.

Effectively, you have just provided the company sole authority to rule over your profile, leaving them the discretion to delete, block, or limit your access to your account followers and posted content.

You Don't Own Your Social Followers

As seen in many examples across the internet, even a simple misunderstanding could cause irreparable harm to your eSports brand, followers, and also your monetization.

As you build your identity across various social platforms, you should keep in mind that the goal should always be to convert those social followers over to a platform that you can control like your eSports website. This will provide you with a ton of protection against big-brother, but also allow you to build up memberships, email lists, and website traffic.

Imagine spending months or years building up a following, only to have it crash and burn by a ‘policy’ violation. You don’t have time for that!

2. Not your monetization

If you want your eSports brand to live on the wild side, make sure to leave 100% of your monetization life-blood in the hands of big-brother (social and streaming platforms). Check out these examples with YouTube demonetizing channels or drastically changing their entire monetization policy.

With many eSports teams and solo gamers depending on their monetization revenue to stay afloat, you can only imagine the impact of suddenly losing everything.

Platforms like Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube have become incredibly successful over the years by driving traffic to content made by people like you and then controlling the monetization of the content itself. Increasingly, there have been more examples of a drastic cultural shift from platforms supporting their content creators to now favoring big-money advertisers.

Unless your eSports team brand is one of the top channels, it’s likely your voice will become increasingly marginalized in the years to come.

The moral of the story is that having your own eSports team website allows you the ability to control more of your monetization practices. You don’t have to adhere to any guidelines or need to worry about someone pulling the plug.

3. Loss of organic social traffic

You may have noticed that over the years, it feels more challenging to acquire new eSports followers organically. Organically means that you pick up followers on a social media or streaming platform, just by the sheer nature of your content alone, without having to do any outbound marketing. 

So what exactly does this mean for your eSports brand? It means that it has become increasingly difficult to get discovered organically by new fans and followers.

A heavier emphasis on paid ad placement could affect the position that your channel’s content appears in search results and users’ news feeds. Thus, decreasing the likelihood that new followers will discover your content by accident.

With your own eSports team website, you can optimize and display your unique content wherever you want on your site, and grow a subscriber and email list. Also, you can optimize your video and blog posts with SEO to reach users looking for specific types of content in search engines.

4. Limited control over your channel’s ad content

Interestingly enough, a reported catalyst behind YouTube drastically changing their monetization policy was due to advertisers complaining that their ads were being run on channels that promote questionable content, ads targeted at kids, or non-relevant to the advertiser’s audience demographic.

Controlling Your eSports Advertising

Although advertisers have complained in the past about some of the streaming giant’s content, many of them return to advertising on the platform not long after. Why? Because of the extensive marketing radius provided by YouTube’s ad-targeting features.

When you stream your eSports content, teams or solo gamers typically have very little control over the types of ads that a platform displays on their channel. For example, if HyperX sponsored you for the gaming headsets your team wears during a live broadcast, it would become counterproductive for your viewers to see Razer or Logitech headphone commercials bombarding them constantly. Not because those are inferior brands, but because the messaging is not aligned to your marketing goals.

Getting your own eSports website allows you to deliver a unified marketing message because you can control all aspects of the advertising.

5. Easier than ever to build an eSports team website

eSports Website Template

It’s now easier than ever to create your own eSports team website for the following reasons:

  • You no longer need to have any background as a coder or website developer
  • eSports website templates come ready out of the box, allowing you to customize with ease using software plugins to create stunning visual effects, and necessary gaming website features with just the click of a button.
  • With access to a range of affordable web hosting options, you are able to superpower your website’s server performance to compete with top gaming websites on the internet

Here’s what you need to launch an eSports website.

A website hosting company provides you with the computing resources necessary to run your eSports team website. This includes providing things such as your web server, RAM, and hard-drive space, bandwidth, etc. For hosting your site and getting started quickly and affordably, we recommend starting with a plan at Bluehost

BlueHost is known for its customer service and being a well-known hosting provider. They offer 24×7 technical support that can be accessed by both chat and phone, which is a really big deal because if you have website issues you will want help quickly!

Bluehost Web Hosting

Not every hosting provider includes this service feature, which is why we are so high on Bluehost. They also have a ton of different plans to meet every kind of budget, so regardless if you want high-octane performance, or good enough, for now, they have some great options for your site as you’re just getting started out.

Best eSports website builder

In the vast majority of cases, we recommend building your site with WordPress. WordPress is an open-source platform for building websites and gives you a ton of customization flexibility through the use of software plugins. There are many different website builders out there, but if you choose WordPress, you likely will not be disappointed in the long term.

WordPress isn’t something you need to purchase, as you typically access the application directly through your web host’s dashboard. Bluehost provides WordPress installation as part of their packages and it’s an easy one-click install.

Best eSports website templates

When people are looking for the best eSports website template, they typically are looking for the best eSports website theme. The theme is the physical layout and design for your site. If it sounds too complicated, don’t be afraid, many eSports themes are user-friendly and come with setup tutorials.

Here is the list of our favorite eSports website templates and themes:

Now you know why having your own eSports team website is a must

Though the thought of building your website may seem difficult or time-consuming, it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of great resources to show you how to get started quickly. The truth is that if you are an eSports team, solo gamer, or streamer, then having a platform 100% under your control is essential to protecting your brand from the ever-intrusive hands of big-brother.

Also, your website is a tangible business asset that can amass tremendous value over time. So don’t shortchange your brand, team, or yourself because you may regret it later.

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