Why V Rising is Trending on Steam

Why V Rising is Trending on Steam

V Rising isn’t just trending, it’s a monstrous success!

Vampires have made their way back onto our menus of entertainment these past couple of weeks, with Marvel’s superhero film, Morbius, getting memed into oblivion for all the wrong reasons.

Meanwhile, the gaming world has been a little kinder to our fictional jagged-tooth friends, thanks to Stunlock Studios. This small game-dev team combined hardcore survival gameplay with gothic-vampiric goodness in an online open-world game called V Rising.

At first glance, it’s not a game to create ‘shock’n’awe’ like the photorealistic Unreal Engine 5 projects in development out there. However, you’re probably asking, why on earth are all of the Steam friends on your list playing V Rising then?!

Content overload in a condensed & highly accessible package

Too often in the survival genre, we have indie dev teams prioritizing graphics & animations over performance & content. You’re left feeling immersed for a while until you grow bored with the barebones world at your disposal.

V Rising takes the opposite approach. Stunlock Studios focused their resources on gameplay & content that rivals the quality & depth you find with Triple-A titles. Graphics & animations have been limited to a standard that many PCs can run without running into performance issues.

V Rising: Castle Loot Room

It’s fitting to call V Rising ‘the stylebender of gaming’ with its multi-faceted gameplay influenced by all corners of the gaming landscape.

Combat takes on the competitive, fast-paced action spirit of a MOBA similar to League of Legends. You’ve got a sprawling open world to explore like any good Adventure game. There’s loot, crafting, gear, mounts, and boss battles, the recipe for any sound MMORPG. 

Battle it out with online players to conquer lands like a Sid Meier’s Civilization or Europa Universalis game. Then build majestic castles to your heart’s delight where you can station & control servants to have your own dark and messed up version of The Sims. The skies are the limit with gaming influences in V Rising, but the icing on the cake must be the survival gameplay.

A refreshing survival experience

V Rising offers unique survival mechanics unseen elsewhere, thanks to the game’s thick Dracula accent. It’s a match made in hell, not heaven, of course, combining brutally unforgiving survival elements with an eerily authentic vampire experience that takes inspiration from classic vampire lore linked to the mythical ways of Dracula.

While typical survival games have you feeding off animals and plants that you hunt, farm, and harvest, V Rising makes humans and livestock your prey source. You feed off blood to gain buffs and power-ups, and different blood types offer specific advantages, which provides players a new element for strategizing their gameplay. Seeking out uncommon NPCs with choice statistic buffs before battling a V Blood is now a strategy that V Rising players will consider before a fight.

V Rising: Sucking Blood from Slain Enemies

You can imprison humans in your castle by using ‘the kiss of a vampire’ ability to turn them into servants that you control to carry out tasks—creating a league of minions for yourself, letting you exercise power much differently from other survival games.

Daylight will threaten your survival, so you must avoid being out in the open or begin to take passive damage unless you find a unique item that can protect you.

Some settlements will have garlic on display, so if you carelessly walk into them without strategizing, you’ll slowly lose health.

The definition of a ‘Thinking Person’s Game‘ pushes you to have greater sentiment for your means of survival and what you achieve in the game, knowing the difficulty that goes into accomplishing them. To reinforce this concept, your mounts and lairs require maintenance, making them precious entities you provide care for and motivating you to progress in the game.

A fun assortment of objectives

V Rising Polora the Feywalker

V Rising is rich in the variety of gear and abilities that you have many ways to possess; it’s a rare survival game where every player has the chance to stand out from the crowd with their unique character customizations and builds. The same applies to the player’s custom lairs, which can be expanded over time to give player’s a goal of progression.

Build & conquer

Your lairs/castles are your places of shelter, preparation, and recuperation after being out in the world trying to survive. You have workshops to craft items and storage to manage your items. Expanding your territory gives you easier access to these hubs, accommodates your squad, and lets you build upon your world power by having your mini vampiric empire.

You can raid players’ lairs/castles to decrease their power, steal their loot, or expand onto their land. If you’re a fan of survival games like RUST & ARK, then this part of the game is meant for you. There’s a large world of PVE objectives, mixed with the occasional PVP encounter sprinkled with stunning castle designs to raid.

V Rising: Partially Explored World Map

The blood of bosses

The world of V Rising is teaming with formidable creatures that you & friends can take on in epic boss battles. If you manage to secure victories, you can suck the blood from the defeated opponents to earn special abilities that stay with you throughout the game and improve your character.

You embark on this grueling journey of a monster slayer to become the ultimate vampire in the world by upholding the most abilities. This avenue of gameplay also has its gothic, mystical twist. For instance, a particular boss battle has you fighting a werewolf. If successful, you acquire the power to transform into a werewolf yourself, adding a new element to your gameplay experience.

V Rising Blood Type

V Rising is killing it…

V Rising is a diligently crafted game with many creative elements authentic to vampire lore. The more you dive deep into V Rising, the more the game continues to hand you new gameplay elements to spice up your experience. The end product will have you exercising a great deal of creativity & thought into customization, builds, and strategies to tackle objectives.

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