Where to Collect Coins in Valheim

where to collect coins in valheim

Where to get coins in Valheim

If you are on a quest to amass the cash needed to buy treasures from Haldor, we’ve got you covered. There are four sure-fire ways to get coins in Valheim


To start, you can get coins in the chests found both almost anywhere in Valheim’s biomes. The chests can be in rundown buildings or simply buried underground and found using the wishbone in the meadows. 

In more advanced biomes, you can find these chests in the broken castle-like structures. Skeletons, draugr, or fulings often guard these structures.


You can find loose coins and more chests in the underground troll caves, Skeleton crypts, and Draugr graves.

Also, in these graves and chests is the third primary way to get coins. In the chests and crypts, you will find loose treasure, such as gemstones and necklaces.

Selling loot

Gems and necklaces serve no other purpose than to be sold to Haldor, the Trader. Conveniently, Haldor is the only vendor to spend your coins.

Killing enemies

In the starting areas, you can loot a decent amount of coins from the giant blue trolls. Once you make it to the plains, you can get piles of coins from killing the fuling goblins.

What you can buy with coins in Valheim

The trader Haldor is the only way to spend your coins in Valheim currently, and we recommend you find him if you can.

If you find Haldor, we highly recommend you pick up the Megingjord belt. While it’s pricey at 950 coins, it increases your carry weight by 150 units.

Haldor sells the only fishing rods and baits in Valheim, making him essential if you want to round out your cooking repertoire. 

He also sells the valuable Ymir Flesh, which you will need to craft high-end specialty weapons, such as the Frostner.

Cash money

It’s not that hard to get coins in Valheim, and if you’re playing solo, you’re not likely to run into any trouble getting enough to keep up with your expenses. We found that playing as a squad, we ran into a bit of trouble when we were ready to kit everyone out with Megingjords.

However, when you want extra cash, it’s out there and not too hard to get your hands on.

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