When does Sons Of The Forest Come Out on PC?

Can’t wait for Sons Of The Forest to release? We’re with you…

Judging by how well it’s being received across the gaming world, Sons Of The Forest is shaping up to be the survival horror game we were all yearning for. It is a direct sequel to The Forest survival game, and it’s been in development for quite some time now. 

Although we’re only getting it in early access form, it is going to release on the 23rd of February, just a couple of days from now.

What is Sons Of The Forest?

Endnight Games broke the survival horror genre with the release of their first game – The Forest. The Forest sprouted into something beautiful over the years, and it continued to expand upon ideas that other companies deemed too risky. 

As time passed, more and more people found interest in this particular genre. All of that then led to an increase in The Forest’s player base. An increase that, rightfully so, forced Endnight Games to create a sequel. This sequel is called Sons Of The Forest, and it aims to revolutionize what made The Forest great in the first place.  

We’ve already mentioned that it’s going to release in early access. Don’t worry, though. It will contain everything Endnight was looking to release with it initially. But, the reason why they decided to release it in early access was likely due to instability issues. 

If you plan on buying Sons Of The Forest, please keep in mind that they listed it as ‘early access’ for a valid reason. Certain things may not work as intended, but you can help them polish the game by playing it and sharing your feedback about problems surrounding it.

Here’s the official trailer if you want to get a look at Sons Of The Forest in action:

What platforms will Sons Of The Forest be available on, and for how much?

You currently can’t see the price on the Sons Of The Forest Steam page, but Endnight has confirmed that it will cost $29.99 USD once it releases on the 23rd of February. Given how much replayability this game will have, we think that a price like this is more than fair. Games that are expected to be as detailed as this usually demand more.

Sons Of The Forest is in a pretty odd place when it comes to platform availability. As of now, release dates for other platforms have not been announced. We’re not sure if and when it will be announced, but we’re guessing that it will happen after the P.C. version is polished and fully released. Moreover, it might not even be profitable for Endnight to release it on other platforms if the P.C. version isn’t as successful as they had hoped.

We doubt it will flop, though, especially when it is the most wish-listed game on Steam, surpassing Bethesda Game Studio’s Starfield. We can safely say it will at least do well in the first couple of weeks after release. Everything else is up to Endnight and how they handle post-production.

Lastly, you cannot pre-order special editions before early access is released globally. Everyone will start on the same wavelength and probably stay that way until the full game releases, or they will mark it as “finished.”

3 Sons Of The Forest game features to look forward to

Sons Of The Forest is bound to remaster features its predecessor did not expand upon. Many new systems and mechanics will be implemented while keeping the original feel and look that players fell in love with in the original The Forest. However, we can’t mention everything, so here are three features you should look for.

A.I. Changes

A new A.I. system labeled “V.A.I.L.” will be implemented into Sons Of The Forest. It’s a tool that determines A.I. behavior and how they handle decision-making. Things like mental states, hunger, thirst, and choices that negatively impact them will change how they approach you or your base.

This new system also applies to how your enemies move around the map and coordinate attacks. So be sure to keep this in mind once you start playing. Learning to take advantage of a system like this is vital in a game that is constantly looking for ways to end your existence. 

A.I. Companions

The whole point of The Forest was to survive with friends. However, not everyone wants to play with friends. Those who want to experience Sons Of The Forest solo can now choose one of two A.I. companions that should act as helpful friends.

These two companions are:

  • Kelvin – A soldier that survived the helicopter crash that brought you to this remote island
  • Virginia – A deformed mutant that you can find in the wild

These companions will be able to build structures and complete menial jobs. This mechanic allows you to do other, more important/fun tasks. It’s a step up from The Forest, where solo players had no help whatsoever.


Besides building, crafting has always been a staple mechanic of The Forest, making an even stronger comeback in Sons Of The Forest. In the original game, crafting was heavily praised for its simple yet complex nature. We expect it to be even more detailed in the upcoming sequel. The more craftable items there are, the more depth there is to building and crafting.

Mark your calendars for the Sons Of The Forest PC release

Now that you know when Sons Of The Forest releases, mark your calendar so you don’t miss it. Lastly, we respect Endgame’s approach by first releasing it in early access. Bringing such an expansive game to other markets is challenging. They will need to ensure it’s as functional and polished as possible.

If you haven’t played The Forest yet, we’d advise you to give it a chance. The easiest way to get started would be via our review and beginner’s guide of The Forest

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