What is RUST Experimental

What is RUST Experimental

RUST Experimental is an early access, first person, survival computer game available on Steam. It was created by Facepunch Studios, who are based out of the UK and are most widely known for creating the computer game Garry’s Mod, which is also available on Steam.

RUST Experimental

The Experimental portion of the name is due to the game currently being in the alpha stages of development. RUST is currently being developed by a small group of gawhat_is_rust_experimentalme developers and artists who release wonderful blog updates each week on their website, www.playrust.com. Many game servers, such as Corrosion Hour, run on the “experimental” branch of the game, testing the latest bleeding edge additions.

At it’s core, RUST is a harsh survivalist game, inspired by other games like DayZ, Minecraft, and Stalker. Known as a “MMO” or Massive Multiplayer Game, you can find servers populated with hundreds of players vying for shared resources and space.

RUST players are forced to combat the elements,  starvation, thirst, waste-lands, wandering wild life, deadly levels of radiation and of course one another. Given the abilities to craft structures and numerous objects, players must choose whether to gather resources or hunt other players for theirs.

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