RUST Blueprint Wipes (BP Wipes)

Blueprint Wipes

Note upon update of this post, October 5th 2017, RUST Experimental has re-introduced blueprints into the game as a hybrid system involving components and 3 tiers of work benches.

What is a blueprint wipe in RUST?

There are a few different types of wipes that are occur fairly often in RUST, such as Map WipesBlueprint Wipes and Server Wipes. This post covers Blueprint Wipes.

A Blueprint Wipe is when player data (blueprints, user entries, positions, inventories) is deleted from the server. This is often used as a reset method for starting from scratch. This helps give the player base a fair advantage to start again from scratch. You will often see in server titles or descriptions, “Last Wipe <date>.”

Why do blueprint wipes happen?

Blueprint Wipes can be used to help reset the player base after weeks of build up. A Blueprint Wipe is a fresh start for the players on and off of the server and often occurs with a Map Wipe, but is not required. It really depends on the circumstance and the intent of the admin. A Blueprint Wipe is a great thing to use for promoting a server in the server listings, as it signals a new starting point. This can also help existing players who haven’t been able to keep up.

One other reason that Blueprint Wipes happen is due to game updates affecting certain portions of code that require a wipe. As RUST (Experimental) is still in development, wide ranges of the code base get touched and require updates from time to time.

When do blueprint wipes happen?

A Blueprint wipe in RUST occurs generally in two instances:

Server WipeIn this circumstance the game server’s admin is effectively nuking all data on the server or is being forced to update to a new release of code. Typically removing all player data (blueprints, user entries, positions, inventories) as well as map data (player built structures, radiation towns, caves, resources, wildlife, the server’s seed/size). This can vary, depending on the action being taken by the admin or the scope of the game update being released.
Blueprint WipeIn this case, the game server’s admin is specifically targeting all player specific data, such as blueprints, user entries, positions and inventories.

Who can wipe blueprints in RUST?

Currently the server administrator role has the ability to perform a Blueprint Wipe. Presently there is not an option in the base game for the general player base to perform a Blueprint Wipe. There may be mods in development or in private that allow such features, for example, via players voting on a date and time in which they want to wipe blueprints or the server entirely.

One other instance can cause Blueprint Wipes, when server updates are released and there is a “forced wipe”. These are not admin or player controlled. Although, an admin could refuse to update the server. This may happen if they’re playing on a specific branch of development, typically though this is done to assist in testing a release and isn’t intended for your typical RUST server.

How to wipe blueprints / bps in RUST

Performing a Blueprint Wipe requires having some form of access to your game server’s administrative section, direct FTP or file system. The actual process varies depending on your specific host if you’re using the administrative section. Some hosts can set this up to be a GUI driven process.

If you have FTP or File System access, and are looking to manually perform a Blueprint Wipe, there’s just a few steps to follow:

  1. Login to your game server control panel, FTP, or File System
  2. Stop your RUST server process
  3. Locate and open the folder:
  4. Delete the  following files:
    • player.blueprints1.db
    • player.blueprint2.db
  5. Restart the game server

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