How to Use the Map in Valheim

how to use the map in valheim

A map is an important tool in Valheim. You can bring up your map by pressing ‘M’ and zoom in and out using the middle mouse. The map will record everywhere you’ve been on this game world/server by revealing the biome tiles of the areas you have covered.

Exploring the map in Valheim

Whenever you enter a new game world, you start with a blank map clouded by the fog of war. As you travel, you will uncover the ground you traverse and your immediately visible area. The area that becomes uncovered on the map will reflect your current biome.

As you explore and more of the map becomes exposed, you will visually identify the biomes.

  • Meadows: Pale green dotted with trees
  • Black Forest: Dark green many trees
  • Swamp: Brown and spotted with water
  • Mountains: White and rocky
  • Plains: Pale yellow and browns
  • Mistlands: Obscuring white streaks over woodland
  • Ashlands: Red and Black rocky area

Uncovering Points of Interest in Valheim

As you explore, you will happen across points of interest in Valheim. Coming within 300 meters of a point of interest will place its white icon on your map, with its name displayed underneath. These can be boss spawning areas or Haldor the trader.

A vital marker that you will note on your map is a thin, white bed-like marker that indicates your current respawn point. When you claim a bed, you will set this bed as your current respawn point, and the corresponding icon will appear at this location on the map.

The only other automatically deployed marker is the player’s death marker. Whenever you die in Valheim, the map will display your gravestone, which will persist until you return to loot the items you dropped.

Using map markers in Valheim

There are custom map markers for you to use to mark your own places of interest. With the map open, you will see the markers in the bottom-right. Choose one of the five markers and double click on the map where you would like the mark to appear.

Once you place the mark, you can name it whatever you like. We highly recommend keeping it simple, “copper” or “Cave.” If you have cleared out the point of interest, you can click on the mark again to put a red X on it, letting you know that you have already discovered and cleared that point.

Viking cartography

Once you get used to the controls, the map in Valheim is highly intuitive. You’ll find yourself making use of it often, especially once you’re up to the hunt for Yagluth or Haldor. So get your chart out frequently to make sure you haven’t missed something important.

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