How to Repair Weapons in Valheim

How to repair weapons

As much as we love our weapons, they degrade with use. Each enemy we strike saps the health of our weapons just a little. You can upgrade your weapon so that its durability improves. Still, durability alone will not save your favorite weapon from breaking on a long journey or extended boss fight (looking at you, Bonemass). You’ll need to know how to repair your weapons in the most efficient method possible. 

Luckily, they’re easy to fix; you just have to know-how.

Repairing weapons in Valheim

Valheim has forgone the need for resources to repair equipment, so all you need to repair your weapons is to know what workbench was required to craft it.

However, you can’t just place a workbench and repair it. It needs to be under cover of a roofing piece and have walls near to its sides. You can use an uncovered workbench or forge to repair building pieces, but not your equipment.

On the left-hand side of a workbench’s interface, you should see a small hammer icon. Pressing the icon will repair all weapons in your inventory, albeit one at a time. So smash that button a bunch until you hear the repair sounds stop. If you are already familiar with repairing armor, weapon repairs work the same way.

Nothing is stopping you from clicking that button as fast as you like, so swing by a workbench whenever you’re home and click away.

Workbench or forge for weapon repairs

screenshot of a player repairing at a workbench
Repair certain weapons and tools at a workbench

Weapon types repairable by the workbench

  • Wood club
  • Stone tools & weapons
  • Flint weapons
  • Antler weapons
  • Abyssal weapons
screenshot of a player repairing at a forge
Repair certain weapon and tool types at a forge

Weapon types repairable by the forge

  • Bronze weapons
  • Iron weapons
  • Silver weapons
  • Special weapons
  • Black metal weapons

Fight well and repair often

You are a warrior in Valheim, above all else. You’re never more useless than without a weapon. So don’t be that person who runs to the boat or to the boss fight without first repairing their weapons.


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