How to Repair Buildings in Valheim

How to repair buildings in Valheim

The handyman Vikings of Valheim

Your base and its components can take damage in several ways, whether it’s from creeps beating on your walls to get in or rain damage when you don’t have adequately placed roofing. 

Water damage won’t destroy a building piece entirely. But, it will reduce it to half health and give it a water-damaged look, with streaks of green making their way through your otherwise beautiful woodworking.

When the health is already this low, it won’t take much for a poorly timed raid event to spell the end of your base.

How to repair in Valheim

To repair any base building block or component, you will need a hammer and be in the radius of whatever workbench was required to place the component initially.

Once you are in the workbench’s radius, equip the hammer and click on the piece you want to repair. You don’t need any extra material to repair, just the relevant workbenches.

Repairing a Gate in Valheim

What you’ll need for repairs in Valheim


Required crafting materials:

  • 3 x Wood
  • 2 x Stone

The primary tool for base repairs is the hammer. You can craft one without a workbench with minimal resources. The hammer will take damage each time you use it to repair something in Valheim, so it’s a good idea to upgrade the hammer at your workbench.


Required crafting materials:

  • 10 x Wood

To repair any base components made of wood, you’ll need to be within the range of a basic workbench. However, unlike when you want to use a workbench to craft or repair items, the workbench doesn’t need to be covered. So you can simply pick up the workbench by destroying it and placing it back down anywhere when you need it again.


Required crafting materials:

  • 10 x Wood
  • 6 x Copper
  • 4 x Stone
  • 4 x Coal

Anything that you make with metal will need a forge nearby to repair. Like the workbench, you can pick it up and move it when you need to fix something else. Just keep in mind, to destroy the forge, you will need a workbench nearby, so destroy the forge first, and then the workbench.


Required crafting materials:

  • 10 x Wood
  • 4 x Stone
  • 2 x Iron

Anything you make from stone will require the stonecutter nearby to repair. Like the forge, destroy the stonecutter first before removing the workbench when you’re ready to move them both.

And there you have it, you’re now well on your way to repairing your buildings in Valheim, whether it’s due to the siege-based attacks or Father Time himself.

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