How to Repair Boats in Valheim

How to Repair Boats in Valheim

Repairing a damaged boat

Valheim’s boats come in three sizes; the Raft, the Karve, and the Longship. No matter what size or shape, you need to keep your ship in fighting shape. While the Karve and the Longship will hold out against sea serpents a good deal longer than the raft, they still go down reasonably quick to repeated attacks.

However, as natural sailors, the Vikings of Valheim all know how to repair a boat astonishingly fast.

Repairing boats in Valheim

All you need to repair a boat in Valheim is a standard workbench and a hammer. A good rule of sailing would be to keep a stack of wood and a repair hammer on you or in your ship’s storage so that you may repair your boast as needed. Serpents and rough seas can turn up without warning and do a quick job of damaging your boat, so doing field repairs is necessary for survival. 

 If your ship is close enough to a workbench, and you have the hammer equipped, you can click on the boat, and it will immediately return to full health. If you are holding the repair hammer while sailing, you can see your boat’s current health. This tip is helpful to determine if you’ll need to change course for a land repair or continue on your way.

Do you need an upgraded workbench to repair a boat?

As far as the workbench is concerned, a boat counts as a component instead of armor or weapons, so there is no need to shelter the workbench to enable repair status. You can go to shore at any landmass, plop down a bench, repair, and keep on sailing. Don’t forget to reclaim the wood from your workbench so that you can bring it along with you!

If bench proximity means that you have to head to shore to repair, be sure to keep an eye out for land enemies. If grey dwarves, skeletons, draugr, or Odin forbid, a troll can reach your ship; they will take a shot at it. This danger will be significantly more real at night.

How do boats get damaged?

Boats will naturally take damage in the same way that building components take damage. Rainfall will wear down their health, as do collisions with other objects like rocks and docks. Monsters will attack a boat if they can get near it. Even people cause boats some grief with accidental weapon swings and less-than-ideal sailing skills. Make it a habit to repair your boat as often and habitually as you repair your armor and weapons.

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