How to Fish in Valheim

How to Fish in Valheim

For those looking to land the big catch, here’s how to fish in Valheim.

Of all the pastimes and leisurely pursuits to be had in Valheim, fishing is perhaps the most fun. It can also provide our Viking protagonist with some welcome sustenance.

There is no lack of ways to dine in Valheim. And so, protein comes in many shapes in sizes.

Whether you are battling it out with wild boars or fighting fierce Draugr only to grill the remaining gizzards, there’s a quiet and somewhat therapeutic side to fishing that makes it more appealing. At least to me.

Underwater view of Fish in Valheim

In short, daily life in Viking purgatory can be a tough gig. So, seeking out a quiet stretch of water, baiting up your swim, and enticing a fish of any size onto your hook is always a richly rewarding pastime.

Despite its many perks, the pursuit isn’t a walk in the park. Not by any stretch, but with our handy guide on how to fish in Valheim, you’ll be perfectly equipped to lure in a prize catch.

Before you learn how to fish in Valheim, you will need to obtain specific tools, some of which can be pricey.

But fear not, fishing fanatics, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to bait up.

Finding the Merchant Haldor

First, you’ll need to pick up a fishing rod. To do so, you must locate Haldor, the merchant.

This trader is the only place you can pick up a rod to catch fish as food. Furthermore, the elusive NPC’s item shop has some essential things for your inventory.

Finding Haldor is the First Step to Fishing in Valheim

The problem is, locating Haldor isn’t straightforward. For one, Haldor spawns in a procedural spot that’s different for every player.

Discovering Haldor can be tricky and time-consuming due to his random nature. However, here are a few essential pointers.

Firstly, Haldor will only appear in the Black Forest Biome. That can be any one of the Black Forest biomes belonging to that world. Just remember, that could mean he sets up camp on the edge of the map. Or near the starting point, marked by Sacrificial Stones.

Thankfully, his bag icon will show up on the world map within a 290m radius (near 1½ default minimap sizes away) of Haldor for the first time, making the merchant easier to spot.

You might get lucky. Then again, this can be a lengthy process, taking hours, in some cases. Just stay patient, and the trusty merchant will show soon enough.

Best to bear that in mind before starting.

Purchasing the fishing rod from Haldor

Once located, things are far more straightforward. Just open the inventory screen and select the fishing rod alongside your choice of bait.

Purchasing a Fishing Rod from Haldor the Valheim Vendor

Buying the rod costs 350 coins, while 50 items of bait will set you back a further ten coins. A minute price to pay for the endless enjoyment you’ll get from fishing in Valheim.

Coins are not that hard to come by in Valheim. These are found regularly via exploration. Places like dungeons and unoccupied buildings are a great place to build up your bank.

Alternatively, any surplus of stock you may have, you can sell. Haldor will pay a fair price for items in your possession. Four in total, which include Amber, Amber Pearl, Ruby, and Silver Necklace.

Purchasing Bait from Haldor the Valheim Vendor

So, if you have any of these inventory items, be sure to take them with you when visiting Haldor.

We also recommend setting up a portal in the nearby vicinity. That way, you can quickly locate him again, should you require his services.

For our next part, we show you how to fish in Valheim. Time to gear up.

How to fish in Valheim

Now you’re all set. So, what’s stopping you? Well, with a rod and some bait, you’re halfway there.

But first, you will want to find a suitable stretch of water. Fish are found everywhere in Valheim. From the fast-flowing Rivers to the open ocean.

So, be experimental. Try out different spots. There is no secret remedy to success here. But in terms of visibility, we recommend trying the river systems.

Trying Out Different Locations to Fish in Valheim

Mainly because seeing the fish can make it easier to position your bait. Hopefully, you’ll then be able to plop a cast right in front of their unaware snouts.

Initially, you’ll want to equip the fishing rod from your inventory. Once you have done this, both items appear highlighted in blue.

Now, it’s time to cast your line. Press and hold the left mouse button. If you want to throw the bait closer to the shoreline, let go early.

For longer casts, however, hold the left mouse button until your character comes to a halt. This action will generate greater distance while casting.

Once your bait lands in the water, you will see a splash. With your fishing-line in view, you can now begin to reel it in.

Keep in mind that each cast of the rod will cost you one bait, even if you don’t catch any fish. If you cast and reel your line in, for any reason, that piece of bait is gone.

By pressing the right mouse button, you can adjust the retrieve and slowly start to reel in.

Try to entice the fish to your bait using this method. Be sure to vary your style and retrieve the line every so often. Practice and patience are the key components to success here.

The Fish is Hooked!

A small splash indicates a bite. Once this happens, be sure to strike and set the hook by pressing the right mouse button. If you right-click at the exact moment, you will see the text “Hooked” appear on the screen.

If you don’t see the hooked text, don’t worry. Your bait is still in the water and will remain there until you hook a fish or reel in your line.

Reeling in a fish will consume your stamina bar. If you run out of stamina before grabbing the fish with the E key when it’s in range, it will get away. It’s a good idea to be well fed before you go fishing.

Overall, it’s a pretty simplistic procedure, but after further practice, it’s relatively easy to learn how to fish in Valheim.

Well done! You’ve learned how to fish in Valheim.

Once you have landed the catch onshore, you will obtain raw fish. You can turn this into cooked fish at any one of the cooking stations found in-game.

Once eaten, cooked fish will refill your stamina bar by 25 points while restocking health points by 45—a helpful morsel when times are tough.

When you know how to farm, you can then combine ingredients to make even more substantial meals.

For instance, combining cooked fish with harvested barley flour will produce fish wraps. These offer further sustenance for the road, such as considerably higher health and stamina gains.

Thus, giving you all further reasons to learn how to fish in Valheim. In summary, we hope this guide encourages you to pick up a rod and reel.

After all, upon learning how to fish in Valheim, you will be one step closer to securing your survival. At least, for another day.

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