How to Find Silver in Valheim

How to Find Silver in Valheim

How to find Silver in Valheim and what you can do with it

Silver in Valheim is a high-tier metal that has unique properties. Unlike other metals that simply increase your damage output, silver armor and weapons have stats that affect both the player and enemy targets. 

Silver armor will give the player extra cold resistance, and weapons will have an additional damage stat called spirit, which does more significant damage to undead targets. These properties make silver a highly situational metal that you may want to keep a stock of, even once you move onto new materials.

This guide will cover the following:

  • When does Silver become available in the game?
  • Where is Silver Ore located?
  • How do you mine silver ore?
  • How do you process and smelt Silver Ore into ingots?
  • Why is Silver needed, and what can you craft with it?

When does Silver become available in Valheim?

There are three significant hurdles to unlocking silver production in Valheim. Pickaxes, bronze ingots, and cold resistance potions

Like all metals, you’ll need a pickaxe. The first pickaxe becomes available once you defeat the first boss, Eikthyr. However, since you need the capacity to make bronze bars before you can approach the mountains, you should be up to a point where you can produce the bronze pickaxe.

The second requirement for Silver farming in Valheim should imply that you have moved through iron mining as well, making the iron pickaxe a necessary and required tool for breaking apart silver veins.

Valheim's Wishbone is used to Located Silver Veins

To find the silver ore nodes in the mountain biome, you’ll need the Wishbone. The swamp boss, Bonemass, drops the Wishbone. When you equip the Wishbone, it takes up a player’s accessory slot and lights up to reveal hidden silver nodes in the snowy mountains.

Lastly, to survive traversing the mountains, you’ll need to produce cold resistance potions. To make potions, you’ll need to have built a fermenter, which requires bronze to craft.

Where is Silver Ore located in Valheim?

You will only find silver nodes in Valheim’s mountain biome. While not strictly limited to the tops, they appear only in the mountains’ large flat areas. You cannot see the silver nodes directly, and you’ll have to scout the mountain with the Wishbone equipped.

How do you mine Silver ore?

When equipped, the Wishbone will emit green lights or flames that shoot out from your character and make sounds when you pass over an area with a silver node underground. Keep walking around until the lights and sounds speed up. When they are flashing as fast as possible, start digging around with your pickaxe until the silver vein becomes visible.

A Silver vein has been found!

You might have to dig a fair bit to find the node, so we recommend bringing your primary pickaxe to mine the node and a second one to dig out the stone surrounding it. Like copper nodes, Silver Nodes are large. You’ll have to clear the whole node to find all the loose pieces inside.

How do you process and smelt the Silver ore into ingots?

Much like tin, copper, and bronze, you must process silver ore through a furnace. Since you need furnaces to produce bronze to enter the mountains biome, you probably have a few furnaces already.

If you require more furnaces to speed up your metal production, you can farm Surtling cores from the fire spouts found in the larger swamp biomes. Or, if you’re looking to increase your output massively, you can take a boat to the outer biomes and find a patch of Ashlands. Ashlands are mostly barren but spawn Surtlings indefinitely. 

Silver ore is processed at a one-to-one rate but can take a few charcoals to cook through each ingot, meaning you may want to invest in multiple charcoal furnaces to keep up with your fuel needs.

Why is Silver ore needed, and what can you craft with it?

Silver ore has two primary applications in Valheim: producing cold resistance armor and divine infused weapons. While it may seem odd that you can’t create cold resist armor until you’re in the cold, you will craft it to bulk out your cold resistance for the fourth boss, the ice drake Moder

Until you have made a full cold resist set, you are quite vulnerable in the mountains to most of the creatures up there. Small drakes and stone golems all have a small amount of cold damage in their attacks.

Silver in weapons adds the spirit stat, which increases the damage output against undead creatures in Valheim. Namely skeletons and draugr. This damage comes in the form of extra damage over time after your strike, which will immerse your target in green flames if they are vulnerable to divine injury. 

A Silver bullet for a particular target

While the next tier of weapons has the same damage output as silver, they won’t have the extra damage against the unholy dead, making silver weapons viable until the end of the current content.

While it may seem excessive to have that extra damage stat against a small array of enemies, it’ll come in handy with the fifth boss from the plains biome, Yagluth. So hang onto your silver weapons.

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