How to Find Bronze in Valheim

How to Find Bronze in Valheim

How to find Bronze in Valheim and what you can do with it

Bronze in Valheim is an instrumental metal that unlocks a massive amount of tools, weapons, and armor. However, its versatility comes with a high cost of production. Unlike all other metals in Valheim, you cannot find bronze as an ore in the overworld. To acquire it, you’ll need to find and process both tin and copper ore.

This guide will cover the following:

When does bronze become available in Valheim?

While you don’t need a pickaxe to find bronze, you will need one to gather both copper and tin ore. The bone pick, crafted with the antlers of the game’s first boss, Eikthyr, will be necessary to start bronze production.

We have independent guides for both how to find tin and how to find copper ore that you should check out. Once you have tin and copper ore, you will need to smelt them into bars in a furnace. To get the furnace recipe, you’ll need to hold a surtling core.

You can find surtling cores in the underground burial chambers found throughout the starting meadows and black forest.

How do you craft bronze in Valheim?

After you place your furnace, begin smelting your tin and copper ore into bars. Once you have six copper bars, you will need to craft a new workstation called a forge using your hammer. Much like a workbench, you will need to place the forge in cover, with a roof overhead and at least one walled surface nearby.

How do you process copper and tin into bronze in Valheim?

With both tin and copper bars in your inventory, a bronze recipe will become available at the forge. Press E on the forge and choose between crafting bronze ingots individually or in lots of five.
Each bar will cost two copper and one tin ingot. Pressing the forge’s craft button will consume your copper and tin and replace them with bronze ingots.

screenshot of crafting screens to forge bronze from tin and copper
Forge a single bar of bronze or a lot of 5 at the forge

Why is bronze needed, and what can you make with it?

Bronze appears to have the broadest range of applications in Valheim. Like most metals, it unlocks a new range of weapons, including a sword, mace, and atgier. It also opens the next tier of armor in the form of the bronze helmet, leggings, cuirass, and shield.

However, bronze’s most significant contribution to your continued survival is in its range of tools. There are bronze pickaxes and axes to craft, substantial upgrades from your bone and stone tools.

The most substantial contribution from bronze is the bronze gardening tool. With the gardening tool, you can create harvestable ground space for planting crops. Once you have carrot and turnip seeds from the swamps and black woods, you can use the gardening tool to begin growing vegetables to round out your eating.

With superior nutrition, you will have more health and stamina and the ability to craft the materials required for potions.

The beginning of the bronze age

The bronze age will bring superior offense, defense, and all-around better health for your Vikings. A necessary adjustment as you begin looking into the swamp, mountain, and plains biomes.

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