How Does Comfort Work in Valheim

How Does Comfort Work in Valheim

Viking Purgatory, very different from Viking Hell

Odin sent us to Valheim to vanquish the forsaken, but he never said we couldn’t be comfortable while doing it. There are several ways to improve your comfort in Valheim and massive benefits for doing so. By either sleeping in a bed or spending 20 seconds or more near or around comforts in your base, you will achieve the Rested state. How long the Rested state lasts depends on the number and value of your surrounding amenities.

Benefits of Rested state in Valheim

The benefits of being rested in Valheim are massive, and you should keep the buff active for as long as possible. At a minimum, the buff will last for seven minutes and adds an extra minute for every functional bonus comfort item within 10 meters.

If you have the rested buff, you will get:

  • Bonus 50 Percent Health Regen
  • Bonus 100 Percent Stamina Regen
  • Bonus 50 Percent Experience Gains

How to get more comfort in Valheim


The primary way to get comfortable in Valheim is to be in a sheltered state. You will receive the sheltered state if you are under roofing, with most of the area surrounding you having walls and fire warming the room.

Being in a sheltered state will yield 2 points of comfort, and you should get this buff any time you are in your base. If you are in a shelter, you are safe from the rain, and your ‘wet timer’ will decrease very fast.


The deer, wolf, and lox rug will add 1 point of comfort each.


The campfire will give you 1 point of comfort, whereas the much larger hearth will provide 2. Keep in mind the fires do not stack.


There are a few banners to choose from, and they each yield 1 point of comfort. However, you do not get extra comfort for having more than one banner, regardless of colors.

Sleeping beds

The basic bed will give 1 comfort, whereas the Dragon bed will give 2 comfort points. They also do not stack with each other or extra copies.


A table will net 1 comfort point, and a bench or a stool will also get you 1 comfort point. Chairs are worth 2 comfort points, but you should note that chairs, stools, and benches will not stack. 

If you have a chair, you will get two points but no extra points for benches or stools.

However, the Raven Throne, worth 3 comfort points, isn’t considered a chair and will stack with the other seat you choose to have nearby.


Unfortunately, the only lighting that improves comfort is the hanging brazier. While the brazier is an excellent source of light, it produces massive amounts of smoke, so you’ll need some ventilation.


The Maypole is a standing post with large rings at its top. You’ll find them in destroyed or abandoned villages. Being within its radius will net you 1 extra comfort point. Building near one is required to get the optimum amount of comfort, as you can’t build them yourselves.

Understanding how comfort works in Valheim will give you an edge

An optimum layout of comforting items will net you 18 comfort and give a buff of 25 minutes for the rested state. Half an hour of bonus stamina, health, and experience will make a world of difference for you, Viking. 

Once you’ve got that buff up, you’ll never want to leave hearth and home without it.

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