Valheim Admin Commands List 2021

Valheim Admin Commands, Cheats, and Chat Commands

A full list of Valheim admin commands, cheats, and chat commands

We have compiled a full list of Valheim admin commands, cheats, and chat commands available to players. Before you get started administrating your Valheim dedicated server, there are a few quirky things to note:

  1. The devcommands command: This command works only on local game servers and is not available for dedicated servers. When the devcommands command is enabled on a local Valheim server, it enables much of the functionality you’d expect to have as an admin of a dedicated server, such as spawning items, teleporting, flying, god mode, and more.
  2. The devcommands command effectively enables Valheim cheats.
  3. Certain console commands are available to normal players, without any roles, which can be entered in the in-game console.
  4. There are a handful of chat-based commands that are available to all players and admins and require no roles to execute. Be sure to enter these into the game chat and not the in-game console.

How do you use Valheim admin commands and cheats?

The in-game console can be opened by pressing the F5 key while in the game. You can type or paste commands and their parameters into this console and press the Enter key to execute the command. Many Valheim admin commands require a player to have both the admin role and the devcommands command enabled to work. These requirements are detailed in the data table below. If you don’t know how to add admins to a Valheim server, we got you covered, as well as a guide for how to join your Valheim dedicated server.

How do you list the Valheim admin commands and cheats?

We’ve compiled a full list of the Valheim admin and console commands in the data table below, along with their known parameters, descriptions, and requirements. Admins and players can use the command help inside the in-game console to list all available commands.

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Valheim Admin Commands and Cheats List 2021

CommandParametersDescriptionReq. Role(s)
helpThe help command prints a list of available commands to the console.
kickname, IP, userIDThe kick command will kick an active player off the Valheim server.Admin
banname, IP, userIDThe ban command will permanently ban a player off the Valheim server and add an entry to the bannedlist.txt file.Admin
unbanIP, userIDThe unban command will unban a player from the Valheim server and remove their ban entry from the bannedlist.txt file.Admin
bannedThe banned command will list all banned player entries from the bannedlist.txt fileAdmin
pingThe ping command will ping the currently connected Valheim server and return the response time in milliseconds.
lodbias0 – 5The lodbias command allows you to set the LOD Bias level of your Valheim game client. Leave the value empty to read out the currently set value.
infoThe info command will report the render threading mode and total allocated memory.
posThe pos command prints the current player’s X, Y, Z positions in the console.Admin, devcommands
gotoX, Z, YThe goto command opens a portal that teleports the player to the specified position.Admin, devcommands
exploremapThe exploremap command will clear all fog of war on the map, exposing the full map.Admin, devcommands
resetmapThe resetmap command resets the previously cleared fog of war, removing any progress made and restoring it to the default.Admin, devcommands
killallThe killall command will kill all nearby enemies in proximity to the player issuing the command.Admin, devcommands
tameThe tame command will tame all nearby tameable creates in proximity to the player issuing the command.Admin, devcommands
hairThe hair command will permanently remove a player’s hair.Admin, devcommands
beardThe beard command will permanently remove a player’s beard.Admin, devcommands
locationThe location command sets a new spawn location.Admin, devcommands
raiseskillskill, amountThe raiseskill command allows a player to raise a specific skill by the amount specified.Admin, devcommands
resetskillskillThe resetskill command will reset the specified skill’s level to 0.Admin, devcommands
freeflyThe freefly command will allow a player to control a drone-like camera view that can “fly” or “noclip” through the game. The player’s avatar does not move.Admin, devcommands
ffsmooth0, 1The ffsmooth command enables a smooth pan while in the freefly camera mode that reduces jitters. 0 for free camera smoothing, 1 to reset to default.Admin, devcommands
todDecimal values between 0 – 1The tod command allows a player to set the time of day. Setting the value to -1 defaults to the default time, while 0 and 1 are midnight.Admin, devcommands
envThe env command allows a player to set the debug environment.Admin, devcommands
resetenvThe resetenv command will reset the current environment to the default.Admin, devcommands
windangle, intensityThe wind command allows a player to set the angle and intensity of the wind in-game.Admin, devcommands
resetwindThe resetwind command allows a player to reset the wind to its default setting.Admin, devcommands
godThe god command allows a player to toggle the god mode on and off, preventing any damage from being taken.Admin, devcommands
eventnameThe event command allows a player to start the specified event.Admin, devcommands
stopeventThe stopevent command allows a player to stop the current event.Admin, devcommands
randomeventThe randomevent will trigger a random event to begin.Admin, devcommands
saveThe save command will forcefully save the world file.Admin, devcommands
resetcharacterThe resetcharacter command will reset all character data, including skills and inventory items, to the default. This command is dangerous!Admin, devcommands
removedropsThe removedrops command will remove all item drops in proximity to the player issuing the command.Admin, devcommands
setkeynameThe setkey command allows you to reset the specified key.Admin, devcommands
resetkeysnameThe resetkeys command will reset the specified keys.Admin, devcommands
listkeysThe listkeys command will list all global keys.Admin, devcommands
playersThe players command will set the forced difficulty scaling, based on the number of players connected to the game world. Use 0 to reset the scaling.Admin, devcommands
dpsdebugThe dpsdebug will toggle the damage per second overlay on and off.Admin, devcommands
spawnitem, quantity, levelThe spawn command will spawn items into the game world, on the ground, in close proximity to the player issuing the commands.Admin, devcommands
debugmodeThe debugmode command will allow a player to toggle the debug  mode, which allows players to then use the Z key to toggle flying, the K key to kill all enemies in the surrounding area, and the B key to toggle creative mode, which requires no workbench or costs to build.Admin, devcommands
ghostThe ghost command will allow a player to toggle ghost mode, which makes enemies and creatures ignore the player issuing the command.Admin, devcommands
healThe heal command will instantly restore the player’s max health, relative to the foods activated for that player.Admin, devcommands
pukeThe puke command will instantly reset a player’s health and stamina, clearing any active foods.Admin, devcommands
model0,1The model command will allow a player to switch their avatar between male and female. 0 for male, 1 for female.Admin, devcommands
skiptimeThe skiptime command will allow a player to skip forward the number of seconds provided as a parameter.Admin, devcommands
sleepThe sleep command will advance the in-game clock by 12 hours each time it’s issued.Admin, devcommands

Valheim Chat Commands List 2021

/wTextAllows you to whisper in the chat, enabling only those within proximity to see your text.
/sTextAllows you to shout in the chat, enabling everyone server wide to see your text.
/killmeAllows you to suicide in the game and respawn.
/resetspawnAllows you to reset your spawn point.
/emotesit, wave, challenge, cheer, nonono, thumbsup, pointAllows you to initiate the specified emote.

With that, you have the full comprehensive list of Valheim admin commands, cheats, and chat commands. We’ll keep this page updated as Valheim continues its Early Access development. If you have any questions or need help, be sure to join us in the Corrosion Hour Discord community.

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