How to Add Admins to a Valheim Server

How to Add Admins to a Valheim Dedicated Server

Need to add admins to a Valheim server? Look no further.

In this quick how-to guide, we detail the necessary steps to add administrators to a Valheim server. When running a game server, it’s helpful to have access to admin commands that enable you or those you designate, to effectively moderate a server. There are many essential tasks for admins, such as being able to kick and ban players that stir up trouble or even helping with updating a Valheim server.

There are two types of Valheim servers that can have admins added to them.

  1. Local Servers
  2. Dedicated Servers

Adding admins to a local server

Local game servers are created in the Valheim game client, under the tab ‘Start Game’. When a player creates or joins a Valheim server from this screen, they are the owner of that server and are automatically granted the admin role. Upon logging into the game, owners will have access to admin commands, with no further steps.

If owners want to grant another player the admin role on their local server, they will need to locate the Valheim server folder in their Window’s User folder, typically found on the same hard drive that the operating system has been installed on. An example path will look something close to this:


Once you’ve found the folder, skip to the numbered directions below in the Adding admins to a dedicated server section.

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Adding admins to a dedicated server

Dedicated servers are created outside of the Valheim game client and can be hosted in both local and remote locations. Players can choose to create and host their own Valheim dedicated server or rent a Valheim server from a hosting provider. In either hosting scenario, adding admins to a Valheim server follows the same process:

  1. Gather the Steam 64 IDs of the players to be added as admins.
  2. Locate and open the Valheim server’s root directory.
  3. Open the file adminlist.txt
  4. Add each Steam 64 ID on its own line, save the file, and close it.
  5. Restart the server.

Once the server has restarted, players that have been added to the adminlist.txt will now have access to Valheim admin commands. At the time of writing this guide, Valheim’s dedicated servers only allow for moderation commands.

If you want to use the infamous devcommands command (previously known as imacheater command), you will need to move to a locally hosted server. This command will not work for other admins in either situation, as it’s currently implemented for single-player usage intentionally.

And with that, you can now add admins to a Valheim server. If you’re having troubles getting admins set up, or may be interested in joining a community of Valheim fans, come chat with us in our Discord!

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