V Rising: Rufus the Foreman Boss Guide

How to locate and defeat Rufus the Foreman, a V Blood boss

After taming the Alpha Wolf and collecting its power, your next target is Rufus the Foreman. This foe can be a bit more problematic to take down when compared to the Alpha Wolf. Another factor that makes this fight difficult is that he is located in an area that several enemies patrol regularly. This fight will be quite challenging, but thankfully, all of the information you’ll need is right here in this guide. 

Where to find Rufus the Foreman (spawn locations)

Rufus can be found at the Bandit Logging Camp, which is located in the Farbane Woods. The logging camp is home to many bandits you can defeat before getting Rufus’ attention. You can use the bridge that’s located on the eastern side of the bandit camp as an entry point. Take caution while fighting inside the Bandit Logging Camp, as it can be easy to get cornered, so make sure that you have an escape route ready.  Rufus the Foreman's Map Location

Preparation and Rufus’ moveset

You absolutely should fight this boss during the night, as there are limited shaded areas should you fight him during the day. Rufus has abilities that can stop your movement; Being immobile in direct sunlight will result in a quick death. Rufus is a level 20 Boss, so you’ll want the best gear you can acquire up until this point to make the fight easier. Rufus has a hefty health bar and can buff himself with a temporary health boost. The following are all of the abilities that Rufus will deploy while defending against you:

Crossbow Shot

V Rising — Rufus the Foreman's Crossbow Shot

Rufus will aim and let loose a single bolt in the direction that he’s facing. This attack is easy to avoid by strafing around Rufus while he attacks.

Throw Net

V Rising — Rufus the Foreman's Throw Net Attack The ground will indicate a red circle where Rufus will toss a throw net that will prevent you from moving for a couple of seconds. You can escape this with some mobility skills like Veil of Blood.

Summon Backup

V Rising — Rufus the Foreman Summons Backup Rufus will quickly whistle and summon additional bandits to join the fight. More bandits will appear depending on how many party members you have. 

Health Buff

V Rising — Rufus the Foreman Healing When Rufus has about 50% of his health, he will glow red and shout to his allies. This ability will cause all nearby bandits, including himself, to gain a red aura and receive a temporary health increase of about 20% of their max health. Rapid Fire Rufus will announce aloud, “I’m going to call you target practice,” and rapidly fire a series of bolts shortly afterward. This attack can be deadly as it can reduce your health quickly if immobilized with his Throw Net ability. 

The best strategy to defeat Rufus the Foreman

At the start of the night, begin clearing out the bandit patrols that spawn near Rufus. Be wary as another V Blood Boss, Lidia the Chaos Archer can be found patrolling nearby in some rare cases. You can feed on some of the bandits if they have decent blood quality to get more strength to make the fight much easier for you. Once you have the bandits cleared out, you are ready to face Rufus. 

Rufus has slow attacks, making them very easy to avoid as long as you remain focused. You can utilize ranged attacks like Shadowbolt while dodging his crossbow bolts. If you have copper weapons, you can perform weapon techniques (activated by pressing ‘Q’) to deal a quick burst of damage.

We recommend using the sword weapon technique that allows you to move while spinning your blade around and can deal damage to multiple enemies.  Moving around as much as you can is the key to this fight. Make sure you only use Veil of Blood to escape Rufus’ nets, so it’s not on cooldown for when you need it.

Once Rufus begins summoning bandits, you’ll want to dispatch them before they can get buffed. Having several beefed-up enemies firing bolts at you can quickly kill you, so it’s best to limit how many attackers are active in the fight. 

The only ability you should be concerned about is his Rapid Fire ability which he uses more frequently the longer you are fighting with him. When Rufus is firing bolts at an increased rate, you will want to use ranged attacks and keep your distance to avoid losing a lot of health quickly. 

Rewards for defeating Rufus the Foreman

After you take down the bandit leader, you will unlock the Blood Rage Ability, which is a powerful defensive spell that provides buffs for you and your allies. You’ll also acquire the recipes for the fishing pole, sculptured wood, painting frame, Hunter’s Crossbow, and Woodworking Bench. 

Final thoughts on Rufus the Foreman

We hope that this Rufus the Foreman guide has provided you with the tips and advice needed to defeat the second V Blood boss in V Rising. If you are looking for more in-depth guidance, be sure to check out our V Rising Beginner’s Guide for more tips and tricks. Meanwhile, it’s time to prepare yourself for Keely the Frost Archer and Errol the Stonebreaker.

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