V Rising: Putrid Rat Boss Guide

V Rising: Putrid Rat Guide

The Putrid Rat V Blood boss guide

Once you’ve dispatched Lidia the Chaos Archer Guide, you might wonder how to locate the Putrid Rat in V Rising. This unique V Blood Boss can not be located using the Blood Altar and takes some work to summon. Defeating it will unlock an interesting new form that you can take on. Continue reading to learn all there is to know and discover how to find and defeat the Putrid Rat.  

Where to find the Putrid Rat

V Rising — Summoning the Putrid Rat

The Putrid Rat does not operate like the other V Blood Bosses. You’ll have to summon the Putrid Rat from a Vermin Nest. To build a Vermin Nest, you’ll need:

  • 360 Stone
  • 120 Bone

It is important to note that wherever you place the Vermin Nest will determine where you will fight the Putrid Rat. You can build a small arena to fight the rodent or set up structures that can slow its movement or trap it.  

V Rising — Putrid Rat Summoning Items

Once you have the Vermin Nest where you need it, you’ll need some ingredients to summon the boss. To beckon to the Putrid Rat, you’ll need:

  • 6 Grave Dust
  • 3 Fish Bone
  • 1 Twilight Snapper

Grave Dust is collected from the Grinder structure. To create grave dust, place a large amount of bone into the grinder to break them down into grave dust.

The best way to get fish bone is by tossing excess fish into the Devourer. While searching for Twilight Snapper, you’ll encounter other fish you can use to break down into oil and bone.  

The Twilight Snapper can be elusive and hard to acquire as you’ll need to fish it out. You’ll need a fishing rod that requires a Woodworking Bench to craft. You’ll get the recipe for both after defeating Rufus the Foreman. 

Twilight Snapper is a random drop collected from fishing nodes found all over the map. Finding the Twilight Snapper is difficult because there are no set spawn locations for the fish. The chance of grabbing the Twilight Snapper is random. This may take some time, so it’s best to fish at every node you discover while gathering other materials.  

With enough patience, you’ll have all of the materials you’ll need to craft the Putrid Rat. To summon it, take all the above ingredients and place them into the Vermin Nest. When the crafting meter fills, the boss will appear and attack you on sight. 

Preparation and the Putrid Rat’s move set

Just before you decide to craft the Putrid Rat, you may need to take some time to prepare. The Putrid Rat is a level 30 Boss and can overwhelm you if you don’t deal enough damage. We recommend fighting the Putrid rat with a gear level of at least 35 due to the rat being buffed up after an update. You’ll want to use attacks that can damage multiple targets, like the mace weapon arts. This fight can be challenging if you initiate the duel in a small area due to how many allies the Putrid Rat can summon.

The Putrid Rat comes equipped with a couple of abilities that can catch you off guard the first time you encounter them. The following are all of the moves the Putrid Rat will use when fighting you:


The Putrid Rat will quickly strike out at you and deal a small amount of damage. This attack is fast and unexpected, so try to stray from the front of the rat’s head to avoid this. 

Rapid Bite

V Rising — Putrid Rat's Rapid Bite Attack

If the Putrid Rat glows red, it will dispel a short shockwave which can stun you if you are too close. It will then proceed to lunge forward and rapidly bite the player. This attack can stun lock you, and you can take a lot of damage in a short time. If you do get stunned in this attack, you can escape the stunlock by using your chosen travel ability.

Noxious Explosion

V Rising — Putrid Rat's Noxious Explosion Attack

The Putrid Rat will glow green after shaking its coat. After a short time, the rat will slam down and send out a large explosion that will deal poison damage if you are in the radius. The explosion zone will have a poison cloud that will linger for a couple of seconds, so avoid the area to avoid poison damage. 


V Rising — Putrid Rat's Burrow Attack

The Putrid Rat will occasionally burrow into the ground, preventing you from dealing damage to it. When the Putrid rat goes underground, several smaller and weaker rats will spawn and attack you and your party on sight.   

Best strategy to defeat the Putrid Rat

Ideally, you’ll want plenty of space to fight the Putrid Rat, so you should build a large room you can navigate while fighting the rodent king. Once your arena is ready, summon the Putrid Rat and unleash a burst of attacks as soon as it spawns. Use a combination of melee attacks and magic to deal a large amount of damage while the rat remains surfaced. 

The fight should be straightforward until the Rat burrows. After the Putrid Rat burrows underground, a small army of weaker rats will surface and immediately start attacking the player. Use AoE attacks and weapon arts to dispatch as many small rats as possible. Keep the pressure on the smaller rats before the Putrid Rat returns to avoid becoming overrun.

Once you’ve dispatched as many small rats as possible, continue dealing consistent damage to the Putrid Rat. The boss may use the Burrow ability frequently, so use patience and do your best to avoid being overwhelmed. With enough persistence, soon, you’ll have the Putrid Rat twitching at your feet.  

Rewards for defeating the Putrid Rat

V Rising — Extracting V Blood from the Putrid Rat

Consuming the Putrid Rat’s blood will grant you the Rat Form. While in Rat Form, you’ll be able to bypass enemies with ease to a certain extent. This ability helps scope out camps or sneak past bandit patrols while gathering supplies. 

With the Putrid Rat dispatched, you’re now ready to take on the next V Blood boss, Clive the Firestarter. For more information on getting started with V Rising, be sure to check out our V Rising Beginner’s Guide.

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