V Rising: Lidia the Chaos Archer Boss Guide

Lidia the Chaos Archer V Blood boss guide

After defeating the pushover of a V Blood Boss, Keely the Frost Archer, you’ll face a real challenge with the next V Blood Boss. Lidia the Chaos-Archer will pose more of a threat than Keely as she is much stronger and less predictable than her. This guide offers all the tactics and strategies you’ll need to track and defeat Lidia the Chaos Archer

Where to find Lidia the Chaos Archer (spawn locations)

V Rising — Lidia the Chaos Archer Spawn Location

Lidia can be one of the more difficult bosses to track as she’s constantly on a roaming path found in the Farbane Woods. Use the Blood Altar to begin tracking her, as that’ll be your best bet of finding her. There are several locations on the path that she follows that are enemy outposts, which can be problematic if that’s where you run into her. If you wish to avoid fighting hordes of enemies, make sure you use stealth when tracking her and follow her until you find a perfect ambush spot. 

Preparation and Lidia’s moveset

Since it can be tough to determine where Lidia’s location is, it’s best to begin your search at the start of the night. Lidia is a level 26 boss, so you’ll need to increase your gear level if you want the best odds of victory. 

Lidia the Chaos-Archer has a similar combat style to Keely with Lidia’s attacks being more deadly. The following are all of the moves that Lidia will use:

Chaos Orb

V Rising — Lidia's Chaos Arrow Volley

Lidia will raise her fist in the air and send out a series of chaos orbs that will splash chaos fire onto the ground. The areas that will be affected are shown with red circles, so avoid standing in them. Once an orb has set fire to the ground, the surrounding area will burn and cause a heavy amount of damage over time should you step into it. 

Chaos Arrow Volley

V Rising — Lidia's Chaos Arrow Volley


Lidia will kneel and fire several chaos arrows that will deal large damage if struck by them. Lidia will track your movements, so you should always be strafing around her. 


Like Keely, Lidia will often go invisible if you rush her with melee attacks. While invisible, you may be able to track her movements, allowing you to land some attacks on her while she flees. She will usually unleash an attack when she exits invisibility, so take caution when rushing her in this form. 

The best strategy to defeat Lidia the Chaos Archer 

This fight’s difficulty depends on where you encounter Lidia. You’ll want to engage her in areas that are away from enemy encampments. It’s best to scout out ahead and clear out any nearby enemies before she reaches you. If enemies end up attacking you while you fight Lidia, eliminate them as soon as possible. When fighting multiple opponents while engaged with Lidia, you should prioritize avoiding her attacks as a simple arrow from a bandit is nothing compared to her chaos fire. 

Lidia moves fast and can be very aggressive with her attacks. She will often stand in her chaos fire, so having ranged attacks like Aftershock or the crossbow can help you land some extra damage on her. It can be hard to determine safe times to launch an attack on Lidia due to how quickly she will unleash her attacks. An effective way to get around this is to take the fight slow and play defensively. You can safely chip away at her health from a distance and rush in for a quick weapon technique attack or a couple of swipes of your sword. The fight may take longer this way, but rushing can get you killed quickly.

If you are struggling with this fight, you may need to recruit more vampire allies or upgrade your gear further by taking on another V Blood Boss. Learning her move-set will make the fight easier, so if you don’t take her down on your first try, don’t give up and pay attention to her attacks to learn when she is most vulnerable. 

V Rising — Extracting V Blood from Lidia

Rewards for defeating Lidia the Chaos Archer

After successfully defeating V Rising’s Lidia the Chaos Archer, you will be rewarded with the Chaos Volley power. Chaos Volley launches two orbs in the direction you aim in and deals DoT to whoever it hits. You’ll also unlock the Devourer structure. The Devourer is extremely useful to have for your castle as it allows you to dismantle various materials into their basic form.

With Lidia the Chaos Archer dispatched, you’re now ready to defeat the Putrid Rat V Blood boss. For more information on getting started with V Rising, be sure to check out our V Rising Beginner’s Guide.

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