V Rising: Grayson the Armourer Boss Guide

How to locate and defeat Grayson the Armourer, a V Blood boss

If you’ve been looking to get your hands on more whetstones in V Rising, you might consider paying Grayson the Armourer a visit. This V Blood boss fight introduces a new mechanic, which can either make this fight easy or difficult if you are unaware of what to do. Read on below to learn where to find this boss and prepare yourself for a rise in difficulty as the game begins to test your abilities. 

Where to find Grayson the Armourer 

V Rising: Grayson the Armourer's Location

Grayson patrols his arena at the Bandit Armory found in the Farbane Woods. Getting to the Bandit Armory can be difficult as you’ll begin to encounter harder-hitting enemies that are also equipped with a much larger health pool. As with most early game bosses, you’ll want to take your time and pick off as many of these enemies as you can before you reach Garyson’s arena. 

Preparation and Grayson’s moveset

You should attack Grayson during the evening. You can fight him during the day as his arena has shade provided by nearby trees. For the best results, begin your journey a couple of hours before nightfall to allow yourself some time to explore the Bandit Armory before you take on Grayson the Armorer.

Grayson is a level 27 Boss; therefore, you may be able to take him out with the same gear level you used with Lidia. It’s always best to come prepared with the best gear you can craft. If you need a boost in gear level, you can loot a few whetstones from the armory chests scattered in the armory. They can also be acquired as a rare drop from some of the nearby enemies. With these whetstones, you’ll be able to craft more powerful weapons if necessary and applicable. 

Grayson has some unique abilities that require more focus to avoid taking a large amount of damage. These are the abilities he will deploy while fighting you:


V Rising: Grayson the Armourer Caltrops Attack

Grayson will swiftly toss several spiked caltrops onto the arena ground. Making contact with one will slow you for a brief moment and will damage you. These caltrops will remain active wherever they land until they are collided with.  

Whirlwind Swing

V Rising: Grayson the Armourer Whirlwind Attack

Like Errol’s whirlwind attack, Grayson will spin with his ax for about two seconds. You’ll be able to see this coming when he rears the ax behind his head, projecting the attack. If you come into contact with this attack, you’ll fly backward and can take additional damage from caltrops left on the ground if you make contact. 

Heavy Axe Swing

V Rising: Grayson the Armourer Heavy Axe Swing Attack

Grayson will rear his ax back behind him and aim his body towards you. After a short time, he will dash forward and swing his ax upwards in an arc. This attack deals a decent bit of damage, so make sure to watch Grayson’s movements to avoid it and his caltrops at the same time. 

Summon Bandits

After Grayson’s health drops to around 50%, he will whistle and summon other bandits to join the fight. More bandits will appear if you are at a party with other vampires. 

Kunai Pull

V Rising: Grayson the Armourer Kunai Pull Attack

In Mortal Kombat fashion, Grayson will toss out a spread of three Kunai-like harpoons toward the player. If struck by these, Grayson will pull the player directly to him, minus the ‘get over here’ line. 

Best strategy to defeat Grayson the Armourer

The Bandit Armory has some shade from the harsh sun should you arrive during the day. For an easier time, fight Grayson during the evening to avoid having to dodge sunlight and caltrops simultaneously.  

Before starting your fight with Grayson, take out any patrolling bandits near the entrance of his arena to avoid fighting multiple targets. The last thing you’ll want is to be shot at while dodging Grayson’s attacks and take unnecessary damage.

When fighting Grayson, you’ll want to have some versatility with your combat style, using a mix of melee and ranged to ensure that you can take him out quickly. In his arena, there are four sets of armor that you can utilize. Using these armor suits will make you invincible to all forms of damage; however, you will be unable to attack. You can use this period of invulnerability to destroy all of the caltrops that Grayson has tossed out by walking over them and giving you more room to move around the arena. 

Aggroing Grayson

Most of Grayson’s move set is rather straightforward and can be avoided using standard travel skills like Veil of Blood. Using Chaos Orbs and Shadowbolt are excellent ways to pelt him with damage if you have decent magic damage output. When your ranged attacks are on cooldown, run up and give him some swipes with a weapon art after his Heavy Axe Swing or Whirlwind Attack, as he’ll be open for just a few seconds. 

Focus on defeating any additional bandits that he may summon. They should go down with little resistance and only serve to distract you from watching Grayson’s moves. Keep persistent with dealing damage and wiping out the caltrops, and you’ll have this Boss on his knees in no time.  

Rewards for Defeating Grayson the Armorer

Extracting V Blood from Grayson

After you fall this V Blood Boss, you’ll be rewarded with a defensive vampire power, Crimson Aegis. This ability allows you to shield yourself or an ally from damage depending on your magic power. You’ll also be rewarded with the recipe for Five-Finger Work Boards and Long Boards that boost specific refinement structures in your castle if you have them placed down.

Additionally, you’ll receive some decorational statues to spice up the gothic vibe of your home. Finally, you’ll receive the recipe to craft Whetstones, which will be very handy as you progress through the early game and into the mid-game. 

After Grayson has been dispatched, you should also consider paying Goreswine the Ravager a visit by this stage of the game if you haven’t already.

For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out our V Rising Beginner’s Guide.

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