V Rising: Goreswine the Ravager Boss Guide

After unlocking whetstones and hopefully having paid V Rising’s Grayson the Armourer a visit and crafting better gear, you’ll now be ready to face off with another powerful V Blood boss — Goreswine the Ravager. Before discovering this guide, you may have found yourself face to face with Goreswine as he roams the Farbane Woods frequently. If you are looking to unlock your first Unholy spells, this guide has all the info you’ll need to know.  

Where to find Goreswine the Ravager

V Rising: Goreswine the Ravager Location

Goreswine has a unique patrol pattern. From personal experience and experimentation, Goreswine has generally appeared in the south to southwest areas of the Farbane Woods. His spawn location is near the Desecrated and Infested Graveyards. Using the Blood Altar is the best way to track him down. Goreswine will stay at his spawn points for a while and eventually get bored and roam the surrounding areas. If he is exploring, he’ll usually be patrolling with a group of undead. 

Preparation and Goreswine’s moveset

Goreswine is a level 27 Boss, so the gear you used for Grayson the Armorer should suffice. Before you head out to fight Goreswine, you’ll want to have some healing items and ranged abilities or weapons as this fight can be annoying if you plan to use only melee. Melee attacks can be tricky to pull off due to Goreswine’s AoE attacks and his tendency to stand in the middle of his poison clouds. 

Goreswine has abilities that can poison you and deal a large amount of damage over time. You’ll want to have some healing items to negate some of these effects should you have difficulty with the fight. Here are the abilities that are at Goreswine’s disposal:

Corpse Bomb

V Rising: Goreswine the Ravager's Corpse Bomb Attack

Goreswine will toss down a lump of remains. A red circle will appear around the corpse to indicate where the blast radius is. After a short period, the corpse will explode and stun you if you are in its radius. The explosion will leave behind a green cloud that will poison you if you touch it. 


V Rising: Goreswine the Ravager's Multi Bomb Attack

Goreswine will toss out a cluster of multiple bombs that will release poison gas upon explosion. This attack can stack and can quickly leave you with an area full of poison to avoid. 

Poison Bolt

V Rising: Goreswine the Ravager's Poison Bolt Attack

You’ll be able to see Goreswine channel this attack by moving his hands in a circle. After about a second, a quick bolt will fly towards you, dealing damage and poisoning you. If you get hit with this bolt, you’ll be slowed and take poison damage. While being slowed from the bolt, Goreswine may follow up with a corpse bomb. 

Poison Barrage

V Rising: Goreswine the Ravager's Poison Barrage Attack

After you injure Goreswine to around half of his health, he’ll begin to utilize a new ability. He’ll shout out and protect himself with a green shield. Goreswine will be immune to all damage while shielded. While shielded, Goreswine will toss out a barrage of corpse bombs that will cover a massive area. Once the barrage is complete, Goreswine will lose his shield and continue his regular attacks. 

Invisible Retreat

If you apply too much pressure, Goreswine will turn invisible and flee or attempt to surprise you from behind. Using a lot of melee attacks or being physically close to Goreswine seems to trigger this ability more frequently.  

Best strategy to defeat Goreswine the Ravager

If you can, it’s best to fight Goreswine near the graveyards; however, this puts you at risk of facing undead summoners who can raise a large number of skeleton minions. If you can draw him away from the summoners or take them out without catching Goreswine’s attention, you’ll be in a great position to fight him. 

Goreswine can quickly overwhelm you by covering a large area of poison, so you’ll want to fight him during the night, if possible. The last thing you want is to avoid poison bombs and bolts, and the only haven is in direct sunlight. 

You’ll want to have powerful ranged attacks like Chaos Orbs or Shadowbolt to damage him if he’s standing in a poison cloud (which will happen quite a lot). 

You can also pelt him with crossbow arrows to keep your DPS up. Consistently avoiding the poison clouds and his Poison Bolt is the key to this fight. Slow and steady is an efficient way to take Goreswine out. You’ll want to keep moving and wait for safe opportunities to attack. 

It is critical to stay close to Goreswine, as he may flee and regenerate all of his health if you stray too far.

With enough persistence and combat awareness, you’ll soon have Goreswine on his knees, pondering his mistakes while you extract his powers. 

Rewards for defeating Goreswine the Ravager

Extracting V Blood from Goreswine

You’ll be rewarded with some new abilities and game mechanics. The abilities you unlock are Corpse Explosion, an AoE attack similar to the one Goreswine uses, and Veil of Bones, an offensive travel ability. 

You’ll also unlock some cosmetic items for your castle, but more importantly, you’ll be able to craft the Tomb structure. With the tomb, you can summon certain enemies (in this case, you’ve just unlocked the ability to summon skeletons and ghouls) that you can then cut down and gather resources from. This is perfect for ensuring you have many Bones and Grave dust at your disposal, so you’ll never have to hunt for them again! 

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