V Rising: Clive the Firestarter Boss Guide

The Clive the Firestarter V Blood boss guide

After taking down the Putrid Rat, you are ready to take on a crucial boss necessary to progress in the game. The V Blood Boss Clive the Firestarter, and his minions provide a new challenge you have yet to face. However, if you best this pyromaniac, you’ll be given an explosive reward that you’ll need to progress the game. 

Where to find Clive the Firestarter

V Rising — Clive the Firestarter Location

To the far west of the Farbane Woods lies the Bandit Sulfur Quarry. You’ll generally find him roaming the Quarry in the center that contains several explosive boxes that will detonate over time if you damage them. The Quarry is not too difficult to reach; however, you’ll encounter strong enemies on your way there. 

Preparation and Clive’s move set

Clive can kill you quickly if you rush in guns blazing. This is because the area is packed with explosive, more formidable enemies and has minimal shading from the sun. If you want the best odds of survival, you’ll need to address those factors.

Clive himself is a simple boss; the environment and other hazards around him may make this fight difficult. He is a level 30 boss, so you’ll want to bring the best gear you have for this fight and even grab some high-quality blood to give you a needed edge. His move set revolves around tossing several explosives all around him while he attempts to keep his distance. Here is the handful of abilities that Clive will use when you encounter him:

Cluster Bomb

V Rising — Clive the Firestart Cluster Bomb Attack

Clive will toss a bomb to your location that will explode on impact. After the first explosion, a series of smaller bombs will erupt from the first bomb spread out from the initial bomb blast. There will be red circles on the ground that indicate the blast zones. 

Planted Bomb

V Rising — Clive the Firestarter's Planted Bomb

If you rush Clive, he’ll likely roll away from you, leaving behind a bomb with a massive radius behind. This bomb has a timed fuse; therefore, you’ll have some time to escape its radius. Clive can chain this move up to three times, which covers a large amount of space. 

Best strategy to defeat Clive the Firestarter

V Rising — Defeating Clive the Firestarter

A majority of your fight with Clive will be clearing out the additional enemies in the Quarry that you may catch the attention of. While you are clearing out the Quarry, you can detonate a variety of explosives to deal damage to your foes. It is wise to destroy the nearby explosives before the fighting begins, as Clive’s bombs can cause a massive chain reaction that can kill you quickly.

You’ll want to use ranged attacks for this fight as Clive is quick and will roll away from your attacks frequently. Try to draw Clive towards the center of the camp as it can give you enough space to maneuver during the fight. Clive can be hard to hit with some ranged attacks, so you’ll want to have decent accuracy to take him down faster. 

If you struggle to land consistent hits on Clive, you can use the copper mace weapon art to deal some decent damage. The weapon art causes you to leap forward and slam your mace down, creating a shockwave. This shockwave will damage any enemy in its short radius. Combine this with your barrage of ranged attacks to maximize damage. Keep the pressure heavy on Clive the Firestarter, and you’ll soon be leaving the Sulfur Quarry with his power in your palms.

Rewards for defeating Clive the Firestarter

V Rising — Clive the Firestarter Rewards

When you finally take down Clive, you’ll receive some progress-critical rewards. First, you’ll unlock the Veil of Chaos ability, which is arguably one of the best travel abilities due to being able to dash twice while maintaining offensive capabilities. You’ll also unlock Enchanted Braziers and Torches. 

The most important recipe you’ll unlock is the Minor Explosive Box, which you’ll need to destroy the wall of the Bandit Stronghold where Quincey the Bandit King resides. Alongside the Minor Explosive Box recipe, you’ll unlock the Alchemy Table, which you’ll use to craft explosives and other recipes. 

You’ll need Sulfur to craft explosives, which you’ll now be able to acquire from sulfur ore by using a forge after you defeat Clive the Firestarter. 

For more information on getting started with V Rising, be sure to check out our V Rising Beginner’s Guide.

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