V Rising Beginner’s Guide (2022)

What is V Rising?

V Rising is a vampire-based survival game developed by Stun Lock Studios for PC (and soon for the Steam Deck) that places you in control of a weak vampire that has risen from a centuries-long slumber. The game revolves around crafting your castle and defending your territory while traveling the lands of Vardoran to hunt down various powerful foes to grow even further in strength.

The popularity of V Rising is no mistake, as it shares many successful traits of other survival titles, such as RUST, The Forest, and many more. V Rising’s world is active, even when you’re not present, which makes for exciting scenarios on PvP servers. But V Rising also offers a wonderful PVE experience to those looking to play casually and on their own or with a friend.

This V Rising Beginner’s Guide will walk you through all of the core systems and game mechanics to make you comfortable as you adventure across the lands of Vardoran, seeking to restore the vampire realm.

The menu system

V Rising Main Menu Screen

There are many different options that you are presented with when you first launch V Rising. Upon launch, you can select between the following:

  • Online Play: Play online with other players on a server.
  • Private Game: Host your game to play online with your preferred settings. Other players can join this server as long as the host remains online. 
  • Host Dedicated Server:  Create a server or rent one. Running a server allows players to jump online to your game anytime and keeps the game permanently running. 

The game modes

V Rising Game Mode Selection

V Rising offers different game modes. The following are all currently available game modes that you can choose from:

  • PvE: In this game mode, you can team up with other vampires and take down the enemies located in the game. You cannot fight other vampires in PvE mode, so the focus is purely on working together to take down the strong bosses found in the game.
  • PvP: This game mode puts everyone against each other. If you wish to survive, you’ll need to band together in a clan to fend off attacks on your castle from other vampire clans. After a 30-minute grace period, new vampires are subject to the mercy of any vampire they encounter. 
  • Full Loot PvP: Like PvP, full loot PvP enables all items dropped from your inventory upon death, raising the stakes significantly during vampire raids. We recommend this game mode if you want a very intense and brutal experience.   
  • Duo PvP: This game mode allows you to build smaller clans with only two players per clan. This game mode makes raiding and PvP on a smaller scale for those wanting a PvP experience that isn’t as hectic as the standard PvP mode. 
V Rising PVP Safety Timer

PvP can often be a harrowing experience that can be frustrating as you learn how to play. We recommend playing PvE or on a solo server to understand how most of the game’s mechanics work before jumping straight into PVP. 

Available DLC 

There are two current DLCs available for V rising. There is Dracula’s Relics Pack, which contains several cosmetic items you can craft in-game. The other DLC is the Founder’s Pack: Eldest Bloodline. The Founders Pack contains several items like different shape-shifting forms, stone gargoyles, ornaments, customization accessories for character creation, and the original soundtrack for V Rising. 

The items in the DLC will become available as you become worthy of crafting the equipment and miscellaneous objects in the game. Customization accessories become available as soon as you launch the game. 

The Game’s Basic Systems and Mechanics

Character creation

V Rising Character Creation

After selecting a server to play on, you can then begin to customize your vampire. The character customization screen is pretty straightforward. It offers a decent amount of customization options (more if you have purchased the appropriate DLCs). Character customization offers a randomized feature and toggles to lock in your selection to prevent accidentally changing your look as you customize. It is essential to note that when you create your vampire, it is bound to the server you have chosen, and you cannot transfer it now. Playing on a new server will require you to start from the beginning. You can customize the following:

  • Body Type: 
    • You can choose between a male or female body type. 
  • Skintone:
    • You can choose between a large assortment of colors to pick the skin tone of your choosing.  
  • Face Type:
    • You can choose between 13 different face types to apply to your vampire. 
  • Hair Style:
    • You can choose between 27 different options to determine your vampire’s hairstyle, and you can also select hair color from a large selection of colors. 
  • Features: 
    • You can select between 5 different beard types that male and female vampires can wear.
  • Accessories:
    • The base game offers eight accessories to choose from that you can add to your vampire and more if you have the Founders Pack: Eldest Bloodline DLC.
  • Name:
    • Once you have finished creating your character, you can name your vampire and begin your long journey. 

How to control your vampire

When you begin the game, you will be prompted with the X key to awaken from your sleep. You will now have complete control and can walk around your environment. To move around and navigate this new world, use the W, A, S, and D keys to move around and the right mouse button to rotate the camera.

V Rising Awakening

The game sometimes provides on-screen prompts to guide you on what to do next. To attack, use the left mouse button to attack or use the item you have selected in your hotbar. You also have access to 3 abilities as soon as you start, activated by the ‘r,’ ‘c,’ and ‘space’ keys, respectively. Your hotbar is bound to the numbers as indicated on the screen.

V Rising Inventory Screen

You can use the ‘Tab’ key to open your inventory and crafting interface. 


V Rising Survival

Surviving the world of Vardoran can be a bit tricky at times. There are many factors at play that you must pay attention to if you wish to stay alive as long as possible. The main factors that you need to pay attention to are:

  • Health indicates how much more damage you can take before you perish. 
  • Blood is vital for using specific abilities like Blood Mend and plays a massive function in an additional bonus based on your blood type. You will gradually lose health due to starvation if you run out of blood. 
  • Sunlight is the bane of a vampire’s existence. If you stand in direct sunlight for too long, you will lose health rapidly. 


Your maximum health is determined by how strong your gear is. The better your equipment, the more damage you can take. You can restore your health in various ways, such as using consumables and abilities like blood mend to heal yourself. Here are some ways to restore health in the early game:

  • Blood Mend: You can restore your health at the cost of blood and increase your max health back to its previous values.  
  • Vermin salve: Restores 2.5% of maximum health every 1.5 seconds. You begin the game with the vermin salve recipe. 
  • Blood Rite: A counterattack ability that restores some health when you successfully counter an enemy attack. Blood rite’s effectiveness scales with your magic level. 
  • Passive Regen: You will slowly regenerate a minimal amount of health with natural health regeneration. This effect is increased with blood type and is more enhanced during the night.
  • Blood Rose Potion: Recovers 5.5% of your max health every second for 10 seconds. You can gather the recipe for this potion by defeating Chistina, the Sun Priestess.
  • Blood Rose Brew: Recovers 4% of your max health every second for 10 seconds. The recipe for blood rose brew can gather brew from turning in 50 pieces of paper at the research desk or finding the recipe book via rng drop in the Farbane Woods.

Keep in mind that when in combat, many healing abilities and methods are severely limited, so it’s best to get any healing done before you engage in battle. Another important fact is that blood types can also affect your recovery with benefits like leeching health from enemies and increased health regeneration. 


The most crucial resource you should maintain is your blood level. Blood is used for many blood spells like Blood Mend and prevents you from starving. If your blood levels reduce to zero, you will lose health rapidly, so ensure your blood levels are topped off to avoid a quick death. 

There are a few ways to restore your blood levels. Feeding on weakened enemies is the most common way to restore blood. Lowering an enemy’s health will give you an on-screen prompt to feed on them. While feeding, you are immobile and are vulnerable to attacks. You can cancel the feeding by right-clicking; however, this will not restore your blood and instantly kill the enemy. Note that V Blood bosses will not restore your blood levels when you feed on them.

Another way to restore blood is by a blood ability that you start with that allows you to receive blood from allied vampires. This ability drains their blood supply to refill yours. 

And, of course, in a pinch, you can consume a rat from your inventory to get a slight boost of blood at the cost of swapping your blood type to ‘frailed.’  

Blood Type

V Rising Blood Types

When you feed on any enemy except for V Blood Bosses, you will acquire their blood type and blood quality level for that type. Each enemy has a specific blood type and has higher quality blood based on how strong or rare that enemy is.

When prompted to feed, you will notice a percentage value that indicates how strong the enemy’s blood is. The higher the percentage, the more benefits you’ll gain from their blood type.

V Rising Blood Type Effects

Here are all of the blood types found in the game:

  • Frailed: No bonuses are gained with this blood type.
  • Brute: Can leech life away from enemies when attacking them.
  • Creature: Offers movement speed buffs.
  • Rogue: Offers increased critical hit chance bonuses.
  • Scholar: Offers increased physical power bonuses.
  • Worker: Offers increased resource drop bonuses.

The Sun

V Rising Sun Damage

When traveling about the lands of Vardoran, you may discover that standing in the sunlight will begin to burn and damage you. In V Rising, there is a dynamic day and night cycle with specific effects during the day and night. In a standard rules game:

  • The sun will be out during the hours of 10 AM to 6 PM
  • The night will last from 7 PM to 9 AM

You can change these factors in a private server with custom settings to increase or decrease certain factors like daylight hours. 

Just because the sun is out doesn’t mean you have to stay in your coffin all day. You can still go out, gather, and explore, but you’ll risk getting burned by the sun if exposed for too long. 

The best strategy is to map out your journey in the day and ensure you have enough shading while you are venturing out. If you are making a long journey back to your castle during the day, you can hug the shade of particular objects, even if it appears if you are in the sunlight. In most cases, you can barely have enough shade to make it to the next safe haven. 

When you enter the sunlight, you have around 4 seconds to seek shelter before taking damage. Using this short grace period, you can run from shadow to shadow to survive longer in daylight. Another remedy against the sunlight is a Mist Brazier, as mentioned below. 

Blood moon and random events

V Rising Blood Moon Buff

Occasionally you will encounter bonuses and events that occur randomly throughout the day or night. During a blood moon, your current blood type gets a 20% boost in its quality, granting you further buffs from your blood type. You also gain a movement speed bonus of 10%. Often you will encounter enemies who are fighting amongst themselves, which allows for exciting combat scenarios.

Combat explained

V Rising In Combat

Vardoran is a hostile land, and you’ll need to know how to defend yourself. As you gain strength, several abilities, powers, and weapon arts will gradually become available. There are a lot of abilities and powers in V Rising, so let’s start with the basics and explain how weapons and armor work. 


You can find several weapon types in the game; each has bonuses and specific weapon techniques you can unlock for each weapon. Working through the game’s early hours, you will collect the recipes for the essential gear you can upgrade later with a Simple Workbench. You can use a smithy and an anvil to make more advanced gear. The following are all of the weapon types and their bonuses:

  • Swords: Swords are quick and easy weapons to use and are generally suitable for most combat scenarios. They deal extra damage to bushes and other flora.
  • Spears: Spears have a bit more reach than most other melee weapons, allowing you to deal some damage and retreat to safety quickly. Spears deal more damage to creatures. 
  • Axes: A pair of axes covering roughly the same range as swords. Axes deal more damage to wooden structures and trees, which will yield resources faster.
  • Maces: A heavy mace that’s slower than most weapons with slightly higher damage output. Maces damage rocks, minerals, and stone structures more, providing a faster yield for resources. 
  • Crossbows: A ranged weapon that you can acquire later in the game. Crossbows fire bolts and can be helpful to force your enemies to use different tactics. 
  • Slashers: Slashers are twin blades that deal quick damage and come with the bonus of dealing extra damage to flora. 
  • Reapers: A heavy two-handed weapon that deals decent damage. Reapers deal more damage to undead enemies. 

Armor and accessories 

The best way to increase your survivability in V Rising is by equipping yourself with decent armor. Armor improves your maximum health, and some sets of armor come with set bonuses, giving you passive buffs to movement speed and increasing your gear level. As you play through the tutorial, you will acquire the recipes to craft basic armor that you can slowly upgrade with a simple workbench. You can even craft specific armor variants should you find their respective recipes from the remains of your enemies or by turning paper into the research desk.

Along with armor, there are also cloaks and jewelry that you can equip to enhance other stats like magic power and increase resistance to the sun, silver, or garlic. 


It is imperative to keep your durability up for your weapons and armor, as they will break upon reaching 0 durability. To repair your gear, go to a simple workbench, and you will repair the item in question with a few resources. Generally, the resources used are used to craft the weapon or armor, so ensure that you have an excess amount of crafting materials stored away. It’s much better to have what you need instead of gathering more ore with a nearly broken mace. A small symbol will appear above your blood pool, indicating that your equipment needs attention. 

Vampire powers

There are several vampire powers that you can unlock by defeating V Blood enemies. You begin the game with two vampire abilities that will be very useful for most of the game. Those abilities are:

  • Blood Mend: This allows you to heal yourself by consuming 0.2 liters of blood per second in return for 4% of your maximum health returned. This ability is limited while you are in combat. 
  • Expose Vein: Allows your vampire allies to consume your blood to fill theirs. This ability will drain half of your current blood and change your ally’s blood type to your current one. 

Magic abilities

V Rising Shadow Bolt Magic Ability

V Rising boasts many magical abilities that you can add to your arsenal. You must consume V Blood enemies after defeating them in combat to unlock more abilities. From the vast array of magic abilities available, you can only equip two basic abilities, one travel ability and one ultimate ability at a time. You begin the game with two basic abilities and one travel ability:

  • Veil of Blood: A Travel ability in the Blood class. It allows you to evade enemies for 2.2 seconds, gives your next primary attack a 25% bonus to damage, and will heal you for 6% of your health. You begin the game with this ability equipped in your travel ability slot, which can be activated with the ‘space’ key.
  • Shadow Bolt: A bolt of darkness that deals 200% of your magic damage and will ensnare your enemy for 1 second. This first ranged attack is unlocked when you begin the game. Shadow Bolt is equipped in your first ability slot, which can be activated with the ‘r’ key.
  • Blood Rite: This ability acts as a counterattack that blocks melee and ranged attacks for 1.5 seconds while you are channeling. Successfully getting attacked while you are channeling will push enemies away and deal 100% magic damage to them while healing yourself for 30% of your magic power. This ability is automatically equipped in the second basic ability slot that you can activate with the ‘c’ key.

V Blood enemies

You can begin tracking and hunting down powerful V Blood enemies when you craft a blood altar. V Blood enemies will grant you access to more recipes and abilities as you consume them. The first V Blood enemy you’ll encounter is the Alpha Wolf, which will grant you a wolf form that increases your movement speed.

After this point in the game, the tutorial will hold your hand less and give you free rein to progress through the game with the knowledge you have already acquired. Some recipes required for the next few quests may have materials you don’t know how to acquire, like whetstones. The following is a recommended order of the first few V Blood enemies you should be going after to progress from the early game to the mid-game:

  • Rufus the Foreman: The rewards you can unlock from Rufus are essential for further quest progress and increasing your gear level. You can skip over Errol the Stonebreaker for the time being if you want to rush progression.
  • Keely the Frost Archer: Keely drops the recipe for the tannery, which allows you to craft a traveler’s wrap to increase your stats further. You must be strong enough to take on the next batch of V Blood enemies as they are locked behind a gear level requirement. She will also give you your first frost power if you want to experiment with her frost bat ability. 
  • Grayson the ArmorerAt this point in the game, you may struggle to find whetstones, and the recipe is unavailable until you slay Grayson. Suppose you are unable to track Grayson due to your gear level. In that case, you can discover whetstones and other upgrade materials in chests found in stronger enemy encampments. 

After clearing these V Blood enemies, you should have the necessary tools to increase your gear level further to handle stronger V Blood enemies. Suppose you are ever confused about how to get a particular material or recipe.

In that case, a quick way to find what you need is by checking the V Blood enemy list and looking at the potential rewards. This can only be done if your gear level is within a specific range of their level. Technically, you can slay any V Blood enemy you encounter while exploring. Still, it’s best to exercise caution to avoid dying and risk dropping all of your loot. 

Crafting 101

V Rising Crafting Menu

One of the most extensive mechanics of V Rising is the crafting system. In V rising, you can craft many structures and build a castle that you can use as a place to respawn, craft, safely log out, and use as a base of operations. The crafting system is crucial for strengthening your vampire to handle V Blood Bosses so you can gather more abilities and recipes. 

Early in the game, you’ll be asked to craft various items to help you get started. Most of these items can be prepared from materials that the different early-game enemies drop. To use the crafting system, you can craft specific recipes straight from your inventory screen. These can be crafted at any time. You can prepare more recipes with the aid of various production structures, like the simple workbench you will unlock as you build your castle. 

Soon you will be asked to begin crafting an ax and mace. These weapons are excellent for gathering wood and stone and will be the basis for collecting crafting materials not found on enemies. 

Mining and logging

V Rising Copper and Stone Sources

Soon you will be asked to begin crafting an ax and mace. These weapons are excellent for gathering wood and stone and will be the basis for collecting crafting materials not found on enemies. All around you, in the starting area of the game, you will find many trees and rocks that you can cut away for materials.

You can use any weapon to harvest materials; however, using the appropriate tool will yield more resources and will gather them faster. Use axes for trees and the mace for rocks and minerals.

V Rising Mining Copper Nodes

You can also destroy wooden boxes and barrels, so don’t be afraid to smash things around to gather even more supplies. Weapon arts can also boost you when harvesting resources faster, so don’t hesitate to use them to speed up your farming. Note that you can use trees and rocks as shelter from the sun, so be mindful while chopping them down.


V Rising Sawmill Menu

You will need to utilize several structures to convert basic materials into more advanced ones. Refinement is essential when it comes to progressing in the game. The more you increase your strength, the more rare and refined materials you will need to advance further. The following is a short description of essential refinement structures:

  • Sawmill: This structure will convert wood into planks and sawdust.
  • Furnace: This structure allows you to smelt raw ore into ingots and other smelting recipes.
  • Blood Press: The blood press allows you to convert hearts found from your enemies into blood essence. You can also craft greater and primal blood essence, which you will need for crafting more complex recipes. 
  • Tannery: The tannery allows you to create leather from animal skins. The tannery also enables you to craft certain leather items like an empty canteen. 
  • Grinder: This allows you to process stone and other materials into bricks or dust.

These refinement structures allow you to further progress from early to mid-game. There are many more structures that you will unlock as you defeat more V Blood carriers. 

Blood essence 

Blood essence is a critical crafting material that is relatively easy to gather. You will need it to craft specific structures and items for your castle. To collect blood essence, you can kill certain enemies who hold blood essence. Generally, enemies that you can feed on will drop blood essence. Blood essence powers your castle heart and prevents it from decaying, meaning that your castle will crumble when you run out of blood essence to fuel it. 

Another way to gather blood essence is by using the blood press.

Crafting your castle

Once you have mastered gathering supplies, you must start building your castle. In the early game, we recommend building your castle close to a vampire gate so you can teleport to other locations faster. The vampire gate located northwest of the west forest spawn that you can choose at the beginning is an excellent area to build your base to prevent longer treks back to your base after going out for supplies.

V Rising World Map

If you manage, we recommend building your castle near the center of the map but not too far where the enemies are too strong for your current level. One of the resources you will need to gather a large amount of Iron is located right near the center of the map. Building closer to there will save you a lot of hassle in the mid to late game. 

Start with the heart – Building your castle’s heart

V Rising Castle Heart

To start building your castle, you’ll need to progress through the story long enough to have unlocked the recipe for the castle heart. To get into the build menu, you must press ‘B.’ While in the build menu, select the castle heart, and you can craft it with 240 stones and 30 blood essence. Consider where you want to place your castle heart, as this will be where your entire castle will be built. Make sure you have plenty of space and that your chosen location isn’t too close to enemy encampments or other enemy vampires if you are playing PvP.

Once you place your castle heart, you can interact with it and store blood essence to fuel your castle heart to prevent it from decaying. When playing online, the essence used will still be consumed over time, so make sure you have your castle heart fueled before logging off. 

Territory – placing borders

V Rising Placing Castle Borders

Once your castle heart is placed where you want it, you will be prompted to set borders alongside it. Borders will indicate where you can build structures as you can’t build anything on territory that doesn’t belong to you.

To unlock more borders to place, you can progress through your quests and upgrade your castle heart to expand your territory further. If you wish to remove any border, you must have all structures placed onto the border dismantled. Hold the spacebar key over the highlighted structures to do this, and they will dismantle. In most cases, you will get some supplies refunded to you. 

Protect the heart – placing walls and doors

V Rising Placing Castle Walls

Once you have your borders placed, your next task is to craft palisades that you can use to protect your castle heart. As you progress through the quest log, you will gradually unlock more recipes to upgrade your castle. Placing palisades is easy as you select them from the build menu and put them on the edges of your borders. Make sure you leave room to place a gate to get in and out of your castle. 

V Rising Castle Exterior Walls

Once you have your palisades and a door built, it is essential to remember that you still require a roof, which will only be built once you can craft reinforced walls and castle flooring. Before you reach that point, we recommend crafting a mist brazier inside your castle walls.

These require 120 stones to be crafted and are fueled with bones. A mist brazier will burn bones and provide a blue light that will protect you from taking damage from sunlight in a small radius. They burn at a rate of one bone per minute, so make sure that when the sun sets, turn them off to save supplies for when you need them. 

Essential structures of a castle

At this point in the game, you will be tasked with crafting several structures for your castle. The following are the structures that you will utilize to further progress in the game:

  • Wooden Coffin: The first coffin you can unlock. This will act as a respawn point and a place to log out, evade the sun, and reduce the odds of you dying while offline.  
  • Wooden Stash: This is a small container where you can store all of your materials and gear. We recommend crafting a few of these in the early game, as your inventory space will fill quickly. These are also good for storing things so you can teleport.
  • Sawmill: One of the first refinement structures you will encounter. This structure converts wood into planks. 
  • Simple Workbench: This is where you will begin crafting or upgrading your current gear. This is the best way to get stronger and figure out what components you need to progress to the next gear level. 
  • Blood Altar: A blood altar allows you to track V Blood carriers, mighty enemies with blood that can give you skills and recipes. Using a blood altar is the primary way to progress through the game. You can find which V Blood carrier you need to unlock specific recipes or abilities using a blood altar. 
  • Research Desk: The research desk allows you to register recipes you may have found on enemies or convert paper into a random recipe. 

There are many more structures that you can add to your castle.

Finishing your castle

V Rising Full Castle Interior

With the proper knowledge of how to gather essential materials and process them, the next step in progressing is getting a roof over your head and further upgrading your castle. After completing the research desk quest, you will unlock the ability to craft castle walls and structures. Your next task is to upgrade the castle heart, which will further progress you to the next quest. 

With an upgraded castle heart, your next task will be to complete a castle room by placing floors and building castle walls to generate a roof. You will need many supplies for this step, so make sure your gathering weapons are upgraded so you can quickly harvest the materials to progress. 

To get a roof over your castle, you must have castle floors built. Note that some structures, like the wooden coffin, will block you from placing a floor, so make sure to dismantle or move things while you are building. There are a few floor choices to choose from, with some even giving bonuses to production, so consider your floor carefully as you build.

 Once you have the entire area of your castle covered with floors, you can now begin crafting stone castle walls which will finalize your castle once you have lined all of your flooring with walls. Make sure you craft a gate and a door to enter and exit your castle. Once the last partition is placed, a roof will generate, and your castle will be complete! You can add additional rooms as you expand as long as you have floors and walls built around your further expansions. 

The next step requires you to make a more permanent resting place, a stone coffin. The stone coffin can be placed on castle floors and is much more ornate than the dusty wooden coffin. Once you have completed your new resting place, your next task is to learn about domination and building your army of darkness.

Servants and domination 

V Rising Servants

Another exciting feature of V rising is the ability to command servants to do various things for you. This is V Rising’s way of automating specific tasks and opens up many more gameplay mechanics. Servants are extremely useful as they will go out on their own and gather resources for you or other duties you assign them. 

V Rising Servant Coffin

To get started, you must craft a servant coffin which you can prepare from 8 copper ingots, 16 planks, and one greater blood essence (obtained from a blood press with four unsullied hearts). Once you finish crafting the servant coffin, you unlock the ability to dominate humans and turn them into your servants. 

Once you get the dominating presence form, you can access it using the ‘control’ key. This spell is a projectile, and you can cast it on a human with low health to possess them to follow you back home to register them with a servant coffin. Only one servant can be bound to each coffin, and you must have your castle heart upgraded to place more servant coffins. Many more factors are involved with dominating humans to use as your servants. 

Getting started with PvP

V Rising PVP Combat

PvP mode is a very unforgiving game mode that can be incredibly rewarding or painfully frustrating, depending on how well your vampire clan is doing. PvP mode is genuinely the way V Rising was meant to be played. It truly puts you in the mindset of growing your strength and establishing your dominance as you become the most powerful vampire ever walking Vardoran. We have a complete PvP guide for build ideas, combat tips, and a more in-depth look at how to dominate PVP mode. Still, for now, we’ll be going over some essential survival tips for PvP. 

There are multiple PvP modes to choose from, and the differences between them are what happens to loot upon death and how many vampires can be in your clan. Each server may have different rulesets and custom conditions, so look at the server settings before committing to a vampire on that server. 

Once you load into the server, you will begin the game with a PvP-exclusive buff that prevents you from taking damage from other vampires. This grace period lasts only 30 minutes, so you must get settled in your castle in a relatively safe location. Not knowing what to do and where to go will get you hammered to death rather quickly. Hence, it’s essential to understand how to progress so you can get stronger to protect yourself and your structures. 

V Rising PVP Fight

In PvP mode, you can team up with three other vampires to form a clan (only 2 in PvP duos). Having allies in a PvP server will keep you alive much longer, making it significantly easier to grow in strength by teaming up against V Blood enemies. You should take care never to travel alone and to quickly make friends or alliances with stronger vampires to achieve a common goal. 

One core mechanic of PvP is taking out someone’s castle and fighting for territory and supplies. Depending on which game mode you are playing, you will either get some or all supplies found in enemy vampire staches and corpses, meaning if you catch a powerful vampire in a weakened state or solo, you have a chance at scoring loot that will tremendously boost your power.

To destroy an enemy vampire’s castle, you must destroy the castle’s heart by using castle keys. Remember that this is only available on official full loot PvP servers. If playing on partial loot, the best way to take out another vampire castle is to persistently keep destroying structures to encourage the enemy vampires to move elsewhere. 

V Rising Stone Golem

The best way to manage in PvP is to learn your opponents’ log times by observing from a distance and attacking when they are vulnerable or logged out. There are excellent siege weapons like having an animated golem or using explosives crafted from alchemy to quickly get in and out of an enemy vampire’s castle. In conclusion, to stay alive longer in PvP, you’ll need to work aggressively on your strength level. Committing to the server will ensure that your enemies won’t rise above you in strength and numbers.

Final takeaways from the V Rising Beginner’s Guide

There are many tips and tricks provided in this V Rising Beginner’s Guide, but one crucial tip to remember at the start focuses on the game mode you select. This is particularly tricky because when establishing your primary castle in an optimal location will help you save a lot of time and headache while progressing through the game.

If you’ve opted to play on a PVP-based server, the improper placement of your castle can also lead to frustration if you’re in an area with a lot of unwanted foot traffic from other players. If you’re playing on a PVE or locally hosted server, a centralized approach will save you hours of needlessly traveling across the game world.

Like all survival games, V Rising is no different in that knowledge is power. The more you know, the more power you wield. It’s our hope that this guide has been able to shine a light (or opened the darkness) on this wonderful game and helped you gain the confidence you need to be successful across Vardoran.

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