The Un-lootable Duo Base Design (2018)

The Un-lootable Duo Base Design

Our partner Lloydz is back with the Un-lootable Duo Base, a new RUST base design.

This base’s overall design is very simple. It heavily utilizes un-lootable techniques which help secure loot rooms and tool cupboards from raiders. Its interior is heavily honeycombed and uses a combination of reinforced glass windows, garage doors and ladder hatches which allow for movement throughout the base.

The upper floor and roof allow for a full 360-degree view of the base’s surroundings.  There is an access point to the roof that enables players to quickly escape the base without having to move through the heavy honey combing.

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

What’s going on everybody welcome back to another video.


Firstly I want to say sorry for the mic quality, I’m getting a new microphone very soon so the audio will be better.


Anyway today I’m going to be showing you how to build the un-lootable duo base so if you enjoy like the video and subscribe, now let’s jump into the tour.


Coming into the base we have our normal 2 door airlock followed up by some garage doors.


Dropping down here we have a bed and a table leading onto our windows. These act as armored doors being 2 c4 each.


Through here we have more garage doors into our un-lootable loot rooms.  Take off the window bars to access the loot.


Just before we go up the ladder hatch we have our un-lootable tool cupboard and a tier 2 workbench. If you don’t have a ladder hatch you can use stairs.


Coming onto the second floor, we have a repair bench, 1 large box and more un-lootable rooms holding 2 large boxes in each.


Coming back down the hatch we have our way to the third floor. Crouch jump up here and open the hatch.


Here we have the tier 3 workbench and our research table.


On the other side, we have 7 furnaces and another crouch jump to the window floor.


Jumping up onto the window floor we have a 360 degrees view of the base, which is always nice.


You can also place more garage doors up here to make it more secure.


Now to finish off the base we have a jumping chest leading onto our roof and that is it for this design.


Thank you for watching, leave a like if you enjoyed and I’ll see you in the next video.

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