Ultra-Compact Solo RUST Base Design (2019)

Ultra-Compact Solo RUST Base Design

This Ultra-compact solo RUST base design video is brought to you by our partner xRaw.

For new RUST players, it can be difficult to design a solo base. Being able to have sufficient storage for all of your resources, build components and electrical components requires a rather open space for storage placement. In this design, xRaw uses compact item placement techniques that allow the base to maintain a small footprint and low upkeep cost.

This base utilizes a specific technique from Evil Wurst that allows for the maximum amount of storage space while maintaining the accessibility of each storage item.

For the total cost of this base, it has a high raid cost to access the tool cupboard. Some of the drawbacks, however, are that visibility of the surroundings are extremely limited and there is only one exit in the main footprint of the base.

That said though, this base also has the advantage of being easily expanded upon, as it is a “starter to main” build. Built-in stages, each serves as a functional base. Players can live out of the starter portion and expand the design to the next step as and when the resources are available to do so.

RUST bases being modular in nature, it’s easy to add any additions to the exterior of the base, as they won’t affect its primary footprint.

Building Cost

  • Metal Fragments: 2,750
  • Stone: 11,895
  • Wood: 2,677

Upkeep Cost

  • Metal Fragments: 624
  • Stone: 1,745
  • Wood: 0

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Video Transcript

Hey guys and welcome back to another video. In today’s video, we’re looking at a RUST base design which goes from a start to our main base. This base is for solos only and contains features such as compact item placements.


Just before we start the video, I’ll be giving away this skin in one week. To enter, simply comment about what you do and don’t like about this base below. And I’ll announce the winner next week on my discord channel.


Today’s sponsor is Rustic CTF, a RUST server which revolves around a capture the flag mechanic. Flags spawn within different monuments, such as military tunnels and launch site. The objective is to collect the flags and hold onto them within the remainder of the wipe. This increases the PVP and raid action within this server.


The server is a near vanilla experience with active admins and great performance. Follow the discord or website link which is shown at the end of this trailer.


Just before the tour, these are all the items inside the base. We have eighteen small boxes, one sleeping bag, four furnaces, one tier two workbench, one tool cupboard, ten barbeques, ten large boxes, along with the optional blueprint additions of one shotgun trap and four garage doors.


I’d recommend adding these as soon as possible, but they aren’t required for the build. All of the storage within the base is equivalent to 21.2 large boxes and all of this fits within the footprint shown here.


Getting over to the base here, see we have two sheet doors to get inside followed by a shotgun trap, furnace, fire, and small box. The fire and the box are placed so that it’s easy to get through the door and up to the next level. As you can see here, the two sheet doors operate as a door block airlock. So if you die with your doors open, no one can go deep.


This is a great way to check for door campers and allows for more safe peeking.


Heading into the base here we have your first loose area above the entrance holding two large boxes and two small boxes, with your tier two workbench, sleeping bag and much more storage here.


Heading further into the base, we have three furnaces within the floor to save space within the base at no extra cost. This is the same as having a floor here, so it doesn’t impact accessibility.


Your next loot room is here, featuring very compact item placement, as shown by Evil Wurst, maximizing the space you have available without using the use of blueprints and ensuring that all boxes are still accessible.


Your final lit room here contains your tool cupboard for large boxes, five small boxes and again, this is all place very compact.


The footprints of the base are simple, beginning with a triangle and three squares, before expanding to add some airlocks and then again for the honeycomb.


Let’s break down the raid cost. This is the cost to raid directly to the tool cupboard (+/- 576 Explosive Ammo) and this is the cost for all of the loot (+/- 726 Explosive Ammo).

This base is going to cost you 2.8k metal, 2.7k wood, and 11.9k stone, with an upkeep cost of 624 metal, 0 wood, and 1.7k stone. A more detailed costing can be found in the comments to include the deployables.


Now let’s get into the build.

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