Ultra Cheap Electricity Trap Base (2019)

Ultra Cheap Electricity Trap Base

The Ultra Cheap Electricity Trap Base is a RUST base design created by our content partner Everherd.

The concept of this electric trap base design was to be as reduced in cost as possible so that it can be the utmost cost-effective. This electric trap base is also quick to build and easy to memorize the layout and overall setup. Designed to be most effective when placed inside of a highly-populated area.

Build Cost

  • Metal Fragments: 1,200
  • Stone: 3,300
  • Wood: 850

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

Hey, what’s up! My name is Everherd.


Ok, so as we get into the base tour, here we have our shotgun traps. We also have a double door airlock, as well as an electronics and loot room.


This is what it will look like if you get trapped in this base. Let’s come inside.


Yeah, it’s pretty self-explanatory.


So this is a basic demonstration of how it works. So you can trigger pressure pads through floors.


Ok so, to build this base you want to start off by building a 2×2, then place a wall like this, as well with a couple of boxes.


Here’s going to be our main loot room. It’s not that well protected. It doesn’t have to be protected since it’s a trap base. You want to move your loot to your main base.


Remember to lock your tool cupboard. Place a staircase going through this furnace.


Now you want to place in your boxes like this. You can actually fit four boxes.


Place a doorway on your bait loot room and then place in a floor like that. Place in this box that’s going to cover your pressure pad.


Look where the sun is, then place in your solar panels. Make sure one is facing the sun and the other is facing the other way.

Connect them to a root combiner and place in a few batteries down stairs. I’m pretty sure this makes them like a power bank, I’m not sure, pretty sure that’s how it works.


Then place in a switch right here,t his is going to turn our trap completely off. Connect it to a splitter. Then place in a memory cell like that. Take the other output of the splitter and run it into the pressure pad.


Then take the output of the pressure pad and make sure it sets the memory cell. Then we’re gonna place a reset switch. Connect it to the splitter and plug it into the reset function of the memory cell.


Now take a door controller and pair it to your door. Lock your door. Then take the output and plug it into your door controller.


Now you want to place in your shotgun traps. You don’t have to place in as many as I did. I honestly think that two might be enough. Even one could do.


Place in one bag right here and another bag in a bush outside, just in case you get door camped.


Then when trapping people, you just want to stand on a shotgun trap with a weapon and wait like this and when the door opens you can just gun them down.


This was Everherd.


I would really appreciate it if you’d subscribe as well as liked the video. Also, I would appreciate it if you’d join my discord.

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