ULTIMATE Solo/Duo RUST Base Design (2018)

The ULTIMATE Solo/Duo RUST Base Design

Back at it with a new RUST base design, our partner Lloydz has crafted the ultimate Solo/Duo RUST Base Design.

His base features a 5 story base, with the fourth floor situated for base defense. The 5th floor is simply a covered access point to the roof top, allowing for a 360 degree view around the base.

The base’s overall build cost and upkeep are about mid-range as far as duo bases go. There’s ample space inside, with redundant back-up areas, so that in the event you’re raided all is not lost.

Build Cost:  Building Blocks (337)

  • Stones: 49440
  • Wood: 11382
  • Metal Fragments: 11200
  • High Quality Metal: 150

Build Cost: Deployables (150)

  • Stones: 1200
  • Wood: 8650
  • Low Grade Fuel: 300
  • Metal Fragments: 18300
  • Gears: 63
  • Wooden Ladder: 3
  • Rope: 6
  • High Quality Metal: 120
  • Scrap: 1825
  • Cloth: 230
  • Sewing Kit: 4

With that, you’re here to watch his video, enjoy!

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Video Transcript

What’s going on everybody welcome back to another video, now in today’s video I’m going to be showing you how to build the ultimate solo/duo base design, this is quite a large base so I  hope you enjoy.


Anyway, thank you for watching and let’s jump into the tour.


Firstly here is /cost as I know some of you like it, this base will cost you 49,000 stone, 11,000 wood, 11,2000, Metal Fragments and 150 high-quality metal.


Now coming into the base you have 3 doors until you reach your ladder hatch, now on our right, we have ladders leading up to the third floor but for now, let’s go up the hatch.


This is where things get interesting, here we have all our furnaces (6) and here are the loot rooms with 12 boxes, down this ladder hatch, we have the same system as the other room making the raiders use twice as much.


Through this room, we have your tool cupboard, tier 2 workbench and of course your sleeping bags.


Coming back up the ladder hatch, we’re going to go up the ladders, you can use this as a fireman shoot if you’d like. Through these 5 garage doors, you have 2 large beds, a research table, repair bench, and your tier 3 workbench.


You can do whatever you like with these rooms, do what suits you.


Coming up this ladder hatch this is your window floor, here we got 3 windows and 3 garage doors leading up to the rest of your windows, we have a 360 view of the base, now coming up this jump chest I’ve used 3 normal doors to get to the roof.


That is it for this video, now let’s get into the build.

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