The Witcher Solo Base Design (2020)

The Witcher Solo Base Design

The Witcher solo RUST base design video is provided by our partner Willjum.

This Witcher base design base was intended and designed for vanilla-based servers. It enables solo players the ability to have a fighting chance on highly populated, zerg infested servers by combining a series of advanced building techniques and considerable moderation in choice. Requiring no blueprints to start, though the reinforced glass windows and garage doors can be swapped in to dramatically increase the strength of the base, this design offers plenty of storage and the necessary amenities players come to expect in their base designs.

Astoundingly, this base design’s upkeep is entirely manageable for an individual solo player and the base has a high raid cost of 30 rockets from any direction. This is accomplished by using a double layer roof bunker at the core of the base along with a window bunker protected tool cupboard. Inside there is plenty of storage for loot and sleeping bags. On the upper levels of this base, there is a mini copter landing pad, with entry to a shooting floor with 360-degree views.

This design is also a starter-to-main build, which allows players the ability to begin small and expand slowly while maintaining a secure base. The initial footprint of the base design is also easily memorable and doesn’t require a massive flat space in order to place it down.

Base Features

  • Roof Bunker Entrance
  • Compact Item Placements
  • Door Block Airlocks
  • Intelligent Loot Spreading
  • Mini Copter Landing Pad
  • Perimeter Defense
  • Starter-to-Main Build
  • Undrainable Trap Placements
  • 360-Degree Shooting Floor
  • 360-Degree Roof Access

Build Cost

  • High-Quality Metal: 210
  • Metal Fragments: 9,740
  • Stone: 9,000
  • Wood: N/A

Base Upkeep

  • High-Quality Metal: 39
  • Metal Fragments: 1,900
  • Stone: 1,500
  • Wood: N/A

Raid Cost

This RUST base design will cost approximately 30 rockets to raid directly to the tool cupboard and requiring more to access the entirety of loot spread throughout the base.

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Video Transcript

Hey guys, Willjum here.


Today I present to you The Witcher. A highly-efficient solo base for a full wipe. With the manageable upkeep, this base is aimed at mid to high experience solos who want a fighting chance of surviving the overwhelming mass of zergs that surround them.


The core of this base works around a double-layered roof bunker, along with a window bunker protected tool cupboard requiring a minimum cost of an incredible 30 rockets direct to TC. Along with the extremely high raid cost, this base has plenty of storage space, enough for any solo player, a minicopter landing pad, a small shooting floor to help fend off campers, enough room for all necessary utility, including a tier-three workbench, research table and repair bench.


The Witcher can also be gradually expanded from a starter throughout the wipe depending on how efficiently you play.


While I show you a tour of the base, I want to say a massive thank you to all of you. Just 3 months ago I had under 50 subscribers and very little knowledge of editing, recording, and structuring.


And now, three months later, I’m coming up to the two thousand subscriber mark which is honestly just nuts. I never expected my channel to experience this kind of growth, I’m really grateful for all of your support and feedback in the comments. Not only does it make me really happy, but it also helps me improve a lot.


If you aren’t subscribed already but you do find this build useful, you’d be really making my day by clicking the subscribe button and make sure you turn on my notifications so you know when I upload.


I’m currently in my final and most important year of school, and as much as I would love to continue uploading multiple times a week, I really have to set my priorities and put my work first. I love making videos, so expect a lot more builds in the upcoming year, but they just won’t be as frequently as they are currently.


I hope everyone had a really good New Year and here’s to a new decade. All of us will be experiencing a lot of change, I hope we can all make the best of what we are given. That’s enough of my rambling, you guys are here for the video, so on to the base build.


We begin with a very simple starter. Just two triangles and one square foundation, with a wooden double door placed at the front and all upgraded to stone. The TC should be placed in the back triangle and a furnace can be squeezed in next to it. You’re going to need an airlock pretty quickly, so one more square foundation and another wooden double door should be added.


Some small boxes can be placed as temporary storage and your tier one can be placed in this square. Bear in mind that while the tier one is placed there, you will not be able to seal your roof bunker, so it’s important to farm for that tier two as quickly as possible.


I’m going to start by completing the interior loot rooms first, but this can happen at any point in a wipe and does not need to be done immediately. To fill the loot rooms, upgrade the wall frame to sheet metal and place a twig wall for guidance. Then, place two large boxes and three small boxes in a spiral. If you do not have the garage door blueprint by this point, a double door can be used. A garage door creates a lot more space and allows access to the tool cupboard.


after placing the door, one more large box can be placed. Then, using the twig structure you built, place a wooden triangle and two more boxes on top of it. Now, you can go ahead and place your second window frame.


For more compact storage, you can go ahead and replace the two small wooden boxes with barbecues with small boxes underneath. I’m now going to upgrade the core to how it should be in its final form. Remember that it can be left in stone and upgraded slowly throughout the wipe. The initial start to your build should all be upgraded to armored and remember not to forget the foundations.


The extra square you added can be upgraded to sheet metal with the ceiling to armored. At some point, you will want to replace your wooden doors to sheet metal double doors or garage doors. Extend by another triangle on the right place a full-height wall and a half wall and a furnace to access your top floor for now.


Next, place three full-height walls around the triangle above the tool cupboard. These should be upgraded to sheet metal at some point. Next, place a triangle above the chute and upgrade to stone. Then, a single door frame, two full-height walls, and a double door frame.


For now, the twig foundation can be used to access your front door. Once you have the garage door blueprint, jump to the top floor and then finish your chute. For here, the garage door blueprint is actually necessary as you will not be able to jump through and access your top floor as your double door will block you.


Place two window frames and a ceiling then reinforced window bars should go in. Then, another wall frame should be placed. Now, a double door can be used but later will need to be replaced with a garage door. Once you have the garage door, replace the double door with the garage door. Now you can actually access your very top floor.


Now that you have access to the top floor, you can completely seal off your second floor. This should all be upgraded to sheet metal at some point. Place a half wall and a triangle on top, remove the half wall and upgrade the triangle to stone. For now, a tier two can be placed here and furnaces, although later you would be placing your tier three where the furnaces are now.


You’ll need to upgrade the whole of this core to sheet metal. And yes, the single door frame is very important as well, as this will prevent people from throwing grenades down the chute and destroying your bag.


The only triangle that needs to get upgraded to armored is the one directly above the tool cupboard two floors up. Now, the normal triangle honeycomb is gonna be added fully around the base. I’m adding the honeycomb as sheet metal, but it can be done in stone and turned to sheet metal later.


In order to reach the 30 rocket cost direct to TC, you’ll need to add two more triangle foundations and upgrade to sheet metal. Then, add two more triangle walls above the tool cupboard. While this provides 31 rockets of protection direct to TC straight from the outside, there are still other paths that lead to the TC with 30 rockets.


Once your tier two is placed, you can remove your tier one. Now, pick up the double door and place a garage door instead. You want to upgrade the wall frame to sheet metal to leave more space for large boxes. you might have to pick up your bag to place this garage door.


Like any other loot room, you can now place a spiral of large boxes and three small boxes. Pick up your furnace, head outside and place the following twig construction.

Jump on top of the twig and then you’ll be able to clip through a twig triangle through the wall.


Now from the inside, you’ll be able to place your triangle and upgrade it to wood. Your sleeping bag should be placed on top of here. It can be quick tricky but you should be able to get it.


Coming back up to our utility room, you can use these triangles as storage space. Place a window frame and reinforced bars in it. Finally, a repair bench can be placed here.

Next, three furnaces can be placed above. It’s important that they are far back enough that you can still place a roof underneath them.


When you come to log off at the end of the day, place two reinforced window bars next to the tool cupboard. Then a twig floor can be placed from underneath and a roof can be placed underneath. Then, head through the door and upgrade the roof to sheet metal.


Then, head to the bottom of your bunker, place another twig floor, another roof and upgrade that roof to sheet metal as well. Now you have two roofs leading to your bunker.


We need more honeycombing around the main loot room to ensure that it’s still 30 rockets to the tool cupboard. To do this, we’re going to add a mixture of triangle honeycomb and roof honeycombing. I use roof honeycombing rather than normal square honeycombing as it takes slightly less stone to build.


We repeat something similar on the other side, but it’s not identical. The rest of the build can all be done in wood as it’s cheaper and reduces the upkeep cost. You can do whatever you like with your shooting floor. If you want, you can completely seal it off and just have more space for storage, I don’t think you’ll need any more storage, and the shooting floor is a really nice touch to the base.


As a single door frame act as your helicopter pad and place a wooden door. This doesn’t need to be stone or sheet metal doors, as it doesn’t add anything to the raid cost of your base.


For the helipad, just place triangles in a circle. Then, finally, a research table can be placed on the shooting floor. When you have the tier three, you can replace the furnaces in the utility room for the workbench. There’s lots of space around the base where you can fit more boxes, but I will leave that up to you guys.


I like to add a shotgun trap above the chutes and then a small wooden box on the right of them.


And for the last thing, you can add metal barricades which just makes it slightly difficult for people to access your top floor. This isn’t necessary but it’s a nice little touch to the base.


And that’s pretty much it, guys. If you’ve made it this far, I really appreciate you watching the whole video.


I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you guys in the next one. Willjum out.

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