The Wendigo Small Group Base Design (2021)

The Wendigo Small Group Base Design

The Wendigo Small Group RUST Base Design

The Wendigo Small Group RUST base design video was created by the RUST content creator and base designer Mini Satori.

Intended for a small group of 6 players on vanilla servers, the Wendigo is a strong group base design that has a lot to offer for both online and offline raid defenses. The Wendigo’s modular base design allows for groups to start out small and scale the base design as the necessary resources are gathered.

While it boasts a typical starter-to-main build, the Wendigo’s design really shines with all of the considerations made for providing defenders an active role in the base’s defense.

The Wendigo’s base design features 6 chutes, spread across the base, for higher-than-usual base mobility, while also boasting 3 detachable TCs (tool cupboards), a reinforced shooting floor with extensive internal peeks and window sights to help defend against online top-down raids.

The wide-gap peaks spread throughout the base also help to provide for a strategic compound raid defense while also being protected from ladder raids. The clever deployable placements allow defenders amazing mobility to counter raiders both inside the base and out.

The cost to build and upkeep are as follows, but all costs are approximate depending on a group’s resources on hand and the upgrade paths that are chosen.

Base build cost

  • High-quality metal: 734 +/-
  • Metal frags: 89k +/-
  • Stone: 83k +/-

Base upkeep cost

  • High-quality metal: 155 +/-
  • Metal frags: 16k +/-
  • Stone: 16k +/-

And now, here is the Wendigo, a Small Group Bunker Base.

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone, so today I’ve got a design for a small group. Now ideally, this is meant for a six-man; however, considering I’ve seen some bricks living out of a two by two as an eight-man and some solos making five by fives, you could definitely go up or down with this.


The base features six chutes, which are great for mobility, three simple disconnectable TCs, an incredibly stable shooting floor, and inner peaks, which are great for resisting pummels.


Three armored roof bunkers easily protect your loot while you’re online and offline and roof peaks with open sight-lines allow for the prevention of top-down raids. Wide gap peaks are used to give tons of angles throughout your compound and deep outside. They’re really great for raid defenses as they always stay stable and are completely unladderable.


The build is highly modular with an extremely spacious starter, turning into a compound for quickly progressing. Then a defendable shell with completed inner peaks. Next three armored bunkers for storing your valuables while offline and finally your finished wide gap shooting floor, which leaves you prepped for an online.


Before I continue, I want to thank Soren, Tetzel, Keysz, and Sir Fungoid, all of whom helped make the base better than it once was, as it’s been through a lot of iterations. I also want to thank Ceeg for helping me understand cinematics, Walker v2 for helping me actually make the cinematic, Splattero for trying to make a thumbnail, Spinky for actually making the thumbnail, Mr. Man for the disconnectables, and Cohennn for the wide gap connection.


I’d also like to shout out the Discord server that Cohen co-owns, uh called Building Bulletin, which is a great place to learn clan-building, and it’s where I got a lot of this help from. Also gotta shout out my own friggin Discord, so join up that if you want.


Anyways, let’s get into the tutorial. Now before you get into the build. Make sure your build spot has enough room for this footprint. Now there didn’t really feel like a great place to put costs and upkeep anywhere else, so I just tossed it here. Anyways, the footprint is pretty simple, and we’re going to upgrade some specific spots to high qual to avoid foundation wiping. From there, we surround the entire base in twig walls placing one wall frame right here and upgrading everything to sheet except this one wall to high-qual and the frame to stone.


Finally, we fill in the roofs of floors. Next, we add a couple of walls throughout the base to separate where our loot rooms are going to be, and then we add some frames. All frames can be stone except this one right here, which needs to be sheet. Now, you’ve probably already noticed, but this entire base is going to be upgraded to its final grade, so I’m using garage doors in places where at the start, you may be using sheet doors.


Now heading inside, I have furnaces in the first door, and after that, we have sort of a communal triangle then here’s our main loot with TC and in here on the left, and right we have two double triangle rooms, so plenty of space to move around in as a six-man and plenty of storage for your starter. Now for your upwards expansion, we’re essentially just adding more storage than before, so there’s just going to be more loot rooms. You’re not really getting access to much more, but as I say, just more storage, really.


Once you’ve got all your walls placed, upgrade everything to sheet metal, then add your half-height jump up and make your loot room floors for the shelves and whatnot. From there, we’re just going to add some walls to separate our three loot rooms, then windows for two of the loot rooms, and a garage door for the last. And finally, we’re just going to fill in all our floors, upgrading everything to sheet.


We had a little cubby up here where a bedroom is going to go eventually and a roof access. Now heading in, we can see our first bedroom on the left here then going downstairs, we see our first loot room through the glass, just a double triangle, and on our right, we have our big loot room for plenty of storage and one more double triangular room, then our exit door is a double armored door.


Now it’s important that before you do any of your build-outs, you add a square here and two triangles with a frame on top to prevent them from decaying, as these triangles won’t be replaceable after the build-outs are down.


Anyways we build seven squares off core capping with the triangle, then delete all the squares and build back with triangles. These will create our multi TC gap, which lowers total upkeep and allows for our bunkers. It also makes the base itself unbreakable. Finish by sheet metalling this hexagon and destroying your entire build-out, then build out with seven more square foundations capping with two triangles this time.


From there, we’ll make our disconnectable TCs which I’ll link in the top right now. I also like to add two campfires in the TC compartment for external loot storage while you’re offline, just in case.


Once the TC itself is done, we break four of the square foundations; then, we make a gatehouse with windows in the sides and frames as our entrances. It’s also important that you upgrade the frames to sheet metal and the foundation as otherwise, the TC itself will be four rockets to disconnect; everything else can be left stone. I also like to add a sheet metal triangle on the outside to make it two metal soft sides to break. However, that’s optional.


From there, you can make your compound any way you like, but this is how I chose to do it.


From there, we’re going to add triangles on either side using triangle roofs upgraded to stone to cover the sheet metal soft sides from there; we make walls all around upgrading everything to sheet except for this one wall right here, which can be left stone. It’s important these are sheet as otherwise uh the bunkers will be able to fall during a pummel. Right now, stability is really good, and bunkers require at least 25 rockets to fall from stability. It’s important that we have this high rocket cost as we don’t want bunkers to accidentally be opened by raiders as they pummel your base. Now from there, I have the peaks like so.


And finally, I fill in the walls of the mix of frames and actual wall pieces. Frames are used where the shoots are going to be, and wall pieces are used for walls. Okay, do bedroom frames next.


So, from there, you can start filling in your roof with sheet metal triangles and squares and floors and whatnot, then add your half-height jump up here to get to higher floors. Anyways, keep filling in your roof. Then, add frames to the inside core and squares outside. It doesn’t really matter. You can put the frames off the outside instead of the inside if you really want but anyways. Frames cover gaps. Then upgrade everything to sheet metal except these three triangles, which can be high-qual, and the frames, which can stay stone. It’s important the triangles are high-qual as they are where the bunkers are going to be above.


Next, just fill in your chute with some sheet metal walls and your garage door here; it’s important not to cap the top as that will be used later for a jump up. Anyways heading inside. We have our first bedroom below here; then we have peaks which we use siren lights to stop people laddering up or you falling down. I also use double doors to section the peeks like so and lockers in between these single doors to allow for quick re-kitting. Below, we have plenty of drop boxes throughout the gaps, and I also like to toss an oil refinery in one of the squares.


To further help with defensibility, I add our high mobility chutes, which allow for quick movement throughout peeks. I also add a half-height triangle here where we’re going to place a turret later. From there, add window glass to your chutes, then a single ladder to, you know, get up and down; what the hell was that. Anyways I’m slightly bricked here and forgot actually to record in the sand. Anyways, add some walls and windows here with a full wall and a half wall in the center. Not in two full walls; it’s important as a half wall there.


Anyways, we add our frames and triangles around frames will have garage doors in them and triangles are, you know, just for walking. We got a window here where a locker is going to be in later and more half-height jump-ups to get through our chutes quickly.


Then we had a window here, and we place our floors all throughout. I also like to add a triangle frame uh up here anyways uh that was badly timed anyways with a ladder hatch that can be a half jump up. I just chose to do a hatch. Anyways back to the desert, uh, these are our chutes now we had some garage doors and embrasures with our locker. Then heading down, we have our glass and door.


Now for our bunkers, we’re going to surround the entire floor with full walls then upgrade these two to high qual and everything else can be sheet. Next, we add full walls here with another armored frame here. It’s important the conditional here, which you can see appearing and disappearing is there. That will appear depending on the rotation of the frame, so make sure the conditional is there. Same with this frame, you’ll see as I rotate the frame the conditional appears and disappears. that is required to cover bunker gaps; otherwise, people can loot or shoot out boxes.


Then we add two frames here, upgrading both to stone. Again make sure this conditional is here as you can see appearing and disappearing. Now over here, we’re going to add a full wall with another sheet wall frame uh this will leave our bunkers essentially gapless using the conditionals, then add your full wall there and add a half-height floor here for making our shelves.


Anyway, stone up the shelves or sheet them whatever you like, then delete the floors and add some wall frames, then fill in all your roofs. Now it’s extremely important where you’re placing these floors, so watch carefully. A frame can be placed here off the core, then outside with this regular floor, but a frame cannot be placed on this one. Just a regular floor placed off of core, not the outside TC; that gap there is necessary. Over here, we place a high qual triangle off the external then two triangles off the main TC. Those triangles cannot be placed off the outer TC; that gap needs to be there; otherwise, the bunker won’t work.


Next, we make our chute by placing two full walls here. Now I make a half-height thing here, but that should be on the top; it should not be at half-height, put it at. Our very top and leave it cheap. Anyways heading inside, we have some boxes on the ground. Our loot rooms, uh, we have a battery in these triangles, and yeah, that’s pretty much it our room’s here behind some window glass. Then one of the squares can have a tier-three, and to open your bunkers, just head below and place a roof through the floor like so then when you go up, the bunkers will be open, and you have plenty of storage and side said bunkers and they’re all easily accessible you can run in and out no problem.


Anyways there’s a flame trap here which will stop people from being able to go deep or raiding you while your bunkers are open. The flame traps will break the roofs through the walls for anyone who doesn’t have TC privilege. Now for our shooting floor, we’re going to place two half-height walls here, upgrading one to sheet, then our windows on top facing outwards. From there, we had two frames like so then a window between the two. Next, we place our walls here and add a frame like so which will have a door to section later. Anyways place our bedroom wall frames and some more walls and from there fill in the roofs, and everything should sort of just fall into place. Just place roofs wherever they’re available.


Anyways I mean inside; this is how I lay out the deployables by placing bedrooms in each of these things with double doors sectioning going to shooting floor area the inner shooting floor type thing. And then this is, of course, where our jump up is, and that’s that. Now to finish off our chutes, we’re gonna place two walls like so then a triangle there and in here we’re going to place our locker with a small box in front of it.


Anyways place a window there, then put some glass on, then another window between the two full walls stoning it up, and another frame there for stability with our hatch like so. from there, I had wall frames all throughout for stability and just for doors later. Then a window between the two that one doesn’t need an embrasure. Anyways, I had two frames like so as they will cover up your hitbox from the root peaks even more. Uh, then two full walls and our half wall on top of the window, then cap it off with floors. From there, add some double doors, and the chutes are essentially done.


Now to make the wide gaps themselves, we essentially make a little hexagon type thing here out of stone, and some triangles and squares around here, deleting the squares and upgrading the triangles to sheet metal do that on both sides. From there, we fill up the entire thing with frames and upgrade everything to sheet except for these two at the bottom, which I will show why uh over here. Anyways repeat that sheet metal, and this is essentially why you only need them to be stoned because they will not fall after four rockets, so the stones are really optional.


Anyways to further complete them, we’re going to cap them off with some sheet metal floors. then we place windows all throughout
and two frames here anyways continue by adding embrasures to all the windows, then add ramps here, upgrading them to stone to give a little
more vertical angles.


From there, we add our siren lights like so as they are what we need for the roof peaks. Anyways uh, that’s what you look like with them. What am I doing okay if I get the hatch there frames this window put the ladder hatch okay—double the floors. I’m gonna stop that; just do what I do here. And finally, to complete our roof, we’re going to add a bunch of square roof pieces here, which give really good angles, as well as one triangle piece right in the center there.


For the turbine holders, we place two frames with two triangles on top, then over here, we had two full walls with two triangles on top of them. And finally, we add our six turbines.

Now for any turrets, I’m just going to place them all around, so we place three in these chutes here three below the chutes here. One in core, under the jump up, one above the jump up and core, as well and one below the second-floor jump up.


And here I place three in the bunkers and three in the shooting floor ring then six on the roof three here and three up here then I place three outside like so and three more outside right here by where the wide gaps are sort of meeting up. And from there, we are done.

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