The RUST Glossary

An essential list of RUST terms and phrases

From the dawn of time, we reeeeeee’d; moving silently down through the tech tree, eco-raiding secret bases, struggling to reach the recycler safely, where the few who remain will nailgun each other to the last. No one has ever known we were naked with a DB in the treeline… until now.

– Sean Connery, but not.

If you understand many of the words, acronyms, and implications of the previous statement, you have excellent taste in video games and movies.

RUST is, as with many other games, an island unto itself. It possesses many game-specific words, phrases, and different terminology and jargon that can leave newer players scratching their heads.  

To bridge the language gap between veteran players and those spawning in for the first time, we have compiled the RUST glossary of terms and phrases to lift the veil, so to speak. We’ve also compiled The RUST Admin Glossary for those seeking administration-specific terms.

Weapon abbreviations

AKAny variation of the Assault Rifle
BoltyShorthand for the Bolt Action Rifle
CompoundedAct of being shot at by a Compound Bow
CrossyShorthand for the Crossbow
DBShorthand for the Double Barrel Shotgun
HoloShorthand for the Holosight
L9Shorthand for the L96 Rifle
LRShorthand for the LR-300 Assault Rifle
M2Shorthand for the M249
MollyShorthand for the Molotov Cocktail. It can also be used as a weapon-specific raid type.
MGLShorthand for the Multiple Grenade Launcher
P17Shorthand for the Prototype 17
PumpyShorthand for the Pump Shotgun, often used in conjunction with Slugs for ‘PumpySlugs.’
RevShorthand for the Revolver
P2Shorthand for the Semi-Automatic Pistol
TommyShorthand for the Thompson
PipeyShorthand for the Waterpipe Shotgun
4xOutdated description for 8x Zoom Scope; some habits die hard

Resource abbreviations

LGFShorthand for Low Grade Fuel
FragsShorthand for Metal Fragments
HQMShorthand for High Quality Metal or Ore
GPShorthand for Gun Powder

Attire abbreviations

HazzyCan refer to Hazmat SuitArctic SuitLumberjack Suit, or Nomad Suit
Roadsign KitGear composed of clothing + Road Sign JacketRoad Sign Kilt, and Coffee Can Helmet
Full KitGear composed of clothing + Metal Chest PlateMetal Facemask, and Road Sign Kilt, usually specifying weapon type after the fact.
Heavy MetalGear composed of Heavy Plate HelmetHeavy Plate Jacket, and Heavy Plate Pants
PrimGear composed of lesser armor types than those listed above, specifically burlap and leather types, usually specifying weapon type after the fact

Tool & medical abbreviations

T2 Pick / HatchetWorkbench Level 1 Pickaxe or Hatchet
T3 Pick / AxeWorkbench Level 2 Salvaged Icepick or Salvaged Axe
BinosShorthand for the Binoculars
JackieShorthand for the Jackhammer
MedsShorthand for Medical Syringes

Ammo & raiding equipment abbreviations

SlugsShorthand for 12 Gauge Slugs
HEs Shorthand for 40mm HE Grenades
SmokesShorthand for 40mm Smoke Grenades, also see Smoke Grenades
HVs Shorthand for High Velocity Rockets, also known as PVP Rockets
IncensShorthand for Incendiary Rockets
C4Shorthand for the Timed Explosive Charge
ExploShorthand for Explosive 5.56 Ammunition

Common phrases, meanings & lingo

Directional & base feature phrases

2 Squares AwayA method of giving a rough estimate of distance from the target
Base BitchDesignated blueprint crafting expert, often left behind to make the necessities for hours at a time.
Boat BaseAn oceanic structure intended for the housing of seafaring vehicles and to briefly store goods.
BreachThe location is used to indicate an area where a compound or base was chiefly entered.
Compass Numerical CordsUsing the in-game compass and its numerical wheel (0/360 being true north) to indicate locations of bases/enemies/entities
CompoundExternal defensive structures surrounding the main base and furnaces
CordsA general location or map square being referenced
CoreTypically center, most defended part of base possessing main loot and TC
Farm BaseMultiple meanings:

  • Base near fresh water used to produce crops/cloth
  • Base in node-rich areas designed to quickly (temporarily) store large quantities of ore
  • Base in which to store/harvest Horse Dung for the creation of Fertilizer
FlankAn intentional movement to get a strategically superior, often unexpected angle in a gunfight
Flank BaseA smaller structure strategically placed to allow for quick respawns to flank enemy attackers.
Floor StackedThe descriptor for advanced exploitive base building technique used to increase overhead obstructions in the event of a top-down raid
FOBA forward operating base can also be referred to as a raid base, depending on the use.
Griefing/GriefedThe act of intentionally making a structure inaccessible, either for defensive or toxic purposes
Grubzone/CentralWords used to describe areas that attract a great deal of newer, naked, nothing to lose players, often with Eoka Pistols.
Heli TowerTall, usually under a fortified structure designed for the sole purpose of taking down the Patrol Helicopter
Helk HoleInvisible world anomaly that freezes players in place, often causing vertical jitters and usually happening at the most inopportune time.
HotelRoleplay structure designed with the lighter side of Rust in mind, usually very easy to raid and open to the public
Iceberg BaseAny structure constructed on an arctic biome offshore iceberg.
Jump upA building method usually resembling a half-wall height floor used to go up and down between structure levels.
MainPrimary, most defended structure owned by a group or individual. Opposite of Starter
Oil Basea structure designed to facilitate the attack of either oil rig monument, built on the shore to enable a quick return to the monument in case of death
Peek DownsOffset structures within a base, usually attached to the shooting floor that give favorable angles to base owners in the event of door camping or online raid
Pixel GapAn exploitive base-building feature that allows for narrow gaps the size of monitor pixels to access a box or TC
PrivA term to quickly imply the boundaries of a bases Building Privilege.
Raid BaseA structure specifically designed to house resources and respawns for a raiding team to attack an enemy base or compound.
Roam/Roam RaidLeaving the base solo or grouped with the intent of running into persons for PVP or raiding random bases
Roof Camping/Roof CamperThe process by which players use an elevated defensive position to kill without prejudice or immediate concern for loss. Great way to get raided.
SamsSAM Sites, automated anti-aircraft missiles that will shoot down Minicopters, MLRS Rocket barrages, and Hot Air Balloons
ScuffedBuilding term for in place but not correct
SealRaid or defensive term meaning securing a structure
Self-GriefThe process of using permanent obstructions to block both the raider and base owner from using a base again, Note: very frowned upon
Shooting FloorTypically the topmost defensive portion of a base, complete with battlements.
Spawn Beach
The area in which all players naturally spawn. Often associated with Grub Zones.
StarterA temporary first base built to gather resources before starting the Main Base
T 1-2-3An alternative way of saying Work Bench Level 1, 2 or 3
TCShorthand for the Tool Cupboard.
TwigThe lowest form of building material, usually destroyed by a single bullet
Underwater BunkerAn offshore structure constructed beneath the waves for maximum concealment.
ZiplineA tower that allows for fast travel along a specified wire

Common social phrases

Admin Abuse
When a RUST server administrator violates the server guidelines. See the RUST Admin Abuse guide for a more in-depth explanation.
Add meA request to make a friend connection over Steam or Discord
ADSShorthand for aim down sights.
Bag Multiple meanings:

  • The Bag – loot-rich scenario, commonly referred to in success by clutching the bag or in defeat as dropping the bag
  • Bag me – to place a sleeping bag and give ownership to another as a respawn point
  • Bagged – playing while inebriated
Beam/BeamerThe act of hitting inordinate amounts of shots with high precision and accuracy over long distance
BMBattlemetrics, a third-party player and server tracking tool
BoomAny type of tool used to break into a base
BoostThe act of aiding a player by allowing them to jump on your person for a ‘boost.’
BotMultiple meanings

  • Game AI is incapable of thinking or acting outside of its programming.
  • Players incapable of thinking or acting outside of their programming…
Bow GodPrim players capable of outplaying those with guns
Bow KidsPrim players using any type of bow as a weapon
BP WipeWhen blueprints wipe for a server
BradBradley APC, detailed in this guide
BugAny unintentional glitch in the game causing an inadvertent outcome
Bush-camperTypically prim players sitting armed in a bush waiting for victims, also known as grubs.
CampThe act of lying in wait for a victim or having someone wait to kill you
CargoA reference to the Cargo Ship event, see this guide
ChadA professional PVPer and or all-around good player, sometimes referred to as sweaty by envious parties.
CheaterA player accused (until banned) of using exploits or hacks for game advantage – see this guide for details
ClanAn unofficial consistent group, normally with a ‘tag’ within each player’s name for identification purposes
ClipThe process of taking a video snippet for proof or bragging purposes
Code RaidingMethodically attempting to force-hack a Keypad lock through repeated entry attempts.
CombatlogAn F1 console command that yields damage-based information readout; see this guide for more information.
ComfortA beneficial in-game status acquired by standing near comfort-yielding items or campfires, converting calories into health over time.
Compound HoppingThe act of building or laddering into enemy compounds in order to exploit weaknesses for base access or to pilfer external loot/furnace contents
CompsShorthand for components.
ComsShorthand for communications, used as in ‘clear coms,’ meaning be silent, or ‘hop in VC’ (voice chat/communications)
CounterUsed to describe the act of seeking out an in-progress event, such as a Raid or Monument, and attempting to seize that event for yourself
DeepUsed as in ‘going deep,’ this is the act of infiltrating a base through non-raid means to seize control and exfil resources. It can also be used to describe a large as a measurement of size, ‘they’re so deep’
DespawnThe act of discarding valuable resources and loot for the purpose of depriving a raiding party, or as a raiding party, depriving the original base owner
DiscUsed interchangeably with Discord or Coms
Divebomb Multiple meanings:

  • Using any aerial vehicle as a ramming instrument to disable or destroy another aerial vehicle while in flight
  • Using any aerial vehicle to ‘divebomb’ enemy furnaces, breaking them through impact and fire
  • Using an aerial vehicle to crashland friendly players onto an elevated platform for strategic advantage
DoorcampThe act of lying in wait quietly in front of a base, waiting for occupants to leave so that you may murder them quickly
DoxxIllegal activity involving the acquiring of another player’s personal information and posting it publicly without permission, usually with malicious intent
Drain TurretsThe act of using obstructed pathing methods to ‘bait’ an enemy base’s turrets of ammunition
Eco RaidUsing non-convention methods such as spears or fire to gain access to a base that otherwise should require explosives
ESPThe implication that cheats are being used, specifically seeing the unseeable, as in through a structure or landscape.
F1 KillPerforming an intentional suicide in the game, either through the Suicide button on the ESC menu or by typing ‘kill’ in the F1 console
F7A hotkey to report a player, or receive other support, used interchangeably with ‘report him.’
Facepunch (FP)The game developer of RUST.
FarmerA derogatory, if shockingly accurate, a term used to describe a player’s playstyle, implying that their place is gathering resources as opposed to PVP
Farm RunA group or individual activity where acquiring raw materials is the objective.
Foundy WipeAn implicit threat to completely remove a base from the map by way of explosives, or the act thereof
Full DeepA full deep implies that the mission to acquire access to an enemy base core was successful and TC privilege has been obtained. Also, see Deep.
Good AttachmentsWhen looting the Patrol Helicopter, this is used to describe a crate containing an 8x Zoom Scope and Weapon Lasersight
Going DeepThe act of attempting to become ‘Full Deep.’ Also, see Deep,
Go Scrap The act of using the recycler to obtain scrap and other resources
GrubUsed to describe a poor player will malicious intent, usually found in the Grub Zone.
HacksA term to describe assorted cheats or imply a player may be using them
HeaviesA term used to describe called-in scientists on either oil rig monument, possessing superior weapons and health compared to regular scientists
Heli (bad heli)A reference to the Patrol Helicopter, described in this guide.
InsidingThe act of betraying one’s own team
InvalidsA type of latency discrepancy in Rust, resulting in ‘good’ weapon impacts being rendered inert and void, viewable on Combatlog.
LegacyThe original version of Rust, since retired
LoadedA streamer term used to describe players or containers that possess outrageous (albeit occasionally meh) loot.
LootA term used to describe any item of value
Map SeedNumerical reference number for the map being used for a server during a wipe cycle
Map WipeA term used by owners to describe an event wherein the Map (sometimes exclusively) that is currently being used will transition to a new seed.
Meta AKA the flavor of the month used to describe the newest, greatest, or best method for accomplishing something
Mini Shorthand for the Minicopter.
ModMultiple meanings:

  • Moderator – junior level admin, sometimes simply chat moderating
  • Modded – used to describe plugins or servers that use them
Node Any minable rock entity that yields useable resources
NoobA term for describing inexperience
OfficialsA server group run by or under the direction of Facepunch.
OilersA group of players that constantly run the Oil Rig Monuments, usually living on the beach nearest these areas
OTVOfflineTV is an online social entertainment group of content creators that played a limited engagement event.
ParkourMiniature jump obstacles scattered throughout the map to increase the difficulty for players, also known as jump puzzles
PVEShorthand for Player versus Environment.
PVPShorthand for Player versus Player.
RadsRadiation condition acquired in Rust, as described here.
RaidedThe act of being violently robbed by outside forces, either while online or off
ReeeeThe mating call of the beach-dwelling grub, mute in-game voice chat immediately.
ReportedTo use the F7 feature to inform the developer of a player presumably violating a term of service.
RHIBShorthand for the Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat.
Rig RunThe act of completing either Oil Rig monument event
Rocket PVPAs implied, using any form of a rocket to kill another player
Roleplayer (RPer)Those players that choose a more pacifistic playstyle focusing on building, gathering, and decorating.
RollbackThe act of a server error event, resulting in an unexpected restart and a regression in time, ‘rolling back’ events
Rust+An external companion app to RUST, as described here.
SashA visual element displayed on players without torso equipment after they’ve equipped a tool or deadly weapon.
ScrappyShorthand for the Scrap Transport Helicopter.
ScrubA derogatory term used to describe a ‘bad’ player.
Skins Purchasable in-game graphic alterations for otherwise plain items
Soft-Side The act of eco-raiding a base by hitting a wall on its weak side
SS Shorthand for a screenshot.
Staging Refers to the staging branch, an alternate experimental game version of Rust
Stream SnipeThe act of utilizing a third-party viewership platform such as Twitch to ascertain the location of another player that is ‘streaming.’
SusThe implication that another player is behaving suspiciously. 
Team LimitMultiple meanings:

  • Used to describe the default team limit of 8
  • Used to describe server-specific team limitations, such as solo/duo/trio
Tech TreeA direct blueprint acquisition feature available in-game on all Workbench types. It’s used to learn items of that bench with large quantities of scrap.
ToggleA term used to describe someone turning on or off a third-party application or process
TripledTo hit or be hit three consecutive times in the head with bullets
TTV A reference to a streamer (
TunnelsMultiple meanings:

  • Rats – a derogatory term for players that frequent the underground tunnel network for scrap, also used to describe cave base owners
  • Dwellers – the appropriate name for underground scientists
TurtlingImplying that an enemy is retreating deeper into a structure and deploying all possible defenses
VoooodWood, but said all fancy-like.
WalledA term to describe the deployment of any entity large enough to obstruct the aim
WipeMultiple meanings:

  • Day – first Thursday of every month, or as indicated per server description
  • Hype – the excitement felt in anticipation of Wipe Day
  • Them – order to seek and destroy everything owned/loved by a person or group
ZergAn abnormally large organization of players banded together into a group to overwhelm any competition through sheer numbers.

Have any additional RUST glossary terms to contribute?

This RUST Glossary of terms was put together and intended as an educational tool for new players, but the initiated may also have a thing or two to learn and contribute. Keep in mind that this list is subject to change. If you believe you have a term or phrase that fits the bill, please feel to submit additional acronyms or confusing alternative phrases directly to our Discord, and we’ll add them as time permits. Keep in mind highly derogatory and insulting terms will not be considered.

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