RUST Abandoned Supermarket Monument

An In-depth Guide and Walkthrough of the RUST Abandoned Supermarket Monument

The Abandoned Supermarket Monument is a particular point of interest in RUST, nick-named the “Sperm Ket” due to its broken roof signage. Introduced back in Devblog 171 in August 2017, it’s can spawn in all biomes along roadsides. At the lowest end of difficulty with regard RUST monuments, it provides players with a valuable location to find food, water, Green Keycards, and other valuable resources.

This guide provides detailed information about the Abandoned Supermarket, enabling you to identify basic facts quickly and helping you to prepare, access, and successfully run the monument while providing insight into the different types of loot, NPCs, and environment variables you may encounter.

Monument Features Checklist

Barrels ~5
Crates ~10
Drone Market
Hackable Crate
Keycard Lootable✅ 1 Green Keycard
Keycard Puzzle
Mission NPCs
Recycler 1
Repair Bench
Research Table
Additional FeaturesPublic Telephone

Monument Overview

Living up to its name, the Abandoned Supermarket is typically found directly off the main roads across a RUST map, presenting itself as a rundown rectangular main building with an attached smaller rectangular building on the back. There are two cars long abandoned towards the front of the building, usually flanked by an assortment of barrels, car part boxes, and loot crates.

The primary entrance into the building is a large broken glass double door that leads directly into the store’s dilapidated grocery isles, filled with garbage and food crates in which six can spawn at a given time.

Two doors in the back of the store lead out to the back of this area. 

  • One doorway is blocked by a wood barrier at the start of each wipe, breakable with any number of melee weapons, and leads to a small room with a desk housing a Green Keycard, a green military crate, and a side exit. 
  • The other closable doorway leads to an alternate side entrance and can also contain a brown or green military crate. Out this door and to the right is a ladder leading to the roof and the potential for two more brown or military crates. 

Preparing for the Abandoned Supermarket Monument

The Abandoned Supermarket is synonymous with the RUST experience for new players and seasoned veterans stopping by to recycle or top off their calories quickly. It is void of hazards such as radiation or scientist NPCs and has an assortment of light switches that pulse for easier visibility, which can be turned on at night for lighting.

Regardless of gear level or experience, any player can enter the Abandoned Supermarket completely naked and loot its limited treasures. It is an excellent monument for acquiring some early game food and provisions but is typically heavily frequented, especially early in a wipe, due to its easy-to-access Green Keycard. 

Because this isn’t a safe zone monument, players should be aware that open-world PVP does take place, and they are just as likely to find a bullet to the back as they are a crate with resources. As with any non-safe venture, be sure to check out our Best RUST Armor Combinations guide to maximize your chances of survival. As demonstrated in countless streamer clips, even the most geared player will likely die here to a well-placed double-barrel grub.

Running the Abandoned Supermarket Monument

Exterior Areas

Front of the Building

Front of the Abandoned Supermarket

The first thing most players will see and experience, the storefront of the Abandoned Supermarket has clearly seen better days. There are a few dilapidated cars out front, along with the possibility of a crate, a few barrels, and a car parts crate. There is an entrance from this side directly into the market portion of the building.

Telephone Side

Public Telephone Side and Side Exit Doors

The telephone on the side of the building really stands out, especially at night, due to its glowing light. Any player may use this phone to make calls. Also present are an entrance into the building and possibly a side-alley crate.

Recycler, Backend

The Abandoned Supermark recycler

The recycler at Abandoned Supermarket is on the backside of the building, confined within a mesh chain link fenced area with several openings for easy access. Most players will opt to access it from outside the fence, pressing their bodies up against the wall and using the recycler through the chain link instead of putting themselves into the confines. 

Players can burn Wood in a static comfort barrel for 100% Comfort Status, several barrels and boxes, and a back entrance to the building.  

Ladder to Roof / Final Side

Ladder Side of Abandoned Supermarket

Sharing space with the backend recycler area, the ladder sits caddy corner to the backend monument entrance. Players may climb this ladder simply by jumping their player model into it, looking up, and pressing the W key. 

The final side of the monument has a few barrel spawns and a broken glass sightline into the market portion of the building that can be shot through.

Roof Area

Abandoned Supermarket roof top with loot crates in sight

The roof itself is two-tiered, with the higher of the two is where you’d end up if you climbed the ladder all the way up.  It has the potential for a few barrels and a single crate and is aesthetically a good place to hide due to it having a sign and a few vent units to hide behind for PVP.  The lower portion may have another crate and directly overlooks the recycler area.

Interior Areas

Green Keycard Room

Green Keycard Room

Probably one of the most frequented areas of any monument in the entire game, the Green Keycard room houses exactly that, along with a guaranteed green military crate spawn. The room itself isn’t much to look out for, but more players get their lucky beginning of wipe break in this particular room than probably any other. 

Beware of grubs taking advantage of this knowledge. This room will be blocked off at both ends by breakable wood coverings at the beginning of the wipe and will remain open for the duration after it is initially broken into.

Ladder to Market Connection Room

Ladder to Market Connection Room

Opposite the Green Keycard room, this double-door room is a great place to hide from the Patrol Helicopter when necessary and can house a single lootable crate. It leads from the outside to the inner market area.

Shopping Market

The interior of the Abandoned Supermarket grocery

Finally, we come to the actual market of the Abandoned Supermarket. With entrances from virtually every other part of the monument, this area is what you’d expect from a shopping mart with aisles and end cap areas housing food crates. 

A busted vending/ATM machine in the corner serves no real purpose, as well as a checkout counter. This area is loaded with nifty angles to hide and is the perfect place to pick up a Granola Bar and some buckshot to the face.


The Abandoned Supermarket Monument in RUST is an essential early-game resource hub, offering players many opportunities for loot without the dangers of radiation or NPCs. With the insights provided in this guide, you’re now equipped with the knowledge to navigate the monument effectively, highlighting key loot areas and strategic points of interest.

Remember always to remain alert for PVP encounters while near this monument. Familiarizing yourself with its layout and practicing navigation and loot runs, both during day and night times, can help you master it.

While being a staple in the realm of RUST for many years, developers have promised to do fresh updates of all existing monuments in the coming years. We will keep the information within this guide updated and accurate. Please reach out to us in Discord if there are any details you’re looking for or any unanswered questions; we’ll do our best to get the answers you need!

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