The Planet Crafter: Caves & Crater Update

The Planet Crafter Caves and Crater Update

What’s new in Planet Crafter’s Caves & Crater update

Miju Games dropped their first major content update for The Planet Crafter on the 18th of May 2022 titled the Caves & Crater Update. Fans of the space survival crafter will be delighted by this fresh opportunity to explore new areas, craft new rockets and items, and mine new caves for precious resources. Additionally, a swath of quality of life updates have been added in to make repetitive tasks much more pleasant and four new player achievements have been added. The hardiest terraformers may even find the new golden crate hidden away in the new content.

Larger world with new areas to explore

Make your way above the Sand Falls to a newly-playable area called the Arches. Here, you’ll find a collection of new things to explore and discover amidst a valley of stone arches.. Descend into a new wreckage to search for loot. Explore the nearby cliffs for entrances to mysterious new caves. Just don’t forget to keep an eye on your oxygen! The Arches are also a new potential landing site for new terraformation missions.

The Planet Crafter Arches
The Arches are a new explorable area

Another new area to the game map is the giant crater. This massive depression comes complete with glowing meteor! The meteor crater is also a new landing site option.

The Planet Crafter Giant Meteor Crater
The Meteor Crater is a new explorable area

Craft new rockets

The Caves & Crater update introduced two new rockets for players to craft. The Tier 3 GPS rocket is blueprint-learned and when launched into orbit will give your GPS map a higher-level view of the planet’s terrain. Using the slider on the right side of the map, you can zoom in and out to change your view of the terrain. Crafting and launching the Map Information Rocket will give your GPS map the ability to see resource caves on your map! Helpful for scouting out those new caves introduced with this update.

New caves to find precious resources

To keep true to the update’s title, 4 new caves have been added into the game world to provide additional opportunities to mine uncommon and rare ores. Either use the Map Information rocket to locate the new caves, or strap on your hiking boots and explore to find the new osmium, uranium, zeolite and pulsar quartz caves! The pulsar quartz is now the new “rare ore” so you’ll have to explore on your own to locate these ores, since they won’t show up on the GPS map.

The Planet Crafter Zeolite Cave
Players can now mine Zeolite in the Zeolite cave

New craftable items

To give players the means for crafting new items, a new Super Alloy Rod can now be crafted at an advanced crafting station. This late game resource is used for crafting new rockets and the teleporter and has the potential to be used in future crafting recipes. New items added in the update include:

  • Teleporter
  • Super Alloy Rod
  • Torch T2
  • GPS Rocket T3
  • Map Information Rocket

Players may notice that the ability to craft Pulsar Quartz has been removed from the crafting panel. This is because Pulsar Quartz are now mineable in the new Pulsar Quartz cave.

Bug fixes and quality of life improvements in Caves & Crater

A lot of work has gone into bringing players new explorable content in the Caves & Crater update but also below the hood work to improve in game quality of life and performance issues.

  • Food growers will now automatically hold on to the last seed you placed in them when you harvest food. You still have the option to swap the seed out with a different seed if you wish, but this change removes the repetitive step of re-adding seeds every time you go to harvest.
  • Many objects now give you a directional arrow to show you which direction they are facing while you are trying to place objects. No more backward lockers!
  • A new accessibility key setting, ctrl being the default, will allow you to chain craft or build items without having to go to the crafting screen each time.
  • Beacons will now show on the map.
  • The intensity of screen shaking can be changed in Options.
  • Improved map zooming depending on the tier of GPS rocket sent into orbit.
  • Map screen and compass now have the same orientation.
  • Rain no longer rains underwater

An update about Pulsar Quartz crafting

Due to the concerns and critiques offered by the community over the crafting removal, the decision to remove pulsar quartz crafting has been changed with a small patch on May 25 2022. The concern over allowing crafting of the pulsar quartz was originally to prevent teleporters from becoming too powerful, but as the community pointed out, this also prevented the ability to keep up with the high-energy needs of top-tier crafted machines. As a compromise, pulsar quartz will again become craftable, but much later on at 175GTi, or 175 giga terraformation index. Pulsar quartz will still be mineable in their caves as they unlock.

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