The Padlock Duo RUST Base Design (2021)

The Padlock – Pinnacle of Budget. (Solo/Duo Base)

The Padlock duo base design video was created by our partner Cosmonatic Films.

This is a budget-friendly base design meant for solos and duos that takes advantage of the terrain to benefit from the use of a roof bunker. The Padlock allows players to set up a no blueprints required double bunker base. The size of the base can deceiving, which works out in your favor, and transforms from its unconventional starter design into it a full-on end-game base.

The Padlock’s base design is a fresh take from the typical footprints. Very little effort is needed to pull this base design together, especially if working in a duo.

The Padlock base design features:

  • Starter-to-Main Base Design
  • Door Block Airlocks
  • Roof Bunker Entrance
  • Anti-Door Camping Measures
  • Undrainable Trap Placements
  • Compact Item Placements
  • Easy & Quick Access Drop Boxes
  • Ample Storage Space (16+ large boxes worth)
  • Intelligent Loot Spreading
  • Minicopter Landing Pad & Hangar
  • Low Build Cost
  • Low Upkeep Cost
  • Simple Base Footprint
  • No Blueprints Required
  • External Roof Access
  • Optional Shooting Floor

The Padlock build cost

  • High-Quality Metal: 171 +/-
  • Metal Fragments: 9.3k +/-
  • Stone: 3.5k +/-
  • Wood: 8.4k +/-

The Padlock upkeep cost

  • High-Quality Metal: 24
  • Metal Fragments: 900 +/-
  • Stone: 380 +/-
  • Wood: 24

Raid cost

The Padlock base design will cost approximately 23+ rockets to acquire the main tool cupboard, along with all primary loot, with the ideal raiding route and conditions.

Fortify blueprint:

Builder’s Sanctuary “share code”:


Without further ado, here’s The Padlock base design.

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Welcome back to the channel.


Earlier this year, Phentos and Dirac released excellent videos demonstrating the use of roof bunkers using terrain.

Since the discovery, I’ve been very busy with other projects to fully explore this untapped market- that was until I thought up a hyper-efficient double bunker base.


Introducing the Padlock. 


A budget-friendly base meant for solo or duo builders.


Its headline feature is an easy to set up, no blueprint required, double bunker design. Despite the small size, you can fit a staggering amount of deployables and storage. While the starter is unconventional, it can be progressed to an inexpensive vault for your loot.


If the terrain allows it, you can even incorporate a basic shooting floor for a stone node’s worth of upkeep a day.


Speaking of which, the other obvious takeaway feature is the extremely cheap build cost and upkeep, which keeps raiders 23 rockets away from your most precious loot.


If you want to look at the base in person, you can check it out on Builder’s Sanctuary by using the share code “PADLOK.”


With that out of the way, let’s take a tour of the base.

The Tour

We enter the base through our main airlock, which is protected by a shotgun trap. To the right, we find one of our loot rooms which, like most of the base, maximizes every bit of space efficiently. The other loot room has even more storage and even a tier 3 workbench.

Above the 1×1 is a dedicated bedroom. Behind, you’ll find even more storage and our repair bench. Inside our 1×1 vault is our most protected loot and our main TC.


When you log offline or are away from your base for a while, seal up the basic stability bunker. I like to keep a building plan and hammer with sealing materials in this campfire. This is the other bunker to seal when you go offline.


Before we jump into the build, I want to go over how to pick your base location for the terrain bunker since it’s a critical design component. I also would like to preface this by reminding you to familiarize yourself with this mechanic on a build server prior to building on a wipe day.


To get started, what you’re looking for is terrain that has a respectable grade, preferably with a flatter plateau next to it. This can just be flat terrain or my favorite choice, which is these flat rocket prefabs that are

abundant all over the map.


Unlike Phentos’ and Dirac’s examples, this footprint requires a higher terrain incline to incorporate the second stability bunker.


While you can definitely do this build on any respectable grade with a flat bit of land next to it, for demonstrative purposes, I’ll be building it on top of one of these rock prefabs.


Being as straight as possible, start by angling the triangle edge next to the terrain. Then, move the triangle into the ground- just enough to make sure the edge and tips of the corners are sufficiently under the terrain. Then, you build your footprint off of that.


Of course, double-check to make sure it fits the space. And that’s it.

The Starter

So, you’ve practiced the mechanic, the footprint, and you’ve just spawned on the beach. If you want to live out of the base’s starter unit, I recommend making your way towards the outpost, gathering supplies and as much stone as you can find along the way.


On your way there, make mental notes of potential spots that you could fit the footprint on. The reason we’re going towards the outpost is to trade stone for wood.


Unfortunately, thanks to the unorthodox design of the base, we need to build a good majority to enclose ourselves.


While you could theoretically farm the necessary stone for the starter, it’s much riskier-especially straight-off spawn.


So, because of that, when you get to the outpost, I recommend trading 3 to 4k stone for a bunch of wood, and with your other materials, head towards your build site. Following the demonstration, I showed earlier, slap down the footprint, ensuring all the foundations are placed correctly.


Upgrade these two foundations to stone to prevent players from crawling under them into your base. Then, seal the starter. While the base is obviously very weak to eco raiding right now, you shouldn’t have much to lose anyways if they do.


Furnish the interior as you see fit.


Of course, your next priority should be to gather up enough stone to upgrade the starter and metal to put sheet metal doors on the airlock.

Extended Starter

Next, we’ll set up the terrain bunker to increase offline raid protection.


To use it, place a triangle roof on the foundation and upgrade it to stone.


The roof conditionals will activate to seal the doorway. Breaking the twig foundation below it makes the roof collapse and unblocks the entrance.


Next, we’ll upgrade the core 1×1 and establish the second stability bunker.


Seal the stability bunker when you log offline.


When you log online and need access to your most valuable loot, spawn on the bag in the bunker and break the twig. If you want even more space for deployables and save on a tiny bit of upkeep, you can skip sealing these triangles.


Once you get a tier 2, you can opt to put two garage doors to section off the loot rooms and increase the cost of a “roam raid” through doors.


Once you get the resources for it, upgrade the base to its final build grade. As always, start with the core and work your way outward. As a reminder, you can skip sealing these triangles if you want more room for deployables.


To add triangle shelves to the side loot rooms, build a temporary half-height shelf on the outside of the base.


To maximize space, place a mixing table against the wall and put a half-height triangle wood shelf pointing into it. Fill the rest of the square with boxes.


If you get your hands on a tier 3, you can put it in the other loot room. Then, put your boxes. On these shelves, you can put a repair bench, a large box, and a bunch of small boxes. Above the 1×1 put a locker, small box, and bed. Inside the vault, put a salvaged shelf and then squeeze two large boxes, four BBQs, and 4 small boxes.


It’s best to start with the top shelf then the bottom. With a tier 3, you can further discourage a roam raid through doors by opting to research and craft two armored single doors on your main airlock.

Shooting Floor

If the terrain allows it, you have the option to easily add a high visibility airlock and shooting floor with a marginal increase to upkeep. Start by adding three raised foundations in front of the terrain bunker triangle.


Close it off with windows and door frames. Keep a permanent ladder against this wall. Bring the half-height sections up to the current level.


Two depo boxes can go here. Put window frames around the perimeter.


You can opt for a second airlocked entrance.

Weakness Analysis

Before we close off this video, I want you to consider a couple things.


Depending on the server, the base’s starter might be risky to set up because of its unorthodox design. If this makes you uncomfortable, there’s no shame in starting out with some 1×2 throwaway starter and then moving into the padlock once you have the resources and have been able to explore the local area thoroughly to find the best possible build spot for it.


The other elephant in the room is the base is very vulnerable to door raiding while you’re online and the bunkers are open. For this reason, I encourage you to be thoughtful about when you have them available, especially the core stability bunker.


Of course, even if the bunker is sealed, the exposed HQM foundations can be soft-sided to bypass it without the use of explosives. While it’s unlikely, it most certainly is not out of the question for some psychopathic groups.


While the base is terrain-dependent, in my opinion, it’s not as big of a deal considering the map is covered with suitable locations to fit the footprint. Once you get a feel for it, you’ll be quite surprised with how many places you can actually put it down, and it won’t feel as limiting as it appears.


But with that being said, that concludes today’s video.


Despite the unorthodox design, I hope that you can see the value in the relatively simple double bunker footprint that requires no blueprints for a 23 rocket vault.


Thanks to the super cheap upkeep, you can always use this as your core and build a proper base on top of it.


Whatever you decide, I hope you enjoyed the video. Consider subscribing for future content, and I’ll see you guys next time.


Thanks for watching.

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