The Most Broken Bunker in RUST (2022)

A RUST player’s dream for quickly and safely hiding their haul

The Most Broken Bunker in RUST video was created by our partner Cosmonatic Films.

This RUST bunker is “broken” not because it doesn’t function properly, quite to the contrary. It’s broken due to the absurdly affordable build and upkeep costs while boasting a highly-defensive raid cost. With little to no barrier keeping players from building this, apart from the raw resource cost, players will not need to have an extensive lineup of blueprints and components to build this bunker base.

Of course, each player’s experience will vary, but for players looking for a safe way to store and hide their most precious loot, this bunker design has got your back. The most complex thing about this bunker is ensuring you understand the roof conditional logic that allows the bunker to be opened and closed, by using a simple twig addition.

When you consider the cost of these bunkers, you can easily double, or even triple them up to increase the “security by obscurity” factor, which ultimately reduces the potential raiders that consider popping open your bunker. Due to the low-cost barrier, you might even consider using this bunker as a go-to drop-off or staging point for farming, loot runs, or even when having to quickly ditch your raid booty to get back in a fight.

It’s often that you will build a starter-to-main base, but these bunkers are unique in that they are end-game ready and have a significant raid cost that helps to keep your loot relatively safe, especially when considering the overall cost. So whether you’re looking to live out of a box, or hide your most precious loot from an impending raid, these bunkers are a great go-to solution.

With a few slight modifications to Cosmonatic Film’s design, you can add additional security and storage to the build, with little extra cost. 

Most Broken Bunker’s features:

  • No Blueprints Required
  • Easy to Memorize Footprint
  • Easily Hidden
  • Low Build & Upkeep Cost
  • Compact Item Placements
  • No Soft Sides
  • Easy to Access Loot
  • Utilizes Terrain (Rocks & Cliffsides)
  • Fits a TC, 1 Large Box & 3 Small Boxes

Most Broken Bunker’s build cost

  • High-Quality Metal: 88 +/-
  • Metal Fragments: 50
  • Wood: 1700 +/-

Most Broken Bunker’s upkeep cost

  • High-Quality Metal: 9

Raid cost

  • 8 C4 or ~15 Rockets to TC & Full Loot

Without further ado, here’s The Most Broken Bunker design.

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Welcome back to the channel. 


Today I’m showing you one of the most broken bunkers you will ever see in Rust. Before we get started, I wanted to give a special thanks to fellow builder and Rust Youtuber Rodent for discovering this bunker and allowing me to make a video showcasing it with his permission. You can find his channel linked in the description. 


So, while there are other types of bunkers that can achieve the same result, this particular discovery is especially unique for a couple of reasons. 


First and foremost, this vault requires no BPs, is dead simple to make, costs 15 rockets or 8 C4 to raid, is EXTREMELY cheap to build and upkeep, can be built anywhere there are rocks or cliffs, holds a TC as well as a deceptive amount of loot, and has ZERO soft sides. 


This bunker is a perfect way to hide valuables for a rainy day or hide loot if you’re expecting an offline raid. Its extremely cheap build cost means you could easily set a couple of these up around your local area to ensure raiders will be wasting way more than it’s worth to raid all of them. 


Furthermore, you could even leave some of them empty purely to tempt raiders into wasting explosives on them rather than on your main base. The possibilities are virtually endless with this insane bunker. Before we jump into the video, I’m happy to introduce to you the channel’s first sponsor.



To open the vault, it’s as easy as placing a single triangle foundation next to the square foundation and then a twig triangle roof on top of it. Doing this activates the wall conditional and opens it, which allows you to access the TC, a large box, and 3 small boxes. When you’re done, simply break the roof to close the bunker. And that’s it. With your mind blown, let’s explain why this works and how to make it. 



First, let me give you some basic information. This- is a wall. You’ll notice that it has nothing connected to its side sockets or the top of it. If you place a roof next to it, you’ll see that half of the wall snaps out of existence. 


By placing the roof, you activate the wall’s conditional, which conforms to the roof. The wall’s top and side sockets aren’t conditioned with adjacent connections. As you can see, if you put anything that connects to those sockets, it takes priority over the conditional that was being created by the roof. We don’t want that, though. 


So how do we avoid connecting to those sockets so that we can use the roof conditional as a bunker. Most roof conditional bunkers (like these) achieve this by using multi TC. This is because the bunker wall is not connected to the top socket and at least one of the side sockets. You can place a roof, activate the conditional, and open the wall to access whatever is on the other side of it. 


Depending on the application, you can also get this same effect by freehanding or pixel gapping. The genius that makes this bunker work is twofold. Firstly, the bunker is placed up against a rock face which means we don’t have to connect a wall on this side to keep players out. 


The top socket doesn’t connect to the top of the roof because of a quirk in the way that roofs work. Despite it not technically being connected to the socket, this section is completely sealed and doesn’t have any exploitative gaps. With the top and side sockets not physically connected to anything in Rust’s eyes, you can place a twig roof which activates the roof conditional and opens the bunker. And that’s how it works. 



To start, find any rock face taller than one story high. Place a square foundation against it, making sure that it is just side clipped into the side of the rock. Next, place your roof. Hover over where you will place the front wall and make sure there aren’t going to be any gaps on the side. 


Once you’ve confirmed that it’s good, build the sidewall. Place your large box as far back and left as you can. Place the TC in front of it in this orientation. Then, place three small boxes in the empty space. Put the final wall and give it a test. If everything looks good, upgrade the compartment to high-quality metal, and you’re done. 



While the bunker is incredibly powerful, considering how simple and cheap it is to set up, it’s not idiot-proof. When using the bunker, you are extremely vulnerable to getting killed and potentially leaving it wide open. 


If you’re playing in a group, make sure that you have one of your buddies watching your back while you depo items into it. 


If you’re solo, pay attention to your surroundings and try to deposit items quickly. While you can build this bunker in a lot of places, try to think intelligently about where you want them to be and how to hide them. 


Remember that observant players or other people who’ve watched this video may see what you’re up to and try to follow or ambush you while you’re attempting to store items. Keeping those things in mind, use common sense–try to be intelligent about when, how, and what you’re choosing to squirrel away in the bunker, and you should be fine.


Closing Thoughts

With that being said, that concludes today’s video. 


While there are similar bunkers that are obviously still great and applicable in their own situations, I felt this one was still worthy of a video since it has some unique strengths that make it stand out. 


Of course, it won’t be great in every situation, but it’s one more thing that you can add to your toolkit to aid you in keeping your loot safe, whether it be through pure expense or deception.


 Whatever you decide, I hope you enjoyed the video. Consider subscribing for future content, and I’ll see you guys next time. 


Thanks for watching.

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