The Mini Igloo Solo Base Design (2023)

The Mini Igloo Solo Base Design

This solo RUST base design is brought to you by our content partner CEEG.

The Mini Igloo Solo Base Design, built by CEEG in collaboration with pHold, is a feature-packed design that works beautifully on vanilla RUST servers and is intended for a solo player, while also being easily usable for a duo group. This base design takes on attributes seen in popular clan-style bases while maintaining a low build and upkeep cost. 

The Mini Igloo Solo Base Design is heavily influenced by CEEG’s previous bases, The Igloo and Aperta V2, with natural evolutions and numerous user-feedback improvements. It provides excellent features throughout for active as well as passive raid defense.

This base design has a simple starter-to-main base footprint, enabling solo players to quickly set their base down while maintaining a functional layout that intends to expand upon itself intelligently.

Starter-to-main base builds are critical, especially on highly populated servers. They enable base builders to get situated with a plan in mind, reducing unnecessary spending and allowing them to get into action sooner.

The Mini Igloo’s exterior features two disconnectable tool cupboards protected by airlocks, providing well-positioned defensive peeks to fend off raiders, ample drop boxes, and additional storage. Further inside is a segmented compound with 4 Large Furnaces that Auto Turrets guard with nearly full 360-degree coverage.

Surprisingly, the interior of the Mini Igloo Solo Base offers an open-core setup that is well laid out, compact, and defended by a series of well-placed auto turrets. Spread throughout the design are multiple bedrooms and copious storage rooms protected by bunkers. 

The base’s rooftop provides many protected angles and peeks and is built with complete auto turret coverage. Each auto turret is built inside a pod providing coverage for MLRS strikes. A lot of great features are packed into this base for such a small footprint.

The Mini Igloo Solo Base Design Features:

  • Starter-to-Main Base Design
  • External TC (Satori Disconnectables Design)
  • Gatehouse Compound Entrance Airlocks
  • Segmented Compound
  • External Bed Spawns
  • Progressional Defense Points
  • Auto Turret Coverage (16+)
  • Mini Open Core Design
  • Quick Access Drop Boxes
  • Bunker Protected Storage
  • Designated Shooting Floor
  • 360-Degree Roof Access, Peeks, and Battlements
  • Roof Auto Turret Pods with MLRS Strike Coverage

Build Cost:

  • Stone: 6,000
  • Metal Fragments: 55,000
  • High Quality Metal: 161

Upkeep  Cost:

  • Stone: 124
  • Metal Fragments: 5,428
  • High Quality Metal: 23

Sanctuary Code:

  • O6NJ4P

Without further ado, here’s The Mini Igloo Base Design.

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Video Transcript

The Mini Igloo – Rust Solo Mini Open Core Bunker Base [2023]

What’s up, guys? Before we get started, I just want to say thank you. We are at 34K subs right now, and I just think that’s absolutely insane. If you could, please smash that subscribe button. Let’s see how fast we can get to 50K. Now before we go into the video, I have one quick announcement. 


My server Snow Lodge 3X launches in two days on January 11th. And to celebrate the launch, anyone who joins the Snow Lodge Rust Discord prior to launch, verifies their account, and creates a ticket, will get four kits for their eight-man team, which is a $60 value for free. Snow Lodge 3X aims to be the name in small group competitive servers where our season system tracks points for taking Bradley, looting heli, looting lock crates, getting kills, and raiding bases. These points accumulate across the four-week period, and at the end, the winning team receives the grand prize.


What’s the grand prize for Season 1? Two Glory AK Skins, which is a combined value of over $400 worth of skins traded to you the day the season ends. You guys do not want to miss this one. Make sure you join Discord at to fight for your chance at some epic skins. I will see you guys out there. Now let’s get on with the video. 


All right, guys. Today in collaboration with Phold, I present the Mini Igloo, a solo base with the same clan style twist you would see on bases like The Aperta. After absolutely slaughtering gingerbread men in the tunnels all day, you need a secure place to stack all of your loot. The Mini Igloo is capable of that and much more. Featuring meta airlocks, compound turret sectioning, external bed spawns and drop loot storage, a square starter to keep the build cheap, a mini open-core with perfect turret angles bunked loot storage, additional bedroom spawns, and much more. 


This base is perfect for a wealthy solo wipe or any dual wipe with you and a friend. Costing only 54 K materials, which is far less than mine and Asian’s original solo base, The Aperta. I think I have hyped this base up enough. Let’s go ahead and take a tour. 


Base Tour


All right, so here we are outside of the Mini Igloo. As you can see, we have our external TCs here. It’s about how much they cost today. There are only two externals, and of course, these are our satori disconnectables. 


Coming inside our airlock, here you can see we have two boxes of loot storage just for extra kits and farm. While you are out, you have a turret up here that looks through these chain link fences, and you have some extra peaks outside of your airlock. These are super useful for raids. Coming inside here, you see we have a segmented compound. On this side, we have two furnaces. On the other side, we have two as well, so you get four furnaces in total. 


And here are our turrets. Coming into the side of the base, here you see that we have our compound bedrooms, and coming over here, we have more box storage. This is the same on each side, so you get another four boxes over there. It’s great for our storage and all the stuff that you get from farming. 


All right, coming inside here, we have our starter. This is just a one-by-one starter. So here we have our TC, we have our tier two, we have a furnace, and we have our two boxes. And you could fit more in here if you would like. You would simply turn this store the other way and add a shelf right here, and your bag goes in the airlock. 


All right, coming out and going upstairs, we have our semi-open core up here. So here we have our boxes, we have turrets, and this is nice. These turrets also watch your shooting floor just like this. And then you have these turrets as well to reinforce those turrets. As you can see, we have more bunker storage here. These are multi-TC bunkers, these are not wide gaps this time, so it’s a little different. 


Coming upstairs, we have our next set of bedrooms. There is one on each side, so the other bedroom is right there. And, of course, these are roof peaks as well, so you can peek out onto your roof. Coming up to your roof, oh, not to mention these corners here, pretty great for raid defenses. And here we are on the roof. You have four turrets of coverage, each with triangles on top of it to help protect it from MLRS strikes. And this is the Mini Igloo. Let’s go ahead and learn how to build it. 




All right, so we are going to go ahead and make the starter. First, we are going to place a regular square, and we are going to do a triangle on each side. Now you are going to pick one side, put a wall to the right, a double door here, a double door here, and go ahead and wall it in just like this. You will want a ceiling and a triangle there. 

Go ahead and plop your front door on. And now you are secure. Your TC will go in this corner here. You are going to try and bring it up to the front of that line, right there on the floor. Not too close, though; just try and get it just about that far away from the line. And we will place a window just like that. And now you are starting to look a little more secure. 


Let’s go ahead and get some boxes down. So we are going to do a box in this back corner here. And before we put this box down, we will want to get this door in. Now, if you already have a metal double door, that will be ideal. I will put that here first, and then this box goes in much easier. 


Next, I am going to go ahead and put my tier 1 workbench back here in this corner. We will put my furnace right here, and I will put my bag right here. And, of course, they are all important; I will put my bear rug on the ceiling just like that. And now I am ready to go. 


Now you might want some more loot space, and you can absolutely do this if you want to. All you have to do is place a half wall here, the floor on top. You will come inside and place another floor there. This removes a little bit of the area that you can move around. So it’s a personal preference, entirely up to you. 


Now to make this happen, you want to remove that furnace and jump up here, and then you can put a box back here. You can put another box right here, but you would have to remove the turret. So you will go ahead and put your furnace back. And that is all there is to the starter. So let’s go ahead and move on to the other parts of the base. 


Externals and Compound


All right, we are going to go ahead and get the base moving now that the starter is complete. What you need to do is set up symmetry. We are going to move this to two-sided right here, and we are going to go ahead and place the squares here and here. 


The base should look like this from above, and we are going to get externals done. So right here, we are going to add a triangle, and we are going to go out seven squares and place a triangle at the end to lead everything back towards the base. 


Now we are going to go back to the base in half moves and delete everything else. This is a little messy, of course. So from here, we are going to go out two squares. We are going to leave these squares twig for now, and the third square will be a stone. Add triangles off to the side, and now we are going to go and from here, we are going to place a triangle right here, and this will be twig as well. 


Just to outline the build out here, we are going to go out by three triangles and two squares. This will become stone. We are going to do three triangles right here. And this is our external TC, so we will add our TC right here with a window on it. And we will do two half walls right here, a wall right here, and a wall right there. And then, of course, seal that in. 


Now we are going to go ahead and get rid of this stuff in a second. We need to go ahead and build out this gatehouse, though. We will have a door right here and a door right there. You want us to go ahead and add half walls on top, and we will just worry about the outer door for now. Here on these sides, we are going to place half walls and windows on top. If you want to use these peaks early, go ahead and use that. And you can just plug those with windows or window bars for now. That should work well enough. 


Going back outside, you just go ahead and delete the build-out except for this square here. And this is still going to be in twig for everything that will be deleted. Now what I am going to do, is go out two squares from the external and three triangles from the main base, and I will delete this. Of course, this still works like a standard satori disconnectable. 


All right, let’s go ahead and focus on finishing up the compound here. We are going to add two triangles right here, a square here, and two triangles just like this. This is what your base should look like right now. Now with these triangles, we are going to add two walls and frames here. And just so this is connected, add a window off the left side here. This is the same on each side. 


All right, now we need to go ahead and get our walls done. So to do this, all we are going to do is start at the triangle right here, and you can kind of angle this towards the gatehouse. It doesn’t have to be too exact. From the gatehouse, this one should be just about aligned with the gatehouse. 


And now you will disconnect the two walls there. Same thing on each side. Doesn’t have to be too exact; it will give you great results each time. 


All right, now your compound is done, let’s go ahead and get our furnaces up so we can start cooking. We are just going to add one furnace in each of these four spots. So you have four furnaces in total. 


Before you progress any further, let’s go ahead and get our compound bedroom staged. But first, we need to handle this triangle and this triangle first. So I am going to switch off symmetry. I am going to add a wall here and a wall here. These will both be battery spots, so I will be placing the batteries here and here, and we will just be windowing these in.


With those two placed, I am going to turn symmetry back on and wall in all of these spots here, except for this one. This one will get a double door, and you can seal this in as well. Now back here, this is our bedroom. We have two-bedroom spawns in your own compounds. We will place a locker here and a bed here, and we will do a frame there. That is your bedroom complete. 


With that done, we are going to make this into a loot room. Go ahead and add our boxes just like this. This is great for our storage, which you can put into the furnaces that you just placed. And here, door there, with window bars there. Now your compound bedrooms are complete, and you are ready to start making progress on your main base. Let’s talk about how to build up the bunkers next. 


Main Base


All right, we are going to go ahead and build up our external parts of the base as well as the bunkers. So we are still in two-sided symmetry. Starting at our front airlock, we are going to add walls here and here, a door frame here, here and here. And we are going to add floors on the external here, and this one will be off of the main base. And right here, we are going to have a frame off of the external, just like that. 


Now we are going to add a triangle roof facing the main base, and this will be our run up into the base. Make sure that you have doors placed right here. You will want Garage Doors on these spots as fast as possible. 


Up to the second floor, we are now going to set up our bunkers. Place three walls right here, one wall right here facing in toward the base, and you can add ceilings if you would like. Now we are going to add our bunker wall here. And to set this up, we need to go ahead and add a twig roof here. And we are going to go ahead and add our floor frame here just so people can’t shoot your bunker out, just like that. This makes it really hard to see into the bunker without actually opening it. 


All right. Inside the bunker here, we are just going to make a normal loot room. And the great part about this is you get an extra door here as well, so you can garage door it in, making it a very expensive bunker. 


All right, now we need to go ahead and set up the main loot in the base. So what we are going to do is go to these corners right here. We are going to add two half walls and a full wall there. We are going to add floors off of each side, and these squares here will be your actual loot rooms. So we are going to wall these in just like this. It should be the same on each side. And we will go ahead and add floors on top. 


All right. On the inside here, we are going to add triangles off of the triangles that we placed earlier, and these will be used for box storage in a second. So now we are going to go ahead and add our door frames, and you will want to remove this, and now we will place our ramps. Okay, on these sides, we are going to add half walls just like this and a regular full floor on top with a triangle there. 


Now I wouldn’t start using this loot room just yet. We need to go ahead and seal everything in, so I would continue working out of your starter before adding loot in here. But for now, we will add frames there, and we will add these two floors, which will be off of the main base, and we are going to leave this open as this will be your jump up to the roof as well as these two. 


So now we are going to go ahead and build out our shooting floor as well as the remainder of our base. On these corners here, this is going to be a jump up as well as a peak down in the compounds. We are going to add two windows just like this; two triangle floors there. And here is going to be a bedroom, so we are going to add a window here, a wall here, and wall here. You want to go ahead, and floor that in and place a double door there.

And by this stage, you should be getting more towards embrasures, so just make sure you are adding embrasures. Once you have them, you can place your locker up against this wall here, and you could place your bed just like that. Now you have two more functioning bedrooms inside your base, so, so far, you have four bedrooms. 


Next, we need to go ahead and add a wall here with a floor on top. This will eventually serve as a turret pod, so just keep that empty for now. Coming over here, we are going to add one more of these windows with embrasures on top. Then in this corner, we are going to add two more windows, just like this. Triangle floor there, and that is essentially all you need to do for the jump-up. If you are worried early about people crawling through this before you have embrasures, just toss a floor frame on, just like that.

All right, now, before we seal up the roof here, we need to go ahead and get our roof peaks done. So we are going to do half walls here, a regular triangle floor here, and three windows with roofs on top. And now, what we are going to do is place a frame right here off of the main base, and we will place triangles across just like that. 


Now placing these roof triangles can be tricky here. You want to ensure that they are off the actual external piece just like this. As you can see, this one is connected to the external, and that is connected to the main base. Make sure it is off the external; that way, it connects up here just like this. And now, here we are going to place two low walls forming your roof peaks. 


And now we are good to basically seal everything in. Form your jump-ups over here in the corner. We are going to place a window here, over here and here, and then half walls right here. This gives you several doors to get up to the roof, and I would recommend using windows here just so you can’t be held from your roof. 


All right, now we are making some significant progress. The base is actually almost done, which is pretty cool. Coming back up top, here we are going to add all of our roof pieces. For these components here, we are going to get our triangle roof out. We are going to go inside and place them from below. And for these pieces here, we will go inside and, again, place them from below. 


Next, we will switch to our big roofs here, and we are going to be placing them facing out. And sometimes they might get blocked by the furnaces. Be careful. Try and get the furnaces up as close as you can to the wall. And this is essentially the end of the main build, but we still have our gate houses to finish out as well as the turrets and all of that stuff. 


So now you can go ahead and fill up your loot room once the full roof is sealed in. You are no longer worried about people taking all your loot early game. Now you can go ahead and place all your boxes and seal in your loot, and we will go ahead and set up turrets in just a second. 


Gate Houses


All right, so let’s go ahead and get these gatehouses done since they are just sitting here staring at us. Let’s go ahead and add half walls here, and we are going to do regular door frames here, door frame here, and now we are going to go ahead and seal this in. And with this sealed in, we are going to place our barricades on top. A simple way to do this is to simply place two floors off the front here and place your barricades just like this. 


Coming inside here, you will want to place a window here, and we are going to want to replace these four horizontal embrasures quickly. In these spots up here, we are going to add chain link fences. And right here, where we placed the half walls earlier, we are going to add a triangle there. This will eventually be a turret pod, but just so you have it for now, and a double door facing out there.


In these spots here, we are going to go ahead and place two boxes just like this. Oh, and don’t forget your extra double door there. And now we are going to go ahead and place our bed. All right, so to use these peaks here, all you are going to do is add wood boxes here. And this gives you the perfect crouch angle for shooting out of these. Super easy. 


These are fully functional turret pod gate houses that you can respawn in. This brings your total respawn-point count up to six. So we are truly moving now, but we need to connect these back to base. We can’t have twig here forever. Let’s go ahead and delete the twig. 


And we are just going to add two-floor frames here, connecting it just like that so you can run through your compound forever. And as you notice, these gatehouses have a ton of coverage and are super difficult to deal with during raids. 




All right, let’s go ahead and talk turrets. So this base can fit 16 turrets easily, and it is supported by the two batteries that you saw earlier in the video. So we are going to go ahead and place our turbines off of these jump-ups here. We are going to go up two double-door frames just like this with two ceilings on the top, and the turbine will just go right here. 


And basically, all you have to do is run these straight down to the bottom of the base, and here is your battery. That one on this side is just a little bit further of reach, but still not bad. You shouldn’t need roof combiners to get there. 


Now let’s go ahead and place our turrets. So on the roof, there are four turret spots, two here and two here. Inside of open core, there are another four turret spots, two here and two here. That makes for eight turrets on the main base. Coming out in a compound, you have another six turret spots. You do two turrets here and eight turrets here. And that currently gives you a ton of turrets. That is already fourteen. 


And now we are going to go ahead and finish out these turret pods here. So with our turrets placed inside of these pods, we are going to place a regular chain link right here. And now, just so we can use this to segment off the compound, we are going to add additional chain link gates just like that. And your last step here will be to turn this into an actual compound segment. 


So just place floors right there and a barricade on top. And you now have a segmented compound. So with all of this in hand, your base is essentially ready to roll. You have a ton of loot storage as a solo, and this can even work for a duo. I would probably stay away from doing this as a trio, but…


All right, guys, that is the full build for the Mini Igloo. I appreciate you guys sticking around to the end of the video and watching just to see how this base is done. I truly enjoy using this base, and I think you guys will too. So just let me know what you think down below in the comments. If you appreciate the video and want to see more solo content from me, drop a sub down below or a comment or a like just to let me know that you appreciate the content. 


I appreciate you guys, and I will see you in the next video. Peace.


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