The Long Dark: How to Start Tales From the Far Territory

New Regions and New Challenges

The Long Dark has long been an impressive and supremely atmospheric survival game that has kept players coming back for more. With the inclusion of the Tales From the Far Territory DLC, the title promises to impress even further with new cooking, fishing, and crafting mechanics, as well as several additional regions with unique challenges to pursue.

However, players may find themselves a bit confused when they can’t find an obvious way to start playing this new content. The additions to survival mode are clear enough, but how does one reach the Far Territory? In this article, we’ll be walking you through exactly how to get to the far territory, start the first tale, and offer some advice for getting started with the new content.

Before You Begin

The Long Dark: Title screen after DLC

Before you attempt to journey to these new and dangerous regions of Great Bear Island, you’ll want to make sure you’ve downloaded and installed the Tales From the Far Territory DLC, as without it, you won’t be able to access the bulk of its related content. You will notice that the game’s title screen will have changed to match the current version of the DLC, indicating you now have access to the content. If your title screen has not changed, you will likely need to check your downloads to make sure the DLC is properly installed, as well as restart your game.

Unlike the Wintermute content, you won’t find a button that will take you to a separate menu for Tales From the Far Territory. The reason for this is that this pack of DLC content is interacted with solely in Survival Mode.

 Getting Started

Choosing a starting map

Since Tales From the Far Territory is a Survival Mode add-on, there are two ways to start playing in the Far Territory: Start a new survival game or reach the Far Territory in an existing survival game.

1. Start a New Game

Once you’ve visited the Far Territory at least once, you will be able to start a new survival game in the region. To do so, simply start a new survival game and select The Far Territory map. We recommend starting your game inside the Forsaken Airfield region if you intend to play through the first tale as well.

2. Reach the Far Territory

If you haven’t been to the Far Territory before, you’ll need to reach the new region at least once in survival mode before you can start new games there. The Far Territory can be reached by passing through the Far Range Branch Line at the end of the Broken Railroad region. But don’t worry; we’ll walk you through that journey as well.

How to Reach the Far Territory

Before You Go

A well equipped survivor

Depending on what difficulty you’re playing on and your level of survival skills, traveling to The Far Territory might be more difficult than a couple-day hike. The Far Territory is a harsh, unforgiving landscape rich in natural resources and wildlife but scarce in terms of man-made shelters. The regions are characterized by high mountains and broad plains with low temperatures and powerful winds. Not to mention the additional hazards of chemical spills and glimmer fog.

We strongly recommend being well-prepared before attempting this journey. You’ll want both a high core temperature and windproof bonus from your clothing, as you’ll be facing strong winds with limited shelter. Of course, you’ll want several units of tinder, matches, and a few lumps of coal for emergency fires (though coal can be found along the way.) There will be lootable light sources and tools on your route, but you may want to bring a decent supply of food and water as well as deterrents for predators.

Step 1: Broken Railroad

Map of the Broken Railroad

Players wanting to reach the Far Territory can choose to start a new game in the Broken Railroad region to shorten travel distance, but we recommend starting out somewhere more beginner-friendly, such as Mystery Lake, and collecting loot as you make your way west.

Train tunnel entrance surrounded by snow

Once you are properly prepared, follow the railroad west to the bottom left corner of the Broken Railroad map. From there, carefully cross the broken bridge and make your way through the tunnel entrance at the end of the railway. Don’t worry if it’s getting dark or the weather is turning for the worse, as the following region will be largely inside a tunnel, offering you ample shelter.

Step 2: Far Range Branch Line

The next stretch of your journey will take you through a long dark (haha) rail tunnel. If you didn’t bring your own light source, don’t worry, as you can find several options for light, such as torches, flares, and at least one lantern in the tunnel ahead. In fact, a torch will almost always spawn right near your feet at the entrance of the tunnel. Follow the tunnel until the railway ahead is blocked by rubble, then take the side passage on your left.

Up ahead, you’ll find a small side room where you can restock and find a few choice items like a prybar and lantern. From there, you will find the path ahead splits. Both routes will get you where you need to go, though the path to the right is shorter and requires some tools, while the other is longer but can be traversed even while encumbered.

If you go to the right, pry open the door, follow the railroad across the bridge to the rope climbing point near the rail car, and climb down(if a rope isn’t tied to the rocks, you can likely find one inside the rail car.) If you go straight, follow the staircase and climb down the rocks until you reach the riverbed. Both paths will take you to below the bridge. From here, look for a cave in the northeastern corner of the ravine.

Region exit

Inside the cave, you can find coal and the supplies left behind by a few unlucky explorers. Take what you need and rest if necessary, then follow the upward-sloping paths to the cave’s exit. Once out of the cave, return to the railroad tracks ahead and follow them all the way north until you reach another tunnel at the end of the region. Depending on your difficulty settings, this stretch of rails may be stalked by wolves, so be cautious.

Step 3: Transfer Pass

Vacant depot

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the Far Territory, technically. You’ll emerge from the rail tunnel in a region called Transfer Pass, which serves as a hub area for the Far Territory and connects to the other regions. This area is severely lacking in major shelters save for the train station at its core. We recommend following the railway to this Vacant Depot to orient yourself and prepare for your next steps.

Region exits

From the Vacant Depot, players can follow the railway north to the Zone of Contamination or take the highway westward to the Forsaken Airfield.

How to Start the First Tale

Airfield control tower

Once you’ve reached the Far Territory, starting the first of the associated storyline objectives might be your next step. Fortunately, this is a much simpler endeavor now that you can start a new game in the area.

Looking at the Field 31 Operations Memo in the Tower

First, you’ll need to start a new survival game in or reach the Forsaken Airfield region. Head to the iconic Camber Airfield in the center of the region and look for the control tower at the edge of the airstrip. Head inside and climb to the top of the tower, where you should see a note and a handheld radio on the control desk. Once you pick up the note, your in-game journal will begin tracking objectives for the associated tale. 

A New Journey

Amongst the many additional features, new items, and new threats included in the Tales of the Far Territory DLC, players will have a lot of brand-new survival elements to take into consideration. With all of that on your plate, we hope this guide can help ease you into the new content without some of the initial confusion that many players face when first approaching the Far Territory.

Looking for some more pointers to help you survive The Long Dark? Check out our 10 Tips for Getting Started.

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