The Garrison Trio Base Design (2020)

The Garrison Trio Base Design

The Garrison Trio Base Design video is brought to you by our partner Cosmonatic Films.

In general, RUST base designs tend to follow identical base design footprints, due to RUST’s structured and limited build system. However, what sits atop of each footprint is what really makes the base design unique and I tell you now, this base is unique, well thought out, and is genuinely fun to actively defend against raiders and play as a Trio group! 

The Garrison is a single tool cupboard base, designed for use on vanilla RUST servers, focusing on practical defense measures while also keeping in mind livability. While the base may appear tightly placed, it’s quite easy to move around its corridors with a group of three, and the strategically placed shoots allow for an even faster in and out, which comes handy whether you’re defending or farming. Lots of time can be lost going through a maze of doors. We’ve all been there, unlocking, re-locking, opening, closing doors – It’s the typical rinse, wash, repeat. Having lived this nightmare of base designs in the past, the open corridor model is a fresh perspective that I highly recommend giving a try.

Garrison Trio Base Design Features

  • Starter-to-Main Base Design
  • Single Tool Cupboard
  • Door Block Airlocks
  • Easy & Quick Access Drop Boxes
  • Internal & External Defensive Peakdowns
  • Internal Auto Turrets with Full Angle Visibility on Corridors
  • External Auto Turrets with Full 360 Degrees Perimeter Coverage
  • Quick Entry Access Into the Corridors via Vertical Shoots
  • Quick Exits Access Out of the Base
  • Inclosed, 360-Degree Shooting Gallery
  • 360-Degree Roof Access & Battlements, including Sam Site
  • Mini Copter Landing Pad & Hangar
  • Ample Storage Space (21+ Large Boxes)

Base Deployables

  • 21 Large Boxes
  • 5 Small Boxes
  • 6 Furnaces
  • 9 Sleeping Bags
  • 1 Locker
  • 1 Fridge
  • Tier 2 Workbench
  • Tier 3 Workbench
  • 4 Shotgun Traps
  • 1 Sam Site
  • 6 Auto Turrets
  • 1 CCTV Station
  • 6 Siren Lights
  • 2 Large Batteries
  • 10-20 Solar Panels
  • 21 Garage Doors
  • 5 Armored Doors
  • 6 Sheet Metal Doors
  • 13 Window Embrasurers
  • 13 Reinforced Windows
  • 12 Sandbag Barricades

Fortify Blueprint


Garrison Trio Base Design Build Cost

  • High-Quality Metal:  120 +/-
  • Metal Fragments:  13,600 +/-
  • Stone: 22,400 +/-
  • Wood: 7,500 +/-

With Deployables:

  • High-Quality Metal: 500 +/-
  • Metal Fragments: 30,000 +/-
  • Stone: 25,000 +/-
  • Wood: 17,000 +/-
  • Gears: 75 +/-

Garrison Trio Base Design Base Upkeep Cost

  • High-Quality Metal: 50 +/-
  • Metal Fragments: 4,900 +/-
  • Stone: 4,800 +/-
  • Wood: N/A

Raid Cost

The Garrison Trio Base Design will cost approximately 28 Rockets to acquire the tool cupboard and it’s main loot, within the ideal route and conditions.

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Video Transcript

It’s widely understood that today in Rust, the current building meta revolves around wall stacking and multi TC bases. We all know the benefits of this technique, but I wanted the challenge of trying to build a new base that rivals the strongest designs on my channel, while maintaining tons of features without the difficulty of a wall stacked multi TC base.


Introducing The Garrison, a simple single TC base, built with as many practical defenses as possible, while maintaining features and livability. Inner peek down corridors to repel raiders, auto turrets that cover all angles in the corridor including 360 degrees outside the base, quick access to the corridors via the chutes, as well as quick access exits out of the base. It also has an enclosed shooting floor, and roof battlements on top of the base.


Besides its defenses though, it can be built from a starter, can be progressed in stages as you acquire the resources, provides a landing pad with mini copter hangar, has lots of room for items, deployables, storage, and can comfortably fit a small group. This is the structure build cost, and total cost including deployables. Upkeep. Deployables list. Plus or minus 28 rockets for the cheapest route with ideal conditions. Here’s a quick tour.


Coming up to the main entrance we enter the base through an armored door airlock, protected by a shotgun trap. The campfire acts as a ramp to improve maneuverability when entering the base. Five large boxes to quickly dump loot. Open concept for easy access to utilities, loot, and living spaces. Three auto turret pods that can be manually toggled from inside the base. Three auto turret pods that protect the base’s inner corridor. Inner peek down battlements to repel raiders. Lots of potential for different deployables that fit your needs. Optional CCTV integration.


We’ll make our way up to the second floor, where we’ll find even more storage. Moving up the chute, we enter the mini copter storage hangar. Above this chute is our roof access, which we will come back to in a minute. Through this garage door is a mini copter landing pad, with optional lights to assist with night time landings. Inner corridor peek downs provide multiple angles to catch raiders off guard.


Corridor auto turrets also provide some defense to this floor if raiders find themselves trying to use your peek downs against you. Window battlements for engaging players. Quick access corridor chutes for defense, or getting to the ground floor fast, but also quick access exits out of the base.


Going up this elevator chute will bring us up to our roof access. Window battlements to look out for and fight players that may be on your roof. Roof battlements for PVPing or taking the attack chopper. The roof provides multiple different vantage points, and angles to attack from.


Stone barricade type deployables provide extra cover without increasing upkeep. Going back down the elevator chutes, we’ll make our way to the core of the base, which is protected by various levels of undrainable shotgun traps. Smart switches for lights, auto turret pod garage doors, and main loot. Tool cupboard and upkeep – over two days’ worth of upkeep when fully stocked. Here’s how to build it.


Start by ensuring that this footprint will fit the terrain you plan to build it in. It is preferable to build on flatish terrain so you can place deployables in the corridor. Remove excess foundations. Build your starter unit. Don’t’ keep anything high value in the airlock room until you expand the base. Be aware that this start unit will utilize double doors for its airlock. Be mindful in entering and exiting your starter unit until you expand with more doors.


When you need more space, start your second floor expansion. I recommend using this area for overflow chest storage. Temporarily place a twig floor to place the walls down easier. Build half height shelves for storage and jump up chutes. Utilize the garage door here if you have it researched. If you use a sheet metal double door, it will prevent you from having roof access unless you expand the chute to the third floor.


This next chunk is recommended to be built in its entirety. Unfortunately, that makes it the most expensive stage, requiring about 21,000 stone and 2,300 metal frags to fully enclose and secure it properly. After the exterior corridor walls are built, you can make the inner peek downs. Then enclose the shooting floor with windows and doors respectively. Replace the double door with the garage door when you have enough resources to do so, and or if you need to start utilizing the mini copter hangar. Additionally, build a landing pad. Consider adding some sort of lights to aid with night time landings. Build your external auto turret pods. From the shooting floor, build your quick access exits.


When you have the resources, consider expanding with window battlements on top of your roof. While you don’t necessarily have to incorporate these roof battlements if you want to decrease your upkeep, I highly recommend you consider them as they provide many great vantage points and angles to attack from. It will be essential that you replace your main entrance doors with two armoured doors when you acquire them. Optionally, you can use a reinforced window in the corridor wall if you want to see out of the auto turret pods. Otherwise, the stone wall is still sufficient if you are no longer able to demolish it.


Over time, build respective frames and occupy them with garage doors. Prioritize the core of the base, and work your way outward. This also applies for upgrading the base, which we will be covering soon. Before enclosing your tool cupboard, upgrade the foundation to sheet metal, and the back left wall to high quality metal, as you will not be able to do so easily once you place a window frame in front of the TC. Replace the exterior sheet metal door with an armored door.


These are a low priority, but technically they have to be in place to equalize the raid cost, even though it is unlikely any raiders would attempt to enter through that as a raid path anyways. Add two additional garage doors in between the mini copter hangar and the landing pad to isolate the shooting floor. Lastly, replace the exterior sheet metal door to armoured for the roof access airlock. Upgrade the base to their final build grades as shown when you acquire the resources to do so.


Finally, here’s my recommendations for how to furnish your deployables. Five large boxes go on the ground in front of the main entrance for quickly dumping loot. Six furnaces between these two corners. Two large boxes fit in each of these four spots. Tier 3 with two small boxes under it. Three sleeping bags. Tier 2 with a small box under it, and three more sleeping bags. Utilize non-essential features to this circuit as it is most vulnerable.


Check the video description for a link on how to build the two electrical systems. Optional CCTV station integration. Place the fridge and locker deployables above on these triangles to put them out of the way, while still keeping them accessible. Utilize the campfire in the main entrance to improve maneuverability onto the drop boxes. Large battery goes in this triangle in the core.


I recommend connecting essential electrical components to this circuit, such as auto turrets and a SAM site. Again, check the video description for how to build the two battery electrical systems. Utilize this area as a main loot room. Ensure the garage doors and the floor below are closed to properly place the boxes. Use the second floor for more large box storage. Add more campfires to improve maneuverability. Outfit your roof with battlements with horizontal window embrasures. Use vertical window embrasures on the shooting floor to improve line of sight to players on the ground. Place iron lights in between the peek down holes.


And that’s how you build the base. While it certainly is not the strongest, at its worst, it will still provide a serious challenge to most. But at its best, its defenses will be your last stand, that is, if you’re not offline. I hope you enjoyed the build.


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