The Fortress Duo Base Design (2020)

A Modern Twist to the Fortress Base Design

This RUST base design video, The Fortress Duo, is brought to you by our partner xRaw. This base is designed for vanilla servers and solo or duo play.

The Fortress is a multi-purpose base, designed for solo/duo play on vanilla servers. The base utilizes a series of advanced base-building techniques, such as an interior roof bunker,  an electrical system with an automated raid notification system, and more.

Upon viewing the base design’s exterior, you’ll immediately take notice of the 4 turret pods that provide full 360-degree protection. Along with this, there are two ground entrances and a roof access point that helps to prevent griefing and door camping.

Deeper in, there are two main loot rooms, along with two secondary loot rooms. Splitting the loot evenly across the base. Smartly placed shotgun traps cover shoot entrances and items are compactly placed to utilize every bit of space.

The Fortress Duo Base Features

  • Starter-to-Main Base Design
  • Door Block Airlocks
  • Bunker Entrance
  • Anti-Door Camping Measures
  • Undrainable Trap Placements
  • Compact Item Placements
  • Easy & Quick Access Drop Boxes
  • External Auto Turrets  360-Degree Protection
  • Ample Storage Space
  • Intelligent Loot Spreading
  • Minicopter Landing Pad & Hangar
  • Low Upkeep Cost
  • Simple Base Footprint
  • Roof Access

Items Found Inside the Base

  • 2 Beds
  • 4 Sleeping Bags
  • 1 Repair Bench
  • 1 Tier 2 Workbench
  • 1 Tool Cupboard
  • 1 Research Bench
  • 1 Mixing Table
  • 4 Auto Turrets
  • 9 Shotgun Traps
  • 6 Campfires
  • 24 Small Boxes
  • 13 Large Boxes
  • 4 Solar Panels
  • 1 HBHF Sensor
  • 1 Medium Rechargeable Battery
  • 3 Electrical Branches
  • 3 Root Combiners
  • 1 Splitter
  • 1 Smart Alarm
  • 1 Storage Monitor

Building Cost

  • High-Quality Metal: 158
  • Metal Fragments: 14,030
  • Stone: 10,005
  • Wood: 5,505

Upkeep Cost

  • High-Quality Metal: 28
  • Metal Fragments: 4,232
  • Stone: 1,766
  • Wood: 212

Raid Cost

This RUST base design will cost approximately 27 rockets to raid directly to the tool cupboard when following the cheapest path.  To access all loot rooms along with the tool cupboard, it will cost considerably more rockets.

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Video Transcript

The Fortress, a multi-purpose solo-duo base design with a number of features. 2 main loot rooms and 2 secondary loot rooms. 360-degree auto turret coverage with 2 entrances as well as roof access. An optional bunker entrance which can be added at any stage of the build. A fully automated raid notification system and undrainable shotgun traps.


The Fortress will take a minimum of 27 Rockets to raid directly to the Tool Cupboard if taking the cheapest path. This can be increased rather easily with more honeycomb, but we’ll keep to the cheapest base for this video. I may create a tougher version of this base in the future – be sure to leave a like and comment if this is something you’d like to see.


First, we have the items used in the electricals of the base; here is how it works (credit to Alpha Fox for creating this for me). We then have 4 sleeping bags and 2 beds, followed by your repair bench.


We have a tier 2 workbench, but you can easily fit a tier 3 if you want, then your TC, research table, and mixing table. For the base defense, we then have 9+ shotgun traps and 4 auto turrets. For storage, we then have 6 campfires, 24 small boxes, and 13 large boxes, but you can kit the base however you want.


Just before we get into the tour, for any of you interested in joining my discord, you can find the link below. We are starting to make it more active for sharing ideas and discussing concepts, and we are aiming to host weekly giveaways like this one in the upcoming future!


Heading over to the base, you can see the 2 turret pods on the front; we have 2 on the back as well, providing 360 auto turret coverage. Into the base, we have a shotgun trap for a little defense followed by an optional ladder hatch for more security. Here we have some outside visibility as well as access to the auto turret for ammo refills and the doors for manual closing.


Through the door, we have the electrical system but place this where you want; we then have some furnaces and the 1st secondary loot room.


Onto this side of the base, we have a mirror image entrance with auto turret access again and the 2nd secondary loot room.


Roof access is here via the chute, and these two window frames can be replaced for doors to build a shooting floor here, and the rear 2 auto turrets can be accessed via the roof.


Through here, we have the roof bunker, which is non-splashable from the outside and can be removed by picking the window and embrasure up and then destroying the twig floor holding it up. The beds here provide easy accessibility with the ladder to climb up.


Finally, the core of the base which holds undrainable shotgun traps, your 2 primary loot rooms, 2 beds, many furnaces and your tool cupboard with a fairly modest upkeep cost for the protection it provides.


The footprint of the base is simple. Starting as a square and 3 triangles for your secure starter before expanding to add an additional loot room. We then add the bunker entrance and honeycomb for additional strength.


To begin, we want to build a slightly raised triangle foundation, ensuring that behind us is a similar, or lower, level of ground; this is important for the bunker to work. We then build a square and 2 triangles, wall and roof everything off, and add your door. Place your TC in the triangle here with a furnace and then fill this loot room how you’d like. Place your workbench here followed by some furnaces, and finally, your bag and your good to go.


To expand, simply add a square here and then mirror the side of the base we have already built. When you get the garage door BP swap the doors for these, but the base works with sheet doors too.


To build the bunker mechanism, you need to place the foundations like this before the roofs otherwise, it may block placement at a later stage. Leave this half wall as wood for now so you can use the chute as a jump up. If you have all the blueprints, you can build the bunker now following the timestamp on screen now. Finally, place the door on top to secure and then the roofs to gain access to the roof.


If you’ve been building in stone till now, make sure everything is upgraded to metal now before we proceed to the next stage with HQM in the places I show here.


For part 4 we’re going to add some additional honeycomb to secure the base on the bottom floor. I’ve sped this up to 2x, so slow it down if you need.


For the next part, we want to wall and roof of the top floor as I do here and then fill in with double door frames and garage doors. Expand the chute up again to the top floor for more security and then kit out your loot rooms and the floor as you want.


Before using the bunker, you need a ladder blueprint as a minimum. I’d recommend placing beds here for easier access into the bunker.


Destroy the wooden floor we placed and add a window frame here facing outwards and your set. To seal the bunker, jump in and place a twig floor or frame and add your roof on top. Upgrade to metal and then add your reinforced window and embrasure to prevent splash damage.


When online for ease of use, leave your bunker open and use a ladder to climb in and out, only sealing when you log off.


Next, we want to secure some areas of the base. Add some honeycomb to this spot on both sides of the base. Next, we want to create a more secure entrance, so build a triangle out and add a door to the front. Then add a ladder hatch frame incase you want to add this later and your window frames for visibility. Repeat on the other side.


Finally, we want to build the 4 turret pods. To do so, add double door frames where I do here and fill them with double doors or garage doors. Add your turrets and link them up to your electricity, and your good to go.

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