The Forest: Rabbit Trap

Learn how to build and use the rabbit trap

Finding enough food in The Forest can be a hassle sometimes. With all the sprinting, climbing, and cannibal murdering you’ll be doing, you’ll need a lot of calories to keep you going. Small animals are a great source of meat, but their speed can make them a pain to hunt. Fortunately, rabbit traps can passively generate a steady supply of critters to snack on if you know how to use them.
Additionally, the rabbit trap serves a dual purpose, allowing players to capture fish if constructed in a body of water.
This guide will walk you through building and setting rabbit and fish traps and offer advice on the best locations to place them.

How to build the rabbit trap

The Forest — How to Build Rabbit Traps

Rabbit traps require a hefty bundle of wood to construct, and building one trap requires the following:

  • 31 Sticks

Sticks can be found on the ground everywhere there are trees, which is effectively the vast majority of the island. You can also generate sticks by slashing through saplings and bushes and knocking down cannibal totems.

Once you have a bundle of twigs handy, open your survival book to the section labeled “Traps and Defenses.” Pick out the rabbit trap and click on it. Set down the trap outline on a flat surface and pile on the sticks.

The best locations for rabbit trap placement

The Forest — Placing the Rabbit Trap

Rabbit traps work best on open terrain where small animals are abundant. Here are a few tips for finding a good location for your traps:

Utilize areas you frequent

Animals, like enemies, will not spawn in an area unless the player is close by. That means your traps aren’t likely to catch anything while you’re on the other side of the map. Pick somewhere you know you will be spending time, such as near your base.

Flat spaces

Small animals spawn most abundantly on flat terrain. Look for open fields and plateaus, or clear out a grove of trees to make room. Keeping visibility high also makes checking your traps from a distance easier. It also makes it more difficult for enemies to sneak up on you while resetting your traps.

Hunting grounds

If you have a favorite location for hunting or farming materials, consider building some rabbit traps nearby. Having these traps near your hunting grounds passively captures animals and allows you to manually chase critters into the traps.

How to build the fish trap

Fish traps are constructed differently and must be placed in shallow water. Additionally, you will need the following:
  • 28 Sticks
  • 2 Rope
Ropes can be found in cannibal villages, caves, and boats or crafted with several pieces of cloth.
To build a fish trap, select the rabbit trap from the abovementioned survival book and move the structure outline to a body of water. The outline should change from the square rabbit trap to the more tube-shaped fish trap.

The best locations for fish trap placement

The Forest — Placing the Fish Trap

Fish traps work best in shallow water with visible schools of fish. Here are a couple of pointers on how to best place fish traps:

Utilize areas you frequent

As with rabbit traps, fish traps will not function unless you are nearby.

Shallow water

While it is technically possible to place fish traps in deeper water, the inability to use a weapon while swimming makes capturing deep-water fish useless. Place fish traps close enough to shore to reach them with a spear.

Look for fish

Fish traps require fish to be visible from the surface to function. Fish of this nature are most commonly found in shallow ponds, river banks, and lakeshores.

How to use the rabbit trap and fish trap

The Forest — Using the Traps

There are a few specific advantages and things to remember when it comes to rabbit traps.

Not just rabbits

Despite its name, the rabbit trap can capture several species of small animals and fish. This includes squirrels, raccoons, lizards, and of course, rabbits. Larger animals such as deer, boar, crocodiles, and geese can trigger the traps but are unaffected by them.

Also for fish

The fish version of the rabbit trap can (reportedly) capture fish and hold them in one place. However, you will still have to spear the fish with either an upgraded or weak spear to pick them up. Be sure to have a repair tool handy to fix up damaged traps.

Animal husbandry

Another structure, the Rabbit Cage, requires the rabbit trap to be useful. The player can pick up rabbits captured by the trap and be transported to rabbit cages. The rabbits will breed if there is more than one rabbit in a single cage.

Resetting the trap

Each time a rabbit trap is triggered, it must be reset before it can catch another critter. This will cost one stick and require the trap to be fully repaired if it is damaged. However, kill or remove captured animals before resetting the trap, or your dinner might run off.

Tips and tricks for using rabbit and fish traps

The Forest — Tips and Tricks for Using These Traps

  • Setting multiple traps on top of each other can multiply captured animals. There is a bug where an animal triggering more than one rabbit trap simultaneously will be “caught” by all of them, turning one rabbit into up to four. 
  • You can build a wall of these traps and then sprint through an area to chase small animals into the traps. This is a great way to generate meat and skin rapidly.
  • They are fragile; several weapons can destroy them in a single hit. Be careful what you use to kill animals you have trapped, or you may also accidentally destroy your trap. Low-damage weapons such as the weak spear and tennis racket are safe bets, while the slingshot should not damage the trap. 
  • t should be noted that the fish variant of the rabbit trap is notoriously buggy. These bugs can range anywhere from the building outline sinking through terrain to the trap, simply never catching a single fish.

Final thoughts on the rabbit trap

Whether you’re looking to start a rabbit farm or are just tired of chasing critters around the map, the rabbit trap is a great addition to your hunter-gatherer routine. Real wilderness survivors let engineering do the hard work for them.

For more insights, check out The Forest Traps Guide for an overview of all the available traps in Endnight Game’s The Forest.

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