The Forest: How to Save Your Progress

Learn the ins and outs of how to save your progress in The Forest

Saving your progress while trying to survive the harsh environment of the peninsula is very important. There are many different ways to save your game, and many of these save points allow you to sleep and pass the time. 

This guide will show you everything you need to know about saving points in The Forest.

Save point basics

When starting on the peninsula, one of the first things you should focus on is finding someplace to take shelter. This serves many purposes, such as protection against cannibals, having a home base to craft and relax, and, most importantly, being able to save your game and sleep. 

There are many locations where you can save your game in The Forest, below are our recommended save points to build your base near or to use at your convenience: 

  • The Yacht: The yacht is one of the best areas to hole up in the early game as it provides medicine, rope, shelter, and a place to save that’s out in the water, away from danger. To get to the yacht, simply travel south towards the coastline a bit to the southeast. There will be a large beach with dead sharks located on it. In the water, a bit will be the yacht, waiting for you to make it your new home. 
  • Pond Tents: Just south of the sinkhole lies a couple of tents near a pond. This area is good for an early game small shelter, as you have access to freshwater. There aren’t that many mutant spawns nearby; however, around day 7, you should have enough gear or a decent base built to keep yourself safe in this area. You may meet light resistance from time to time, so this location is perfect for multiplayer to handle cannibal patrols. Single-player in this location is okay, but the yacht location is better to start with for newbies. 
  • Film Crew Camp: To find this location, head north of the great tree on the southeasternmost point of the map and you can find this south of geese lake. This may be a bit of a journey. However, this trip will be worth your time as it is a great place to stock up on supplies. This location boasts many supplies, spawning several yellow crates that may contain modern arrows to quickly deal a lot of damage. This is also a great location to grab the Old Pot early game. This location boasts a few spawn locations for deer, as it can be considered one of the best locations in the game to find them. One of the tents provides a save point that you can build walls and a gate around. This location has you relatively close to water to be used via the Old Pot and is a good spot to set up rabbit traps when you go down into nearby caves. 

Crafting your save points

You can also craft your own save points, and we recommend it as many of the save points in the game are on the path of cannibal or mutant patrols. Save points are crucial to your survival if you get into a position where you wish to revert a previous save status. Having frequent save points built will allow you to make sure that you don’t harm your progress when making critical decisions. 

Here are the save points that you can craft and the materials required to accomplish that:

Temporary Shelter

The Forest - Temporary Shelter

It will break upon use for sleeping. It is good to craft as its materials are easy to gather. This is best used for early game and setting a location marker seen on your HUD for finding. Good for getting through your first couple of nights, as this save point is easy to craft and serves as a safe zone to pass the time. Cannibals and Mutants are rampant at nighttime without mods or cheats, so we recommend sleeping as soon as the sun sets. You cannot physically enter this shelter, nor does it protect against cold status ailments. 

You can craft a Temporary Shelter with the following:

  • 26 leaves 
  • 14 sticks

Hunting Shelter

The Forest - Hunting Shelter

You will not be able to enter this shelter physically, nor will it protect against cold weather or rain. Building a fire nearby will allow you to avoid these status ailments. This structure will last much longer than a temporary shelter with a different material cost. We recommend you build this shelter early before you build the Temporary Shelter. This will serve as a base of operation for stashing the fruits of your animal hunting early on.

You can craft a Hunting Shelter with the following:

  • 7 sticks
  • 6 rocks
  • 7 logs

Log Cabin

The Forest - Log Cabin

This structure is considered the largest non-custom shelter that a player can build in the early game. The resource cost is high, so we recommend using this structure for multiplayer games. This structure generates more significant amounts of aggro towards cannibals and mutants, so attempt to make very few of these unless you’d rather deal with more onslaughts from the natives of the peninsula. 

This structure has a large amount of health while being attacked; however, if destroyed, it can set the player back rather far if they have trees set not to regrow. 

You can craft a Log Cabin with the following:

  • 82 logs

Small Cabin

The Forest - Small Cabin

This structure is very similar to the log cabin; however, it has minor differences. If certain variables apply, you can attach a climbing rope and a tree bridge to it. A fire built inside will apply more aggro to the player. This structure does contain a few bugs, as sometimes the blueprint may not work appropriately due to said bugs. Reloading the game may not fix this bug so use this blueprint at your discretion. 

You can craft a Small Cabin with the following:

  • 13 logs

Tree House

The Forest - Tree House

Tired of sleeping on the ground? Want to have more creative freedom while crafting or building a suitable base? This will be your go-to for more interesting crafting ideas. To utilize a Tree House for optimal safety, simply find a large tree and set up the blueprint by placing it in your ideal location. This also allows you to build tree bridges and other elevated structures.

Another major advantage of utilizing this structure allows the player to deal with cannibals and mutants from an elevated position and allows them to destroy their opponents with ranged weaponry. However, a disadvantage of using a Tree House without proper protection is that it will enable mutants and even cannibals to attack the base of the tree where the structure is built, causing the tree to fall and complete destruction of the structure.

The Tree House can be accessed by rope. We recommend building this structure near the edge of your fortress walls so mutants can’t easily take down your tree but also allows you to deal with threats from a distance. 

You can craft a Tree House with the following:

  • 35 logs
  • 1 rope (optional)

Alpine Treehouse

The Forest - Alpine Tree House

Very similar to the Tree House, but has a different shape and different materials required to craft. We recommend not to light a fire inside of this structure, same as the Tree House as it can draw unwanted attention (unless you love a good fight). This structure has the same pros and cons as the Tree House contains. 

We recommend this structure for areas that contain fewer logs, otherwise, a Tree House will suffice just the same. 

You can craft an Alpine Treehouse with the following:

  • 18 sticks
  • 29 logs
  • 1 rope (optional)

Small Bed

The Forest - Small Bed

This structure works as a shelter even though it is open and easily destroyed. It will not protect you from cold or rain; however, it is relatively easy to build and mainly used as cosmetics or for convenience in a pinch. This structure is good for building within player-built walls and can be crafted quickly if the player is in a location that has a large rabbit population. 

You can build a Small Bed with the following:

  • 17 sticks
  • 1 rope
  • 4 rabbit furs

Final tips to take away for save points in The Forest:

  • You can only sleep within a certain amount of time, usually about nearly half of an in-game day. We recommend that you rest when the sun sets and you have enough food and supplies for the night. 
  • You cannot craft tents or other save points than those specified. 
  • The best time to save your game is before modding your game or before you decide to go on a long journey. 
  • You MUST always save your game in multiplayer as it saves your current inventory before you log out. If you fail to save your multiplayer game, your inventory will revert to the last time you saved it, and if you have read our weapons guide, you may lose potential upgrades, too, so saving your progress is critical when playing online. 
  • When you reach the final area, you will be faced with one last save point just after you exit the sinkhole, and this will be your last chance to save your game before you reach the point of no return. 

For more information on getting started, be sure to check out The Forest Beginner’s Guide.

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