The Forest: How to Repair & Remove Structures

The Forest: How to Repair & Remove Structures

Is your home camp looking rough? You can repair it!

After you get your bearings on the peninsula, you may consider some areas where you would like to begin setting up your base. Regardless of where you decide to build, mutants or cannibals will eventually find your base camp and often will try to break through to destroy your hard work. This guide teaches you how to repair and remove structures and build things more efficiently. 

The repair tool basics

You will want to acquire the repair tool relatively early in the game, as it is the only tool to repair any of your damaged structures. It also allows you to clear the bush out and gather sticks from the smaller trees faster than the plane axe since it doesn’t consume stamina, and you can swing the repair tool while sprinting. Another exciting feature that the repair tool boasts is the ability to kill birds that may take roost on your structures without damaging said structures. 

A repair tool is efficient for repairing your structures; however, it cannot be used as a combat weapon against cannibals and mutants as it deals no damage. The repair tool is often regarded as more efficient than the machete for gathering leaves and sticks as it consumes no stamina at the cost of a smaller range. 

The developers of The Forest implemented the repair tool to add a new way for players to fix their structures, as the old method required players to utilize large amounts of sap. 

To craft a repair tool, you will need the following ingredients to combine them on the crafting mat:

  • 2 Sticks
  • 1 Rock
  • 2 Cloth
  • 10 Sap

It can be relatively easy to acquire most of these materials in the early game. However, getting sap may be a bit confusing when you first learn the game’s many mechanics. The sap item drops randomly from fallen trees using an axe-like tool such as the plane or the crafted axe. 

The Forest — Harvesting Sap with an Axe

This method of gathering sap doesn’t seem incredibly efficient, as it can take a while to collect a large amount of sap for upgrades or crafting. Not only will it take longer, you will also attract a large amount of cannibal and mutant attention by cutting down a large number of trees in the area, which may prove problematic if you don’t have a repair tool to keep your base protected and standing strong. 

One of the best ways to gather sap is to utilize a Sap Collector; however, this comes with the cost of losing an Old Pot for the recipe. We recommend grabbing one pot for water and keeping it until you find another to make a sap collector, as, without an old pot at your disposal, gathering water may be a bit more of a pain than without one. 

How to repair structures in The Forest

Eventually, the cannibals will be curious about your newly built fortress and may decide it’s not up to their building code. They will send in patrols to start taking down your hard work by sending in cannibals and mutants to get you erased from existence on the peninsula. Should any of your walls become damaged, there is an easy fix (pun intended). 

To repair your structures, simply equip your repair tool and walk up to the damaged structure until you see a prompt showing a divided circle into sections. With more sections added, the more damaged your structure is. 

The Forest — Holding the Repair Tool

To repair these structures, you simply need to use the repair tool on the structures. Your character will then start hammering away at the walls, slowly filling the sectioned circle prompt with yellow, indicating that your repairs are actually working. 

The structure will not be restored until you manage to fill the circular ‘repair meter,’ so keep that in mind should you get distracted by more cannibals or mutants. You can repair structures as cannibals or mutants are still attacking them, negating their damage should you successfully complete the repairs. 

Structure durability

You may be curious about how much punishment most of the structures you build can handle, as some of the smaller stick-based crafting structures are weaker than a wooden cabin shelter. For a general rule of thumb, any stick-based structures (structures that use sticks instead of logs) will only take a couple of hits from cannibals, and most cannot be repaired. Mutants can usually destroy these small structures in a single blow. The smaller structures are also very susceptible to explosives, so take caution when playing with your homemade bombs. 

The larger structures, or usually anything that requires logs to be built, have a larger health pool and can be repaired in most cases. These structures can take a bit more abuse than their smaller counterparts. However, nearly every structure in the game will be completely destroyed if you drop a tree onto them or if they are damaged by direct contact with dynamite or other explosives. Cannibals will only start breaking through these types of structures if they group up and coordinate attacks on a single structure. Of course, a single cannibal can take down a larger structure on its own, but it would take them quite a while to do so. 

Mutants pose a much more significant threat, however, as they significantly damage structures, especially the Cowman, as they can quickly charge through weakened structures. Should your base face a mutant patrol, it is advised to take them out as quickly as you can to avoid having to rebuild your structures again. 

How to remove structures in The Forest

Want to make some quick adjustments to your base? There are a few ways to quickly and easily remove structures from your base, some with the use of mods and some by methods that can be done across all platforms. 

Hole cutter method

Usually, this tool is used to cut holes into specific structures; however, it doubles as a quick and efficient way to destroy walls and other parts of your base that you wish to demolish. The hole cutter is good for removing certain portions of a structure, like small custom walls that you no longer want, or to make a short gap to attach a climbing rope. The host must have building destruction enabled to use the hole cutter in multiplayer. 

Remember that the hole cutter doesn’t destroy everything and will cut a hole into custom floors, roofs, or foundations. 

To utilize the destructive powers of the hole cutter, open the blueprint from your survival guide, highlight the structure you wish to destroy, and place the hole cutter blueprint over it. This action should highlight the desired piece to be destroyed in a red outline. All left to do is place the blueprint to eliminate the specific highlighted part. 

Ultimate cheat menu (Mods)

If you haven’t already, check out our mod guide to download the ultimate cheat menu mod. This mod will allow you to access several developer functions, one of them being the ability to destroy any structure with a single strike instantly. 

Once you have the ultimate cheat menu mod installed and are in the game, you can press the F1 key to open the menu and select ‘Instant Building Destroy.‘ To quickly destroy any structure of your choosing, simply strike the building of your choice with any tool, and it should collapse instantly. Make sure you turn this cheat off in the menu when you are finished, or you may accidentally take out other structures.

Final thoughts on repairing and removing structures

With these few concepts in your knowledge bank, you can effectively repair and remove structures at will in The Forest. Be sure to check out The Forest Beginner’s Guide for more tips and tricks to help you along the way.

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