The Forest: How to Get Into the Sinkhole

Learn how to get into the sinkhole, safe and sound.

One of the most curious landmarks on the peninsula is the giant gaping hole, known as the sinkhole, that reaches down a very long distance, found nearly in the center of the map. This sinkhole is massive and is incredibly useful for using as a way to quickly figure out where you are and also contains the path to the end of the game. After a few days of surviving on the peninsula, you may wonder how to get there. This guide will show you the many different ways to get into the sinkhole, including a step-by-step tutorial on how to get there. 

Do note that you may not be able to get out of the sinkhole if you lack certain vital items like the climbing axe, rebreather, and keycard, so make sure that you are prepared before you attempt the following. 

Let’s jump into it. Here are a few methods for getting into the sinkhole:

1. A leap of faith

The Forest — A Leap of Faith into the Sinkhole

 If for some reason, you get separated from your party down in the sinkhole, or if you want to take on the final area in blazing glory, you can use ziplines to make a line over the sinkhole. To do this, set up the first zipline blueprint at the highest point of the sinkhole, indicated by a large pile of rocks near one side. 

Then, take the next blueprint and place it on the lower, adjacent side of the sinkhole. After you take a deep breath and prepare for the worst, ride the zipline until about halfway over the sinkhole and dropdown. Look for the pool of water in the center of the sinkhole and aim your body in that direction. 

If done correctly, you should land in the water safely for you to explore the bottom of the sinkhole as you see fit. 

2. Build a wooden bridge

This method is relatively simple but can be a bit time-consuming. All you do is detect where the pool of water is located at the bottom of the sinkhole and begin building a wooden bridge as if you were making an oversized diving board. Once everything is ready and mapped out, you can jump off the bridge into the pool of water below. 

Farket covered this method in one of their videos, which you may find rather entertaining.

Remember that cannibals and mutants can destroy your bridge, so you may have to make frequent repairs for multiple trips to the bottom of the sinkhole.

3. The stairway to hell

If you have the time and want to bypass the building floor halfway through the sinkhole, there is a difficult way to achieve this; however, it can be fun if you’ve done nearly everything else on the peninsula. 

This method is much easier if you play in creative mode with cheats enabled. If not, you must already have a moderately safe method of getting down into the sinkhole. Before you descend down into the sinkhole, set up a wooden wall that is a bit sideways. This may take some time to get right. Once you place the first part of the blueprint, make your way down into the sinkhole and find a large pile of rocks. This pile of rocks should be about the highest point in the sinkhole, where you should be able to bypass the building floor and allow you to place the second half of the blueprint. This method will take some time to finish, but you’ll have a consistent and easy way to enter the sinkhole any time you wish! 

The proper way to get in and out of the sinkhole

Before you begin this journey, check out our story progression guide to gather all the required key items you will need to enter and exit the sinkhole as the developers intended. Have some dynamite or bombs ready, as you will need them. We recommend that you have all the healing items and weapons you’d like, as this will be a long journey, and the main purpose of entering the sinkhole is to complete the story of The Forest.

Head to the land bridge just northeast of the sinkhole. Once you are crossing the landbridge, with the lake to your right, head straight north, towards mountains in the distance. Shortly after you finish crossing the bridge, you will come across a large pile of rocks with a climbing rope that will take you down into a cave.

Head straight down the path until you get to another climbing rope. There will be some cannibals that you can snipe from this distance, or you can take them on in melee combat. Once you descend the rope and handle the cannibals, a wooden barricade will be ahead. Break through the barricade and another set of barricades and proceed deeper into the cave. 

This cave section will open up significantly and has a very long drop-off. If you head to the left-hand path, you can gather some cloth and bomb materials to the left. To progress, head to the rope slightly to your right upon entry of the large opening. If you can see in the distance, if you head further right, you will encounter an armsy, so heading straight for the rope is recommended. 

Descend the rope, and you can gather more supplies. You will see another rope to descend. Shortly after your descent, you look to the left, and you should see another rope to descend. After this rope, there will be a wall to your left that you can climb with the climbing axe; however, you can also glitch a jump here if you lack the climbing axe. You will need the climbing axe to exit this cave later, so proceed cautiously. 

After you clear the wall, head down the nearest rope, and you will see another wall to your right to climb or jump across. Clear the gap by your preferred means and descend the rope that you come across next. This rope will take you to an area with multiple cannibals and some mutant babies. After finishing them, you will come across an area that will prompt you to shimmy through. 

Once you clear that area, hang on the left-hand side of the gaping hole you will see in this new area. This gaping hole contains a rope that can be climbed down into the pit. Descend the rope and then turn until you see a cave opening that follows a straight path. Follow it, and you should come across a tent where you can save your game with if necessary. 

Continue heading down the path, and you will encounter more cannibals. Once they are dispatched, keep heading straight down the path until you encounter more barricades. Once you break through, you will encounter a large room full of more cannibals. In this area, you can slowly dispatch them in groups if you don’t aggro the next group. 

Once this group is cleared out, you will enter a very large opening in the cave. Stay on the left wall and follow it into an area with some corpses and a barricade ahead. Once you clear this barricade, you will face 2 more cannibals. Clear them out and keep heading forward deeper into the cave. You will see a large pool of water just ahead. Swim through it, heading straight, and you will come across an area where you can bomb a rock pile. 

Use dynamite or a bomb on the pile by throwing it and heading forward. You will immediately encounter an armsy that you will have to either evade or cut down. You may need to use the climbing axe if you cannot glitch yourself up over the ledges. Once you climb the small ledge, head to your right to see a door with a pedestal near it. If you are quick, you can avoid another armsy, but if you wish to explore or are too slow, you can dispatch it as you have the others. You will need to place a combination of 3 rocks or skulls to open this door.

If you lack supplies, you can head back and search for rocks or gather skulls from the corpses of your foes, as you will need more shortly after you pass through the door. Almost immediately after you cross the door, you will come across 2 more cannibals and another pedestal. Dispatch or flee past these cannibals and activate the next door. 

Once you exit the second door, you will come across a land bridge. Try your best not to fall off of it, as there aren’t any items in the lower area, and getting back up to where you were can be a pain. You will find a piece of the toy for Timmy on this bridge. Keep heading down this path until you come across another area to shimmy through. 

Once you clear the tight squeeze, you will enter a more open area and discover yet another large door to your left. Once you place the rocks or skulls, the door will open, and find yourself at the bottom of the sinkhole. You can find the machete next to the downed helicopter found in the sinkhole.

The Forest — Find the Machete in the Helicopter Wreck

To exit the sinkhole, simply travel back the way you came, as the other methods used to get into the sinkhole may prevent you from exiting the hole, as you need the climbing axe to climb certain areas back out of the hole. 

A few tips regarding the sinkhole

Keep in mind that there are many ways that you can craft things to help you descend into the sinkhole; however, there is a build limit at a certain part of the sinkhole where crafting can become impossible. There used to be a way to craft a stairway to the bottom of the sinkhole, but you can get to certain areas if you wish to experiment with easier ways to exit the sinkhole.

In multiplayer mode, if one player makes it to the bottom of the sinkhole, other players who wish to get down to the sinkhole quickly can simply just suicide jump down into the hole and be revived by the player at the bottom of the hole.

Be sure to check out The Forest Beginner’s Guide for more tips and tricks to help you along the way.

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