The Forest: How to Get and Use the Map

Knowing your position is key

Knowing how to get around in The Forest is critical to staying alive. You can use multiple landmarks to orient yourself on the peninsula to make getting around much quicker and more efficient. You could use ‘The Forest Map‘ to find everything, but one of the best things about this game is the feeling of discovery when you come upon new landmarks. The sensation gives you a strong sense of accomplishment.

This guide will show you how to find the map and compass in The Forest with as few spoilers as possible. We want to keep the spirit of discovery and exploration strong while you continue your journey on the peninsula. 

How to find the map and compass

The easy way:

The map and compass are relatively easy items to find in the early game. However, you’ll have to allow yourself to die for the first time. Once you manage to off yourself or get mauled by a cannibal or two, you’ll come-to to find yourself being drug to a cave. 

Shortly after the small cutscene, you will find yourself hanging upside down, and you will be prompted to use your lighter. Once you can see, look down, and you should see your plane axe nearby. Swing over to it and grab it so you can cut yourself free. 

Once you can move freely, turn until you see the lights in the cave. Head in the direction of these lights and look to the ground. You should find the compass and map near some corpses in this corner of the cave. 

The other (longer) way:

You can begin your journey to find the map from the start of the game–right after you leave the plane wreckage. Once you can orient yourself in your surroundings, look for the large mountains to the north.

These mountains will be your compass until you find the actual compass, as they will always be located to the north. Once you locate these mountains, take note of the landmarks you see around you and use them to guide you should you get lost or turned around. 

You will need to head in the opposite direction of these mountains until you reach the southern coastline. Once you hit the coastline, follow the coast in an easterly direction. Keep along the shoreline until you come across a large hut.

If you are near the western coast and you follow the path, you will pass the great tree and the shark beach that has the yacht. You will want those major landmarks to be to the west, using the northern mountains as your temporary compass. 

This teepee-like hut will be located on a cliff on the southeastern part of the map, overlooking some very tiny islands with no notable features. This hut will have some supplies and a dirt path leading to the main cannibal village.

This area may have many cannibals, so it is wise to have some experience with combat unless you wish to sprint straight to the cave containing the compass and map. Before approaching this area, take a few moments to collect the materials to craft a spear for protection. 

Follow the dirt path and stay a bit to the right until you see a large stack of skulls near a rock mound. Inside this rock mound contains the cave that you will need to enter. Climb the rope and descend into the cave. 

At the bottom of the rope, do a 180 turn, and you should see a light just a bit deeper into the cave. Head down in that direction and make sure you have your lighter or torch out, and you should find the compass and map on the ground near a corpse right in front of the light. 

How to use the map and compass

The Forest - Map and Compass in Hands

You can use the map by pressing the ‘M’ key. The map even comes with a neat little light so you can read it at night or in dark areas. A small red pin determines your position on the map, and as you move around, you will begin to fill the map further.

The map also shows various landmarks, such as caves and holes that you can climb into, cannibal villages, and of course, the giant sinkhole in the center of the map. 

Spelunker achievement tips

One of the achievements of ‘The Forest’ is to explore all ten caves. It is important to note that you will need the map and compass to track your progress should you go for this achievement. Without them, none of your explorations will be recorded. 

You must reach certain areas in the caves for the game to consider it ‘explored.’ Generally, you will need to traverse the entire cave to key areas, and it will then be considered ‘explored’ in your survival guide. To make this task easier, you can also complete this achievement in Peaceful mode. 

Modded map

You can also check out our detailed guide on how to mod The Forest to learn how to equip the map mod that allows you to see the entire map in a more detailed view. You will be able to see item spawns, enemy spawns and patrols, caves, save points, and other items and entities that you may want to discover quickly. 

Here is the quick way to install the modded map: 

  1. Go to the ModAPI website
  2. Select ‘The Forest’ and make sure you have ModAPI selected as the base package. 
  3. Select your desired mods; in this case, it’s simply called ‘Map.’
  4. After you have the mod installed, launch ModAPI, load in the map mod, and launch the game. Make sure that you have cheats enabled just in case, as it can interfere with certain mods. 
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