The Forest: How to Get and Use Spears

Learn how to get and use spears in The Forest

In The Forest, a variety of objectives to complete ultimately pertain to the player’s greatest chance of survival. There are items to collect, recipes to craft, enemies to avoid, and perhaps most importantly, prey to hunt. The latter category of concerns is matched by both the combination of the player’s intuition and agility when it comes to confronting an obstacle and their weapon of choice. This is presented only as a sandbox of the arsenal that can be made readily available the farther along you advance; the spear is a prime example. 

Be warned, however, that the usage of most weapons within The Forest takes a bit of time, effort, and energy to work sufficiently. In this article, we aim to teach you, the player, how to collect—and properly utilize—the spear.

Spears, getting to know the basics

The spear is just one of many different weapons available for the player to utilize, and it can perform a variety of tasks from self-defense to foraging for food and materials. Spears can be used while sprinting, making them incredibly effective against single targets as you can deal a large amount of damage in a short time while being able to move quickly and evade danger. 

You can carry both the upgraded spear and weak spears at the same time. Do keep in mind that the damage values from throwing spears are static, and strength will not affect the damage or range of the thrown spear. You cannot, unfortunately, block with a spear.  

3 attacks can be used with a spear, each at the cost of 10 stamina per hit.

  1. The standard attack will aim the spear right in front of you, neither too high nor too low, and is meant for targets within your direct proximity. 
  2. The stab ground attack aims your spear downward and drains no stamina, making it particularly useful for opening suitcases and can even destroy tree stumps. 
  3. A thrown attack offers you a greater sense of toggle accuracy from both far and slight distances but overall drains 22 stamina regardless of the type of spear being thrown.  

The types of spears in The Forest

Weak Spear

The Forest Weaker Spear

The most basic spear, the weak spear, is nothing short of what the name implies. Its range is slightly smaller in comparison to its successor, simply named the upgraded spear, though the weak spear is one of the most effective ways to hunt and kill deer via a single hit during a thrown attack, making it incredibly easy to gather meat and hide without wasting arrows. 

The weak spear can be considered a very powerful weapon in the early game. It can deal a large amount of ranged damage, and the player can carry multiple spears with a spear bag making it a great alternative to using the bow or other ranged weapons

Weak Spears can be gathered from various locations like ponds and fishing huts. Generally, if you can find where fish are, there are high chances you’ll be able to find a spear nearby for gathering fish quite quickly and easily. 

To craft a weak spear, you will need:

  • 2 sticks

Upgraded spear

The Forest Upgraded Spear

The upgraded spear possesses a slightly larger range than its counterpart when dealing with melee attacks; however, the amount of damage inflicted does not change with either the weak spear or the upgraded spear when thrown. This weapon can be considered a potent early-game weapon that will easily help carry you until you find the modern axe

The upgraded spear can also stab through enemies that are lined up close to each other to deal damage to multiple targets. We recommend using this weapon over the plane axe when dealing with 1-2 weak mutants in your first week. 

You can often find upgraded spears in certain cannibal villages, notably the larger ones that are near the corners of the peninsula. 

To craft an upgraded spear, you will need:

  • 1 weak spear
  • 2 cloth
  • 3 bones

Incendiary spear

The Forest Incendiary Spear

The third and final spear in The Forest is the incendiary spear. Unlike its previous two counterparts, the incendiary spear can only be used briefly, as it is flammable and meant to inflict burning damage on enemies and will extinguish once thrown. 

You do not need to ignite this spear as it will explode on contact when thrown. Doing so will allow the player to recover an upgraded spear, so throwing the incendiary spear will not cause the weapon to break. 

To craft an incendiary spear, you will need:

  • 1 upgraded spear
  • 1 cloth
  • 1 booze

Poison upgrade

The Forest Poisoned Spear

You can upgrade the upgraded or incendiary spear into a poisoned spear that will deal damage over time. Using a poison upgrade is efficient for dealing with multiple mutants and if you wish to deal a lot of damage in a short time. 

Combining a poisoned spear with molotovs is very effective in handling a group. You can poke cannibals and quickly poison as many as you can in a short time, then toss a molotov at the group to lower their health even faster. 

To craft the poison upgrade, you will need to combine:

  • 4 twin berries
  • 4 snow berries
  • 1 amanita mushroom or 1 jack mushroom
  • 1 upgraded or incendiary spear

How to aim with spears

Aiming Spears in The Forest

Aiming spears can be a little tricky when you first start using them. As stated before, the upgraded spear has a slightly larger range than its weak spear counterpart, and the incendiary spear has the same range as the upgraded spear. 

Here is how to aim and throw spears:

  1. To enter Throwing Mode, hold the right mouse button (RMB) – releasing the right mouse button will cancel Throwing Mode. 
  2. While holding the RMB, you can move the mouse in the direction to aim at your target. To aim at a shorter range with easy accuracy, move the spear to where your index finger is just lower than their center of mass. Using this, you can get a feel for how to aim at longer distances. 
  3. Once you have your target in sight, press the left mouse button to throw the spear at your target. 

How to store spears

Weapon Rack Holding Spears

Spears have many uses and can be incredibly effective for holding back a cannibal assault on your base if you and some friends have a stockpile of spears ready to use at a moment’s notice. There are some structures that you can line your fortress with that any player can grab when things get hectic. The following are ways to store spears to be picked up later:

  • Weapon Rack: Stores 4 weak or upgraded spears
  • Wall Weapon Rack: Stores a single weapon on a wall
  • Ground Weapon Holder: Stores a single weapon and is placed on the ground
  • Spear Bag: This allows the player to hold more weak spears to a maximum of 5 spears. The player can only carry one upgraded spear or incendiary spear. 

A highly recommended method for having enough materials for spears is to have a stick basket full of sticks nearby to be able to craft spears rapidly. 

Spears are essential tools in The Forest

Spears have multiple purposes but are highly accessible in the early game, making them a core stepping stone for progressing through The Forest.  Having spears at the ready can help you defend yourself, your teammates, and your territory from the horrors roaming the peninsula. They also serve as wonderful tools for hunting animals and gathering the necessary resources to survive. Be sure to check out The Forest Beginner’s Guide for more tips and tricks.

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